Transportation Sec. Buttigieg Talks Infrastructure Package | MSNBC 1

Transportation Sec. Buttigieg Talks Infrastructure Package | MSNBC


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss President Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure package and how the administration will pay for it as congressional Republicans oppose raising corporate taxes among other key aspects of the bill. "We know that we've got to have a high level of ambition and a high level of boldness here. So turning that into math, obviously that's the sausage-making that's underway right now," Buttigieg said.

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Transportation Sec. Buttigieg Talks Infrastructure Package | MSNBC


  1. “Republicans want to work with Democrats. Golly gee wiz we’re going to get some great legislation passed!!” ~ Lucy also assured Charlie Brown she wouldn’t pull the football away..😅

  2. increase to 300K at least cause some states pay income tax while others don’t.
    Why the price of everything goes up? Are companies determine their own selling price or there are regulations? Why is it seems like corporations are the cause of inflation?

    1. The government is practicing “quantitative easing” again, like during the Obama years. Printing excessive amounts of cash and flooding the market lowers its value and drives prices up……….= hyperinflation.

  3. How dare the Mega Wealth pay their fair share , how will they afford their Fifth Mansion or second 500 foot Yacht with a “Baby yacht” !

    1. I agree and everybody should pay their fair share of taxes. All organization should pay their fair share also. The Constitution states “freedom of religion”, but states nothing of freedom of taxation.

    1. When it benefitted people at the top financially. Now it’s more financially savvy to have business deals with China and India

  4. So who watches the republicans to make sure they won’t buy prostitutes and drugs or take thier vacations on infastructer money?? What ever system we have been using isn’t working because all these people keep sticking money in their pockets and using the Monies for thier own pleasures. I think McCarthy needs investigated to see what he’s been doing with money and taxes. Where has Cruz been is anybody investigating his spending????

  5. Who does this benefit the most? The failed red welfare states. (US News website, best state ranking). And they STILL want to vote against their own self interest? smh.

    1. agreed and their local politicans turn down expanding medicaid when their constituents need it the most.

  6. Updating and repairing the US infrastructure cost money and lot of it. I have been reading over the Constitution and I can’t find where it states, freedom of taxation. My point is; religious cult have been using “freedom of religion” as freedom of taxation, but it does not exist in the Constitution. Churches and religious centers need to be paying their far share in taxes for the good of the country!

    1. @David K. Storrs A flat tax on all goods would pay for it, that way everyone would participate, no one escapes.

    2. @Josef Jerbils Perhaps, but a flat tax on goods hits poor people a lot harder than it hits rich people. One suggestion I’ve seen is that everyone pays the tax but then people below a certain income limit get a refund back every month. That seems like it could work, although it’s got more moving parts than simply raising the capital gains tax and plugging some corporate-tax loopholes.

    3. @David K. Storrs Too many illegals and NON-tax-paying citizens flying under the radar. Insurance is all about participation. And yet they ALL show up at the ER expecting…and getting… healthcare!

    4. American healthcare…for Americans only? So if so, we need citizenship ID, right? or do you want to pay for the illegals care also?

  7. If you are an Company established in the USA and you build a product like electric cars or any “green” product outside the USA- A higher tax should be placed on that product to make it equivalent to a USA product or more expensive. If you can’t do that than TAX THE CORPORATION to make up for job loss in the USA. If you live in our house you pay to stay!

    SERGEANT Robert Justin alford green where is my two daughters karee and Jahmela and their 7 children and what have you done to them…..

  9. Buttigieg: “First of all…”
    Buttigieg: “What we…”
    Buttigieg: “This is…”

  10. 10%, everybody, no loopholes, no deductions, corporations too. Move that decimal. end cash flight, fraud.

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