Crews Manage To Move Cargo Ship Stuck in Suez Canal 30 Yards | MSNBC 1

Crews Manage To Move Cargo Ship Stuck in Suez Canal 30 Yards | MSNBC


Crews managed to move the cargo ship, Ever Given, 30 yards. The ship has been blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal for 6 days.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Crews Manage To Move Cargo Ship Stuck in Suez Canal 30 Yards | MSNBC


    1. @Ming Mongo I know serval Evergreen graduates personally . Are you PNWYLF or another affiliated group ? No civilian uses the word “CHUD”

    2. @Oceania 23 – In your use of that thought-killing banality coined by white nationalist, white separatist, Holocaust denying neo-Nazi Kevin Alfred Strom — namely, “To find out who is in power, find out who you can’t criticize” — your (and his) main rhetorical gambit seems to be hoping people confuse “can’t” with “oughtn’t.”

      For instance, anyone with a sense of decency knows one _oughtn’t_ criticize a powerless person… yet by your neo-Nazi friend’s formulation, because one oughtn’t heap further misery upon the downtrodden — ta-dah! — suddenly the powerless are in power!

      Certainly the dumb phrase explains a lot about neo-Nazi topsy-turvy land, where political prisoners, disenfranchised minorities, the stateless, the hungry, the poor, and the downtrodden in general, are all cast as the oppressors of your “master race.”

      Yet interestingly, the downtrodden one oughtn’t hinder, but ought rather to help, clearly _can_ be criticized… as your racist friend Kevin’s sh*tty National Vanguard fliers quite frequently and viciously did!! Unfairly, deludedly, and using complete lies… but “criticize” anyone outside of their little dumdum club, the neo-Nazis most certainly do, and with demented zeal. “Oughtn’t” vs. “can’t,” is what your neo-Nazi friend would rather deflect attention away from.

      It would take a special kind of person to find “truth” in such an empty dime store phrase, without examining reality to determine whether a facile phrasing points to the truth or instead — as in this case — obscures it.

      Hopefully your critics in this comments thread aren’t such imbeciles, but someone quoting Kevin Alfred Storm very much likely is.

    1. @Suzy Q56 The politicians who are currently vilifying the Filibuster were also staunch supporters for decades, calling it a vital tool to preserving democracy. The news conveniently glosses over this though and purposely misinforms the public on the matter.

    1. @Carleton Rutherford He must have a relative that works there, or maybe Bill or Hillary made a call.

    2. @Carleton Rutherford where did you get that info? Because last time I checked the crews were indian and not that guy, and he is also in jail.

    3. @Carleton Rutherford actually no, the capt of costa concordia turned s capt Sam Pecota in the vessel

  1. For all those who are confused, Evergreen is the name of the company who owns the ship. Ever given is the ship’s name.

    1. @Dream No, there isn’t a ship in the world cable of dead pulling 220,000 metric tons off the bank the Ever Given is grounded on. Even if there was, dead pulling it in any direction is liable to tear the ship in half. Any damage done to the ship is just going to prolong the salvage effort.

    1. @Amadeus Reignald Evergreen is the company. Evergiven is the ship. Your joke fell flat because you got that wrong.

    1. If it were Tom Hanks I would suspect there would be children being trafficked on boat

    2. If Kevin spacey were captain that ship would have already been back before bedtime so he could be up bright and early to begin his wrestling camp for young boys

    1. Oh I’m agreeing with you but look at the so called reporter he’s what a 20 something might not have worked in his life but didn’t do the research let’s just sensationalize the problem, gets them better ratings.

    2. He never said they weren’t standard size you stupid smelly boomer. The standard size shipping container, 8ft x 8ft x 40ft is quite large – you could say “enormous”.
      Unless you are very stupid (which you may well be) you would know

  2. A ship´s name is on the stern {always} and company names are put midship
    on port and starboard sides {some times} as per maritime law.

    1. @Gabe Dudley Where were you the previous 4 yrs or the previous 60 yrs?
      Are you telling us the GOP senators are going to fly back to DC and immediately pass a Bill sending emergency funding to the Border Patrol to help control the “crisis” at the border?
      If they send more than $10 I will send you a $1,000…. How can I make that claim…. cuz I live at the border and know the GOP is ALL TALK…

    2. @Pancho Villa where have you been? Bidens executive orders did this. You trying to keep the political divide going blaming it on a gop? Or are you indoctrinated into the leftest cult? Where your not allowed to think with logic. Where you cant even say certian things or you will get deleted from social media by the big tech you support. Things were 700 times better before Biden. Sorry there isnt an orange man you can blame now. Im sure they will create a new boogie man for you. Tell me what excactly you stand for.

  3. Me: thank god this year i can actually buy toilet paper without people buying it out.

    Evergiven: UNO-REVERSE

    1. All OPEC had to do is just agree to slow production, ya know. Gas and oil companies slow some refinery season conversions. This is just an accident.

    2. Demented Joe started that process the first day he was appointed President, when he shut down the pipeline.

  4. Just send sound though the hull and make it vibrate, the sand it’s stuck in will become like water.

    1. All ships are this huge nowadays. People want cheaper shipping costs, even free shipping. Well, that’s how it is done.

    2. Next time a large vehicle has a accident on the highway, make a comment wondering how it was ever given permission to enter the highway

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