CTV News sits down with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau 1

CTV News sits down with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau


Omar Sachedina sat down with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in Halifax to discuss the federal election campaign he put into motion.

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  1. “I wish I had never met you” Jody Wilson Raybould to Justin Trudeau! And Jody we as a country wish we had never met this clown too!

  2. I have voted for Liberal in the past but I cannot vote for Trudeau because of the pattern of picking on women (Raybould, Philpot, Chavez, and Rose Knight to name a few)

    1. He also barked at Annamie Paul during their debate saying “he’s not going to take advice from her on coccus management”

    1. Can’t remember the lady’s name bc I don’t live out West, but a Reporter, in about a 15 min. TV interview – maybe 4 days ago-called him out and held his feet to the fire, like I have NEVER seen anyone do in my many decades. She was awesome!

    1. Affordability should be the #1 topic every working class Canadian should be concerned with. This inept criminal has failed Canadians and if he stays in power it will result in massive poverty for generations.

  3. As a non-Canadian, I have not ever seen a phonier politician in my life. This guy will destroy your society while having a huge grin on his face and telling you that it’s all your fault.

    1. Not sure it’ll be that it’s our fault but politicians sure seem to pull out an arsenal of their perceived accomplishments to detract from pointed questions, and it’s utterly annoying.

    2. Naaaaaah, can’t be that easy to see!? He still has millions of followers. Not sure what their IQ is but the total must count for something.

    3. @Kris Taylor Voting for a corrupt, blackface wearing racist fraud say EVERYTHING about his supporters. Everything.

  4. You know all he had to do was mention one instance where he failed to follow through and he could not even admit to one! Real character is admitting one’s shortcomings, and learning from them. Agree or disagree?

  5. This clown has done nothing but spend our money needlessly for 6 years, has never kept a promise. He has proven not to be trusted given all the scandals he has perpetrated and won’t take responsibility for anything let alone answer any questions. This little rich boy must go. NOW

    1. I agree. I am very liberal but the idea that you need to have 50% equality, or equal equality all around, is just silly. If 10x more men are applying for a job than women, then 10x more men should be hired, assuming all are equally as qualified. And vice versa.

    2. Can we get 50% to fix a roof or pour concrete?Fight terrorists around the world?No at best 10%. So why force it where it’s convenient for feminism?
      Oh ya, 50% of the overall vote.
      See ya pretty boy

  6. He’s like a kid running for president of his elementary school. Just tell everyone that they’ll get free food and an extra hour for recess. Then, as usual, nothing happens.

  7. Hook Trudeau up to a polygraph machine and ask him questions? His body language tells it all,he stutters,he looks down when asked a tough question and he pauses afterwards to think how can I spin this non answer.

  8. He does not have clear answers. He is out of touch with Canadians, all the way from extreme rich to the extreme poor. Toss him everyone. On the 20th of September, vote him out.

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