D.A. Says Deputies Who Fatally Shot Andrew Brown Jr. Were Justified

D.A. Says Deputies Who Fatally Shot Andrew Brown Jr. Were Justified 1


    1. @Hobo Ryan well, you caught them, they did edit out the part where he got out of the car, lay on the ground and was peacefully arrested. Seriously, what exactly do you think they edited out?

    2. @mizzmolly I spoke with a fellow member of our community’ I live near Elizabeth City. He knew the man personally. Said he set up his own kids, when old enough, to be drug runners. This was a terrible man.

    3. @Hobo Ryan Right? How DARE cops use guns when there are such nice criminals out there with guns also!!!!!!!

    1. @Daniel Rodriguez I’m white and a cop put a gun to my head. Guess what I did? Complied. Guess what happened? I lived. Crazy how that works right?

    1. Too bad you don’t know the whole story of what happened, and just jump to conclusions as always. You’ve learned nothing in over 10 years.

    1. @Sunny Quackers the police officer that died the next day died from injuries sustained during the insurrection. Stop trying to say it was an inside job, radicals started a riot at the Capital, stormed it, and were being punished for it. Next time you keep up

    2. @Sunny Quackers sorry my bad, he died of heart attack, but he went into cardiac arrest during the insurrection, I wonder why???

    3. @Sunny Quackers wrong, it was heart failure. When you enter heart failure you don’t have a stroke

    1. @Daniel Brown which so far has been very successful. I know you already spent that stimulus check.

    2. What I DID see was a bunch of tooled-up ‘speshul forces” wannabes living out their little wank-fantasy of being (back?) in Iraq or Afghanistan ridin around in an ” irregular forces’ pickup, Raybans on, full-sleeve Tatts on display, the de-rigeur manicured hipster beards, baseball caps. The whole pumped up ‘Warrior-Lite’ package. KILLIN MACHINES!!….. going to make a simple arrest in the wilds of suburban Carolina. I mean, what could possibly go wrong??? yeah, right.

    3. @Joe Collins well, when you are in deep poo and your life is in danger, I hope you do not see what you see as wrong. In other words, no rescue for you.


    1. Seen it he drove toward a cop missing him by a foot with his wheel turned sharp away from him. The first shot happened after antwon was almost a car length passed any cop as he drove away. Sad.

  2. We see the still pictures so now release the video it is entire. So that it can be watched.

    1. @Dr. Jekyll Typically when you surround a car with force there will be people behind the car. That’s what surround means. And if you’re surrounded by police and make them fire their weapons, some of those shots are going to come from behind him. This is just basic common sense.

    2. @Dr. Jekyll The only shot from behind was the headshot. The other two were in the forward facing part and side of the right arm. There was also evidence of grazing shots coming from various directions.

  3. Of course it was ruled Justified I don’t know how anybody thought it was going to go any other …and the anger in his voice says a lot

  4. i guess they”re going to start shooting pharmacies up next for getting people hooked on opiods and fentanyl

    1. no, but some bip pharmas are being sued and even criminal charges are being considered. Stay informed!

    2. @Rick wilson oh no, I forgot about the prescriptions written by doctors who’s biases determines who gets those prescriptions who dont. I never took in consideration that pharmacies are also located in hospitals. You’re so right, they’re complicit too. Especially when they get incentives to push certain medications advertise from pharmaceutical companies. Sound like drug dealers, trap houses, and dope fiends to me.

    3. @Rick wilson the sackler family worked with pharmacies that were run by doctors that the DEA busted.

  5. I mean, you get into a vehicle while trying to avoid arrest basically turns the vehicle into a possible weapon.🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. There should be a federal investigation. It may be that the guy was a drug dealer, but unless he had a gun, they used excessive force. They didn’t even bring a vehicle with which to take him alive after an arrest. That shows premeditation on their part. Even though I believe drug dealers deserve punishment, we have a system of justice in which the police do not get to be judge, jury, and executioner. It is a miscarriage of true justice.

    2. Cops never shoot at moving vehicles because it’s a danger to the public if it is done that means they had the full intent of killing said person

    3. @Sunny Quackers from actual cops who care about protecting the public and not ones who signed up just to shoot crazy how we can hold our military and bounty hunters to a standard but police have the most bendable rules of engagement

    4. @Darth Xeno no they do not. soldiers are the ones who have rules of engagement changed all the time. MUCH more than our rules for police officers to follow.

  6. They are tearing down the old system to bring in the new system. People are being played against each other so they can lock us all down. They create the problem so when the public reacts to the problems they create they can bring the solution.

    1. They could just be selling the country out with no plans beyond that. It does seem like they’ve got a plan though.

    2. @Duny Roa It’s been written about for over 150 years. They don’t make it a secret. You just have to read books and NOBODY does that anymore. Global government is the plan. It’s so obvious to the initiated ( The people that have done their research)

      It has many names new world order is one of them. But it looks like they rebranded it now to the “The great reset.”

  7. If you tried to run me over would be same outcome.
    People need a clue, its these peoples own fault

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