Texas Cities Defy Governor Abbott To Enact Protections Against Surging Covid Cases 1

Texas Cities Defy Governor Abbott To Enact Protections Against Surging Covid Cases


Mayor Ron Nirenberg of San Antonio, Texas, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Covid is ravaging his city, putting a strain on medical resources and sickening children, and his legal challenge to Governor Greg Abbott's ban on mask mandates, tying the hands of local officials trying to protect residents as the school year begins. 
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  1. ‘Texas Gov. Abbott seeks out-of-state help against COVID-19’

    The party of personal responsibility refuses to take personal responsibility.

    1. These liberals talk a good game but refuse to see Anthony Aguero YouTube videos!!!! No cojones to see the truth….CNN Huckaberrys

    2. I know right. They need to handle this on their own.


    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux hail Satan trump actually won. He really did. And we kicked him out. And nothing none of you can do

    1. @YouTubeHates TheTruth no, actually she’s a Mensa member. She speaks multiple languages, plays classical piano, and told me as a young child to go to college. So, I did.

  2. A year and some from now will hopefuls run their campaigns on “I was part of the Problem” or “I was part of the Solution”?

  3. I feel pity for those , who inspite of believing in science and follow all advice , fall sick due to the stupidity of anti maskers and anti vacciners.

    1. Well you can tell me when they actually invent a vaccine for covid. Since what they are calling a vaccine right now is NOT. What they are calling a vaccine is actually gene therapy and their is a huge difference between them. And if you think any random hunk of cloth draped across your face is helping protect you in some way, I have a bridge to sell you.

    2. @Brian H The definition of vaccine is any substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against a disease. Vaccine is developed using the standard way of using an attenuated virus or using the mRNA technology. mRNA vaccine is not a gene therapy as it does not alter nor even interact with your DNA. Think of your immune system as an army. It’s good at fighting the enemies, but it needs instruction on which enemy to fight. The mRNA (m stands for messenger) is the one giving that instruction. Science is fun, eh?

    3. @Brian H Well, Covid doesn’t care about your delusions. It’s not human. It has no feelings nor opinions. It doesn’t notice that you’re confused & frightened & that you’ve determined to avoid taking action & personal responsibility, thereby, remaining paralyzed with fear & doubt. Deer do it in the headlights!! Now you’ve become easy prey for this virus as well as for exploitation from psychopaths and con men like Trump and allied politicians & media voices.

  4. Good for them. Because their government leaders are failing the state. I hope the same people who are defying the governor will vote him out of office. We need to take of the ignorant hat and put on a hat that displays common sense and vote these people out of office

  5. Voters in TX and FL: Remember this failure by elected officials the next time you go vote. Leopards and crooked politicians don’t change their spots. Leopards don’t have a choice.

    1. Fact is, those politicians aren’t leopards. They’re CHAMELEONS–ever changing to suit the situation. If you like green–they turn green. If you’re a super-DONATOR who likes pink, orange, purple plaid…well then they change colors just for them. And when the party is over, they return to their preferable color 💩brown.

  6. Rachel, I accidently found your videos a couple of months ago. I like them because they are educational. But more important, they cause me to think, something I seldom did for 45 years while voting as a Republican. Thank you.

  7. Parents please think about your children what’s best for them how to protect them from getting sick.

    1. Yes I agree. I was just arguing with some guy who told me its not his responsibility to protect anyone. That it was mine to protect me and my kids and yes I agree with that statement, but if he could help with his 2 cents because he doesn’t have kids. Then he said why am I relying on the Government to take care of me and my children and I’m not asking them for that. My kids are almost grown, but I still try to do what I can to help stop the spread of a deadly virus. Not just for myself, but others as well. Not just kids either.

    2. My granddaughter collapsed on the playground yesterday and taken to urgent care and tested positive we’ve followed protocols this variant is much worse, she is too young for vaccine.

    3. @Robbie DeMoss I’m sorry to hear that. I hope she pulls through. I can’t get my youngest vaccinated either and we all had Covid 19. Its been almost 3 months now since we had it. I’m hoping that them already having Covid 19 will at least provide them with some immunity against this new variant although the health experts say it won’t. I don’t know what the solution is, all I can do is keep wearing mask, limit my contact with others and keep hand sanitizing, even though that’s what we’ve been doing and still got the Covid. None of us were vaccinated either but my oldest son has got his vaccine as of yesterday. I’m scheduled to be vaccinated tomorrow. As for my 11 year old, I’ll have to wait. I’m curious to know how many vaccinated people are still catching Covid 19 or this new variant. You keep hearing about the unvaccinated, but they won’t say if any of these cases were from vaccinated people or not.

  8. I say once all the hospitals are full send the covid patients to the governor’s mansion for treatment
    He seems to have all the answers🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. @Rune sadly they seem to believe in science when they get it or someone close does. It’s a shame they’re hurting themselves, loved one and society by giving it a place to become a new variant. Maybe the next one can be named the DeSantis or Abbott variant.

    2. @Texas 2A What a wild accusation. Where did you get your data. There’s no denying that some of the COVID patients are illegals but not all and are the ones causing the overflow. Data shows 99+% of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated and do not want to wear mask. Why do you people always hyperbolically inflates with no evidence.

  9. This is so SAD that these people will put children’s lives at stake. I can’t believe this is happening 😢

  10. My child had asthma and it was excruciating to see him struggle to breathe. (Thank God he is 99.9% better).
    *Abbott and DeSantis do not have the right to test herd community on our children.* _Bet theirs are safe from the ‘trials’ x100._
    Just to know these ‘babies’ are thrown into the fire of highly contagious COVID and expect to make it out alive and healthy, is heartless and twisted.💔
    *Get rid of these madmen leading this country!*

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