Covid Creating More Mental Health Issues | TVJ News 1

Covid Creating More Mental Health Issues | TVJ News


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  1. Its all about party and no interest for health care system. If the prime Minister open up the country is problem and when he implement limitations measures problem. People have stress and problems before covid-19 and after covid-19
    Why should nurses and doctors suffer for entertainment

    1. Y uno a blame entertainment?? Either the curfew hours r lock dung fi days a gwaan…ppl still ago a keep dance, party n the list goes on kmt..

    2. @Javelle Wilkie but it’s practices of lawlessness and moreover two wrongs never make a right….people living in cold countries are in lockdown worst during winter why can’t Jamaicans do the same at least you have beautiful sunshine to anticipate. People be patient and resilient that’s all it takes, your life is worth more than living big today tomorrow you a Bury in a casket ????.However for that to work The government should support the people at least with little food distribution and financed towards towards bills…mi just a,seh

    1. @Juda Mom The U.S. / UK Embassy Etc. Need To Get Kick Out Of The Country & Reapply For Re Entry With New Laws / Regulations & Most Off All Involvement Of Jamaicans Including The Poor. Respect!

  2. Yes covid makes it more harder….the stress level is more than what is was. Smh. The government implementing measures for the citizens but tourist can move about feel willy. That makes no sense.

    1. Tourists have been granted more freedom of movement and more rights than the Jamaican citizens… Unbearably PAINFUL to us all…

    1. Dont rely on government peole oomo will dead before time when u guys party out u money few days kater them pickey hungry foolish set of peopke

    2. @Shawn Miller Exactly as Bob Marley said what’s the use you live big today ,tomorrow yuh a Bury in a casket????

  3. People dont know how to drink at them yard again. I think atleast people would have time to be with there family. That chance to send some quality time home doing a little fixing here and there.

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