Israel Not Yet Ready To Accept A Ceasefire, Says Former Ambassador 1

Israel Not Yet Ready To Accept A Ceasefire, Says Former Ambassador


Former Israeli Amb. to U.S., Ron Dermer, joins Morning Joe to discuss why Israel is not currently ready to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.

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Israel Not Yet Ready To Accept A Ceasefire, Says Former Ambassador


    1. @pugetwitch Israel is now killing 5 times more innocent civilians than Hamas and yet thinks someone else is a terrorist.

    2. The biden administrations fault that the world is unstable right now…. What do you think all these countries are acting up unstability…..

    3. @Martenson Lee What do I think? Umm…I’m thinking it may pertain to Israel illegally annexing (stealing) land and homes from Palestinians as well as sanctioning/blockading them to the point they’re denied basic life sustaining necessities.

    1. @Credo-Ape-Thor You’re also poorly educated. You think what is happening to the 10million innocent civilians in Gaza is any different?

    1. @Jane Doe Nettie has taken into own hands the mission of anniliating,,,, all Israelites are not with him……the Israelie youth are protesting in the streets…I don’t think Saudis wont allow Israel too much…..

    1. So let’s stop sending billions of US taxpayer dollars to aide Israel in it’s genocide. END APARTHEID IN PALESTINE.

  1. These are the very same words I’ve been hearing since the six day war. From all “sides”.

    1. Israel is now killing 5 times more innocent civilians than Hamas with US missiles so who is the real terrorist.

  2. The current system does not work. Both are entitled to safe homes and access to reliable infrastructure & businesses. How can this be accomplished?

    1. @rizwan hussain And returning all stolen land. Israel will never succeed in stealing the land. Palestinians should keep on fighting for their land.

  3. Don’t pretend that your people just magically hate Palestinians, you Teach this hate in your schools.

    1. no they dont i study out here. just the opposite. Israels a democracy rushing into the liberal era. The same Cannot be said about hamas and palestine

    2. @Tristan Friedberg hamas who are palestian men are the only ones ever helping the palestians no other country helps them no one helps them

  4. US government is complicit. It used the same exact excuse when American forces dropped bombs on wedding ceremonies etc. War crimes only count when enemies commit them.

  5. This is just plain disgusting. Why are we arming and funding this welfare state Israel with US tax dollars?
    And the mainstream media is making this out to be 2 militaries frightening it out
    The least we can do is stay neutral and not arm one side to the teeth.

    1. You are so right! If Israelis were more industrious and focused, they could have a thriving economy and a stable liberal democracy like Gaza enjoys today.

    2. @Dr. G if only Israel had the backing of the world’s largest economy and some of the wealthiest people on earth. While not being able to control what goes in and out of there own Country…..If only

    1. This is your globalist plan…. So what do you think the world’s acting up right now?? They hadn’t the last 4 years ??

  6. If they didn’t want conflict, then why did they evict those families then attack people at prayer?

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