Steele On DeSantis And Covid: He's Not A Leader, He's A Sycophant 1

Steele On DeSantis And Covid: He’s Not A Leader, He’s A Sycophant

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele reacts to the actions and comments of some Republican governors – particularly Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – in response to new guidance on how to combat the Delta variant of the Covid virus.

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    1. @urgaydeppressedfriend the fact that he said it and his press secretary said that they were viewing their options on that, should be telling enough. Very much unlike when Trump suggested that we could use certain disinfectants and uv light in the bloodstream and democrats tried to say that he said bleach and lysol. You’re a sheep.

  1. Yes Mr. GoVernor, those thousands of people in the hospital and inside graves are having so much fun time. Credit goes to you.

    1. @Lana2k6 No I mean the 40 million corpses from across the US who miraculously rose from the tombs at 3 a.m. to vote for a DemonRatic potato.

    2. @Lana2k6 Franklin is a funny guy. He’s like all Trumpers, he needs to be put into a corner with a dunce cap and fed with a slingshot

  2. I want him to tell us publicly wich school are his kids going too? And will he advice parents to go to an all smoking school?

  3. If a bunch of lunatics want to live in a perpetual covid swamp then have at it but no one exists the state into the rest of the country

  4. DeSantis ” i haven’t heard that Joe Biden sent us Emergency hospital supplies” no I’m serious how would i know that? I’m only the Governor of Florida”.

    1. John –
      And ‘thank you’.
      The level *of gullibility expected by the GQP* now is breathtaking…rather like a communicable disease.

  5. Desantis has just won a one way, 8hr bus ticket to the border, from the people of Florida. He’s in over his head. Telling principles teachers parents and children what to do and how to do it, big mistake Big Mistake

    1. *Except…*
      Parents *get prosecuted every day* for *mistreating their children,* then claiming some kind of ‘personal freedom’, Congress.

  6. I would like to know, what comes of his own kids, he doesn’t love his own or they’ve already vaccinated

  7. Covid, undistrubanly has presented many opportunities to people. Just have to dig deeper.

    Of course, follow safety rules.
    Thats the catch.
    Be considerate of others life; for life is precious thereby in turn your life is precious.

    Despite politics.
    People must be people and variables like “depends how you were brought up” play a factor now”.

    Cheers mate. From California.

  8. Non-vaxxers verses Vaxxers. Who is lying, and who is telling the truth? History repeats itself over… and over… and over…

    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

  9. What Governor in this country has done more to get people vaccinated with life-saving vaccines than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has saved thousands of lives by running one of this country’s most successful vaccination campaigns. He ran a vaccination campaign that was so successful that Fl had people from all over the world flying in Florida to get vaccinated in his state. Who has Biden saved? Name one person. Please! This is such Marxist propaganda.

  10. Just by not living in Florida right now your life expectancy has increased by five or ten years. he’s all yours Florida. you elected the jack@#$

  11. Here in New Zealand that guy would be out of politics within an hour. He wouldn’t have survived for 24 hrs.

  12. The actions of Governor DeSantis suggest that he has allied himself with the enemy against the people of Florida.

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