EPA Head Says Shift To Electric Cars Is ‘Really Realistic’ | MSNBC

EPA Head Says Shift To Electric Cars Is 'Really Realistic' | MSNBC 1


    1. @Google User Thanks for falling for my trap card 😉
      Texas has one of the lowest AVG energy costs in the US and Oregon is all of .2 cents more expensive BAHAH
      Solid lying though!

    2. @John snow TX is energy is wholesale with variable rates. .2c holds absolutely no merit lol. Here it’s over 0.20 cents per KwH. In Texas it’s usually under 0.08 cents per KwH. Half is an understatement – google it.

    3. @Google User You do know you can literally look up the AVG price per KwH by state right? BAHAHAh
      Caught in a lie ^ 😉

  1. The electricity to charge all those cars will come from power plants that will still be burning fossil fuel.

    1. not if we keep expanding green energy. Solar and Wind have come a long way and are very cost-effective now (and despite the words of a certain dimwit president they don’t cause cancer)

    2. We will likely always have some supply of oil because many of these reservoirs that have been tapped cannot be capped. But, the drilling must stop!!

    3. The brilliant leftists want to remove power generating dams. First they should remove their cognitive dams.

  2. It is about time!!! And people need to realize that Bidens Plans span the next Years to come. When Taxes are FAIR, we spend less on Aid to Warring Countries and we invest in The People (hence the Economy) we can more than afford to Upgrade our ways of Living!!

  3. GM has ALREADY announced that are planing to phase out Gasoline and Diesel powered vehicles by 2035.

    1. Other manufacturers will continue building reciprocating engine vehicles because they will be a high demand. We have a friend who is an engine rebuilder and he has V8 engine is being delivered every day from customers wanting him to rebuild them for continued life. This terrible decision could cause the demise of GM.

  4. I got an electric boat…I’m afraid to use it..last time out on the water, me and my fishing buddies all got ‘lectrocuted!!!!! It was quite a Shock!

  5. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today*

  6. I don’t get it they couldn’t even Say Tesla once

    The main American company that has driven the electrical vehicle conversion in the world

    1. That’s not hard to do! I just passed a rock, on the side of the road, that could out wit Trump’s former EPA chief.

  7. The biggest problem with electric cars… a problem which I am sure will be fixed… is their batteries. Right now, the lithium power cells used in electric vehicles (1) don’t work very well at very cold temperatures and (2) take a VERY long time to fully recharge. New and improved battery chemistries are needed. But I remain optimistic.

    1. Your comment is completely false. Most EVs can be charged up to 80% in 15 minutes (using rapid charging) and can travel 200 miles per charge in the Winter.

    2. @Mike Young How long have you been working with lithium power cells, kid..? And what do you actually know about the different lithium battery chemistries..? I happen to be top-balancing a 400-amp lithium iron phosphate battery bank as we speak. Get over to Google and start educating yourself. BTW, your “rapid charging” explains why you are only getting 200 miles per charge. Also, does it take 15 minutes to fill my tank with gas..?

    3. @Tessmage Tessera I own an EV, and I can tell you that your statement is completely false, period!

  8. Living in cuckoo land can you imagine how many chargers will be needed throughout the USA imagine the queues in rushhour. How many charges will it take to get across country. I cant see electric tanks working for the military either.

    1. Most people will charge their car at home, in their garage (getting power from their solar panels). You should get out more frequently, because you seem very ignorant!

  9. How is the electricity generated to charge all these batteries ?
    I can picture a wall on the southern border, built with old batteries. It’s like soap: Smells good but tastes bad!

  10. The middle class will suffer. We cannot afford a 60,000 car. Im just barely keeping a roof over my head and food on the table. I can barely afford gas for my car. I will never have an electric car never.

  11. They need to get to 8-10 hours five-time before EVs will become viable for most American passenger vehicles. Right now, if you can afford 2 cars, an EV is a great daily driver. But if you can only afford/need 1 vehicle, then IC is your best option if you need to drive farther than 300ish miles before recharge…like ever.

  12. “We need to promote a simpler, greener and low carbon lifestyle, oppose excessiveness and wastefulness
    and foster a culture of living green and healthy.” -Xi Jinping.

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