Rep. Val Demings To Run Against Sen. Rubio In Florida Senate Race

Rep. Val Demings To Run Against Sen. Rubio In Florida Senate Race 1


    1. @Charlie Williams not everyone. The Cuban old ladies with a crush and the hispanics may because we seek to like the macho man. But not everyone does

    1. @Randall Stewart You’re right to claim no insight! Val Demings is the LAST one to call for defunding the police! She WAS law enforcement, even serving as POLICE CHIEF before getting elected to Congress! Educate yourself before making stupid, uninformed allegations about issues you know little about! You sound like a simpleton pretending to be intelligent!

    2. @Irene’s Wacky Journals glad to hear that! But, when it comes to political issues some people are stuck on stupid…

    3. @Bobby Valentino you say. I’ve fought with family members over bay of pigs. And told them they have a Cuban centered view of the world

    1. @ARC Services I try to counter arguments with history and info. Rather than troll. Hoping that I steer some folks away from the fringe style mentalities or at the very least spawn curiosity. And in some cases I do say it like it is about my own peeps.

    2. @Modern Taurus and actually I should specify it better: hispanics can be white if they are Spanish or have the Eastern European descent like many do that have Nazi family members. But most of us even those that are white are not seen as equal to Anglo Saxon’s or caucasians. As we like to say, Los mastican pero no Los tragan. Because the thing in the us isn’t just that you are white, it’s that you have to be the Anglo Saxon, French, Germanic or Caucasian. In fact until recently they didn’t really accept Italians and the Irish. But Cubans for instance think they do. Lol

    3. @ARC Services They don’t and you can see that as they have not problems playing will all people. I wish adults wouldn’t have lost that as they grew up, this country would be better of if we hadn’t.

    4. @Crownmode101 Oh you poor child, well see about that. If you want a foreigner in your office, which by Florida Republican standards he is because he isn’t white and migrated to this country with his family. Well you entitled to your double standards. It just goes along with all the other BS you guys do there.

  1. Rubio did nothing after meeting with Parkland students, he promising them he would make a difference in gun laws, he went into hiding.

    1. did dems alert you that naproxen blocks the rona didn’t think so, did they warn you that the spike protein destroys the vascular system well maybe so why they pushing the jab on kids, it’s diabolical

    2. Don’t worry about Rubio. We have total control over the Media and so we’ll just get them to paint him as a Racist and if that don’t work we’ll find a way to cheat.

    3. @greg j or utterly unlike you we’ll deal in the substance of what exactly is it that Rubio does in his job

      another imbecile and nutjob couldn’t restrain itself from self-humilation. In case you aren’t actually sharp enough to get my meaning, I mean you.

  2. You go Val!!! PLEASE help us in Florida, we are tired of being a complete joke around the world. Our corrupt politicians have to go.

    1. As long as the Democratic Party down here in Florida is still a hot mess, we will not be winning here anytime soon.

  3. That would be terrific. She’s wonderful and a worker. What’s Rubio ever done except make a fool out of himself.

    1. @Lakers Media what majority? He wins because Cubans don’t care about what side he is on and we voted him because he’s young and Hispanic. But eventually many of us will realize he’s complete bull

    1. I retired a few years ago in Tulsa myself. It breaks my heart to see my gullible neighbors fall for the conman. If they can turn Georgia Blue we can turn Oklahoma blue. James Langford is up for re-election and we must rid the state of him! I have even volunteered to be Precinct captain in my area! See you at the polls!

    2. @Johnny Freedom my home town is Cushing, but now living in Edmond, and count me in so we can get rid of the camp director.

    3. @Johnny Freedom I’m in OK too. We’re living on the rez now. I sure wish the Natives would lean in politically. The Choctaws have really showed for our community.

  4. To get her “over the hump” all she has to do, is get him in a debate. He fails miserably everytime.

    1. @Hermann Goring please be ashamed of your tag..who the heck do you think you are??? a very pitiful human..get over yourself..

    2. That’s a false assumption.

      If he fails everytime then why is he still in office?

      Sadly not everything is about the debates – not everyone watches them or even cares what happens in them.

      Many people will simply vote off rallies and party affiliation and little else.

    3. @Kenny Hill Rubio wins because Cubans tend to vote for themselves. And I say this as a Cuban American that saw Democrat Cubans shift to the right for him. Especially true Cuban older ladies

    4. Especially when he is up against MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and every newspaper periodical. We’ll show those racists in freedom loving Florida who is boss. Rubio will be beaten.

  5. Yes, Rep Val Deming’s would be such a better Senator for Florida!!!! She will call out all of little Marco lies and him hurting Florida while doing nothing!!!! As well as telling the truth that little Marco just supported a criminal!!!!

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