1. The translator’s accent was too thick for me, it was hard to understand her at times, especially when she had her natural decrease in volume in inflection and breath. I deal with very heavy accents deals everyday, including in my own family. Sorry, but had to downvote based on the understandability of the translator.

  2. Canada got played and was beaten like a rented mule! They were lucky even to be there. Oh well, one more loss then they can slink back home…

  3. Canada had some nice ideas based on running into space but when that got them useful position final ball, delivery and control, let them down time and time again. At times their game reminded me of school football. They played with heart, just out of their depth. That they gave Belgium such a hard time says more about the Belgium than Canada . It seems evening is beginning to close in on Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’.

    1. @Avarosa he’s probably still here because he’s enjoying watching Canada turn into a third world sewer and watching Canadians swimming in it

  4. Well played ! The results didn’t go out way, but the lads showed courage in playing the way they did. Bodes well for the next world cup

    1. @Val They played well early on & then ran out of steam. They haven’t played big teams in the run up & could have been defensive & boring. They weren’t. It’s a learning experience playing against teams who have been regular @ major tournaments.

    1. the canadian coach said in an interview that he would screw Croatia in the next match, but in the end Croatia won against Canada 4:1. and now everyone is making fun of canada for the provocation

    1. I was not pleased with the coach’s loose way with words during this tournament. So from one Canadian fan I’d like to congratulate Croatia on a well-played match. Well done. Now go win that Cup!

  5. When you’re the underdog, it’s lose-lose when you go into a game with trash talk.

    Just do what the Saudis or Morocco did, and go in the underdog with class, and if you win it’s a great surprise.

    Canada made a big mistake.

  6. Like a real Canadian, Herdman got offended by the loss, got passive-aggressive. But, really, he’s such a big mouth, especially for an underdog like Canada.

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