Cuomo reacts to Trump's tweet about Supreme Court justice 1

Cuomo reacts to Trump’s tweet about Supreme Court justice


CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses President Trump's tweet about Justice Amy Coney Barrett after the Supreme Court denied a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to block certification of the commonwealth's election results, delivering a near fatal blow to the GOP's long-shot bid to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

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  1. I see Lindsey Graham is feeling more confident in himself now that he’s won his seat back. Just last month he was begging and looking pitiful while doing it.

    1. @Geridine White when my daddy tried to vote he had to pay poll tax! Didnt always have the money. Heard about how black people had to guess how many jellybeans was in a jar before they could vote!

    1. @vicious nchi that’s how bad We The People wanted him out!! I was proudly accompanied by my 21yo daughter so yeah, the numbers are right. Believe me. Stop drinking the orange KoolAid. It’s bad for your health.

    2. @Alan aka FANG Yep, like the “Russian disinfo” laptops that were “plants” to make it appear they were Hunters. Untill Hunters lawyers asked for the laptops back. Or the Steel dossier that proves Trump peed on Russian women. Wait that was fake (proved by the FBI) and paid for by Hillary in numerous emails, texts, FBI documents. Trump is guilty of quid pro quo, and should be impeached! Wait, he released the call transcript, and there was no quid pro quo, but it was Joe and Hunter on video tape with quid pro quo? How does that happen?

    1. @Daniel Lira I’m getting it straight from the Dominion Machines which are currently singing like a Canary! Where are you getting your ‘No evidence’ claims from? Please show evidence of the Democrats investigations into their ‘No Proof of Evidence’ claims other than just speculation and hear-say! I bet you won’t because you can’t because there isn’t any! You just keep believing the lies being spoon fed to you as the Gospel Truth!!

    2. @ElLenadorLA zed/zer/zero.. whatever u identify as. U and the rest of ur party are the living embodiment of dunning kruger

    3. @Darlene Smith So by you claiming that you voted for Biden, you’re also supporting the fact that Biden and the CCP are in bed together! You’re also supporting Communist China’s child slave labor policy! You’re also supporting China paying their workers only $1 dollar a day for their hard work! You’re also supporting China’s 1 child policy and if they get pregnant and already have 1 child then you’re supporting China’s Doctors dropping their newborns into buckets of water, drowning them, and then disposing of those newborn freshly drowned babies into their rivers! Yes everything I’ve said can be backed up with links from the Chinese! So remind me again of why you were so scared of a Trump/Russia collusion when in fact it is China who you should be more worried about, especially with Kamala Harris’s husband and who he is! I bet you don’t know do you? You can thank the communist tactic of media censorship for your lack of knowledge!!

    4. @ElLenadorLA u forgot highest drug overdoses. Highest unemployment. Highest violent crime, highest taxes, highest murder rate. Yea…yous guys ah wicked smaat kid!

    1. Debbie Stinnett I know something you don’t know. Here let me tell you. BIDEN WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT!! He’s going to jail. He’s wearing an ankle monitor. Now you know. TRUMP2020

    2. Dude Thinking BIDEN= ankle monitor. He’s going to where his buddy Obummer is…. GITMO. I know this for a fact. 125%. I wouldn’t say it unless my eyes have seen it

    3. Oh dont forget in the states in question they allowed mail in ballots to be accepted past the deadline which caused this entire voter fraud problem to go off. Everyone can clearly see the night of the election Trump had a massive lead in these states until the mail-in ballots dumps happened and the counting that happened for days after that. Who else remember a time when votes counted was finish by next morning and not days?

    4. @Truth Hurts2021 will biden and harris be tried after obama and hillary or before because you have been the same thing about them for 4 years. Just curious

  2. “How can they still stand with him…” the assumption here is based on the idea that “they” are reasonable. This was the same false assumption that made the British think they could reason with Nazism. What is being dealt with is fascism here. There is no reasoning with it. It has to be crushed.

    1. @Tommy Dong and you believe what CNN and MSNBC shove down your throat. Hate trump I don’t care. But if your a communist please go back to the hole you came out. Good luck to you Dong .

    2. @Jacob Wilkie ok then ill just go thru ur conversation here
      find where ur being disingenuous, making assumptions of other ppl and then insulting them for it
      u said: “I don’t believe the story is true but you know who does? EVERY TRUMP SUPPORTER”
      there are millions of trump supporters that have no idea what ur talking about nor care

  3. “He’s good for them”. You cannot convince a man of anything when it is to his advantage not to believe it.

    1. @james north Supreme Court dismisses Trump allies’ challenge to Pennsylvania election

      The entirety of the court’s order read, “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice [Samuel] Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”

  4. Regardless of who you voted for, the Supreme Court must be neutral. Not favor Democrats or Republicans. They must follow the constitution

  5. Sooner or later trumpers have to wonder why everyone, countries, worlds, etc. would be against trump? Snap out of it…and use some friggen common sense.

    1. You mean the a holie o’s that want to crontrol every aspect of our lives thru the false man made climate change!! Why box!! Whatever do you mean!! America 1st goober!! AMERICA FIRST!!!

  6. Have never seen so many ignorant buffoons parroting the talking points from other ignorant buffoons in one chat session!

    1. @james north the tissues, the hope, the MAGA tears! 🙁 LMAO!! Joe’s inauguration is 20 Jan!! Don’t forget to watch now!! LOL

    1. We are not cultist. We are constitutionalist. Something that should stop being walked over on. People like yourself who keeps calling people cultist or stupid is instigating bad things to happen which I want to be prevented.

    2. @KyoAlexiel no you’re not when you literally support the man trying to steal an election. Trump doesn’t even know the constitution

  7. *It wasn’t “courage” that was used in the Princess was “inconceivable”*

    1. this is fake news first off all scouts did was not impose the emergency injunction however they didn’t dismiss the case. the case is still pending.
      secondly this was not trumps team doing the case.
      thirdly the case being brought by Texas and 17 us states is the big case trump is betting on. this case could decertify enough votes to bring Biden under 270 this is not confined to PA.

    2. Courage is a noun and inconceivable is a verb. There’s no possibility that would be an exact replacement in the sentence.

  8. No one seems to mention that prior to Trump being elected Lindsey Graham as with most of called him a vile animal on film.

    1. There should be an investigation of the South Carolina elections, something over there stinks. The polls were so way off it’s possible ballots were thrown away there.

    2. Trump hasn’t forgotten that that’s why he keeps shoving Lindsey forward to tell the lies he knows he’s going to move on from politics and Lindsey’s destroyed his career for life & that’s the Donald’s revenge

    1. @james north Bc you watched them say this on Fox news? It’s a sham case and is going nowhere. Stop trying to spit facts from the braindead party, please. You’re just making yourself look a fool.

    2. … the left has been burning down cities for MONTHS. . . . Honestly what is wrong with you people.

    3. @Donald Tackett They will never wake up. They, along with the State of Kentucky, wish to destroy the country. They do not care about the rest of the country, and have proven so by their actions of returning obstructionists Graham and McConnell to the Senate.

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