Covid Delivers Tragic Lesson To Mississippi County’s Sheriff’s Office

Rachel Maddow shares reporting on a rampant Covid outbreak in Hinds County, Mississippi which has claimed the life of the sheriff and put the unvaccinated undersheriff in the hospital for four days with double pneumonia.
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  1. And the poor guy is apologizing for his decision to save lives. The depths to which great swathes of America has fallen is disheartening.

    1. Apologizing for planning to save HIS OWN LIFE!
      Why is the fact that this man will ultimately get vaccinated news? Isn’t that his private business? It’s like “the public is entitled to know if our dude has sold out, and listened to the science, instead of the ideology.”

    2. It certainly gets you wondering if we all evolved at the same time, or maybe common sense was lost by some of the herd along the way.

    3. At some point insurance companies will stop paying.
      Covid is now an entirely preventable disease — at least in this country.
      One could argue that the cause of death is *suicide by Covid.*
      Insurance companies don’t pay for intentional self-inflicted injuries.

    4. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I always say if you can make sense out of these ppl’s BS then maybe there is something wrong with you. So, it’s okay, that even being educated on bat shyte crazy, you can’t understand this bat shyte crazy.

    1. FYI: Andrew Sullivan has been arguing against Mask Mandates and Vaccine Mandates so he hasn’t learned his own lessons.

  2. Amazing that after he got hospitalized and he lost his friend to COVID he is still apologetic about supporting the vaccine.

    1. There have been studies into that phenom. Basically those people live in tribal-values bubbles, the sort of places where people put on disguises to go get their covid vaccines. They apparently fear being shunned by their peers for taking the science seriously. Sounds like they need a better zipcode.

    2. @surely you joke, mein failüre there is nothing wrong with Jackson. The problem is the sheriff is elected and therefore he can’t only speak to people in Jackson.

  3. That’s the problem with many conservatives. Their lack of empathy means they have to personally learn the lesson before they understand. I’ve seen it so many times, something is only ever important if it effects them directly.
    A great quote in letter to a paper recently.
    “It’s a myth that people want a fairer society. Most people are happy with an unfair society providing it’s not unfair to them”

    1. @緑先輩 with respect I think you’re looking at the wrong argument. I made the quote to emphasise that certain people are not capable of thinking about how an issue affects people until it affects them. It’s not necessarily a point about what is and what isn’t a fair society.

    2. @Phil you’re so right, phil…we’ve gotten so caught up in our own lives, we’ve stopped thinking about our fellow men/women…not in a bad way, …just not collectively as a country…until covid hit & it exposed ppl for who they really were…some of us were able to have empathy for those suffering with covid & lost family members to covid…then their were those who chose to remain in their own world feeling…me personally, could not sit back and watch my fellow americans go thru this w/o doing all i could to make a difference…i followed all the guidelines set by the health officials and made sure i stuck by them…no matter how tedious they were…with all the heartache & pain our fellow citizens were going thru…i realized then, this isn’t just ”their problem”…it’s our problem as a country…when families mourned the loss of a loved one…we as a country should’ve mourned with them…no matter what race, creed, gender, religion or political party they were…that’s how a country unites in times of strife…we’re suppose to uplift one another & try getting thru this together…it’s suppose to bring out the best in all of us…unfortunately, by the time covid hit our shores we we’re divided as a country…it showed the world just how bad things had become in a country once held in the highest regards…

  4. Sooo, flathead the under sheriff went back to work after 4 days; No quarantine? He would have been spreading covid like a dog spraying water after a swim.

  5. hey guys . . . maybe stop and think if this might be too high a price to pay to “own the libs” . . . maybe?

  6. Incredulous to me,that
    people in some U.S. States are spending time teaching a Pandemic virus how and when to replicate.

    1. I’m assuming that the OP meant that unvaccinated people are providing a rich environment in which to replicate. If that is the case, then I agree. “replicate” is bad, “mutate” is worse.

    1. Agreed. The won’t vax mob had plenty of time to vax, now we should move on. They want herd immunity, so the ones that live, live and the ones that die, die. I hear the rustling in the tall grass

  7. It takes for family and friends to start dying before people start taking action. 🤦‍♂️😷💉

    1. @緑先輩 The more ppl keep spreading the virus the more it has an opportunity to mutate and become something even the vaccinated can get sick from. What is so hard to understand. The fewer ppl the virus gets passed to the closer we get to getting it under control.

    2. @Monbrax The sad part is a lot of innocent ppl will go with them. Like those for health reasons can’t get vaccinated.

    3. @C B Have you ever heard of vaccine resistance? What is so hard to understand? The vaccine is going to mutate and spread even if every person in the world is vaccinated. Seriously, what is so hard to understand?
      Besides, maybe you can explain to me what the difference is between someone developing natural immunity by getting it, literally every scientist in the world will admit that we can get to herd immunity just by letting the virus spread and developing natural antibodies.

    4. @緑先輩 Do you have any idea how many ppl will have to die before we reach heard immunity? The vaccine is effective for now, but if the virus mutate it won’t be. The continuous spread of it makes it more dynamic. I guess you have worked in infectious disease control, have some advanced degrees or something. I believe ill just trust the professional and my doctor that Ive been with for over 20years.

    5. @C B I actually do have advanced degrees yes, I’m just as qualified as your physician is in regards to virology. Technically if the experts were right about herd immunity being 80% then we’ve already reached it. According to Joe Biden 70% of people have been vaccinated, and according to the CDC 40-50% of people have already gotten COVID and developed natural immunity. so 50% of the 30% of unvaccinated people added to the 70% vaccinated is 85%. Any more questions?

  8. Did they offer vaccinations to the prisoners and staff? They should have been some of the early ones vaccinated because of the crowded conditions.

    1. @Jean Hubley I wonder how many inmates in your average American prison fit your description 🤔❓

    2. American prison system – totally doubt it Especially in the God-forsaken state. They don’t give a flip about inmates.

    3. Even before July, there should have been sufficient diesel available in the state and county to vaccinate every prisoner and guard. I suspect this sheriff and his replacement have had the vaccine available to them for months.

  9. I’m familiar with the Sheriff. I used to live in Hinds County. He seemed to be a good sheriff. Condolences to his family.

  10. Reminds me of what the late journalist Molly Ivins said: “Texas is just like Mississippi. The only difference is that we can afford to do better but simply choose not to”.

    1. Well as they are all dying in can assure you they are praying for a miracle. As a Nurse I am finding it hard not to say god sent one and you refused it!

  11. Four first responders in Volusia County, FL died on one day. This isn’t just tragic. Any public servant whose health insurance is paid for by taxpayers should be required to be vaccinated, from members of Congress to the local dog catcher. Enough is enough!

    1. adult oppositional defiant disorder can be very dangerous. the worst part is, therapy won’t help any of them. they’re too far gone.

  12. Anyone who goes into the hospital for Covid-19 is suffering irreversible organ damage. Some will die like the Sheriff. The ones who survive will have dramatically shortened life spans.

    1. yes, you are right. I didn’t quite reach hospitalization (I refused to go, but then we didn’t know how bad it was or how fast it could get worse!), but I will never return to “normal”. It’s been a year and a half, and the liver, kidneys, lungs…not great. But I did finally stop having daily headaches by taking vit D everyday. We also didn’t know that miracle cure till I was 8 months in. Interesting to learn also that MS and Parkinson’s is more prevalent in northern climes where you don’t get a ton of sun. They are now studying vitamin D as a preventative.

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