Rep. McCarthy Releases Statement Opposing January 6 Commission Bill

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca., released a statement opposing a proposed bill to establish a bipartisan commission to investigate the events of the Capitol riot on January 6. NBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill.

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Rep. McCarthy Releases Statement Opposing January 6 Commission Bill


    1. Peter Pelly
      perhaps I do remember the traitor Democrats feeling the same when the traitor Clinton and Obama Administrations were investigated.

  1. Of course he’s against an investigation. Especially when he and his Republican comrades were part of the attempted coup.

    1. Can you imagine the out cry if this were another country? I mean imagine someone being able to head or serve on a committee which would be tasked with overseeing their own criminality. Is this the USA now!

    2. Fleur De Lys why would people post stupid comments when they have no proof to back it up?

    1. @Johnny Freedom Nor really, FDR was a Progressive Democrat and before the start of WW2 a lots of Republicans were Adolf Hitler sympathizers. I think you’re referring to the South “Dixiecrats” or today’s Republicans who have adopted the “Southern Strategy” and accommodated it.

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle you could not wait to bring up race. We know you are jealous of us.

    2. @H Moore you fire on people indiscriminately like a certain group of ‘rists in the Middle East are doing currently too. I am a poor black orphan and what you said was hurtful 🥲🥴😁😂🤣

    3. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle LMFrigginAO, well he should have, except that’s not exactly what he did…Trump is a grifter and that’s all he’s ever been and all he ever will be. He actually accepted his Presidential salary, so we taxpayers were on the hook for it, then he did donate some of it, which gave him a tax deduction and hit us taxpayers again. He’s taken more than $65k in pension since leaving office, whining, in January. He used the donations you morons gave him for “stop the steal” to refund all the other morons he defrauded in his email marketing scheme that made people opt out of recurring donations…..they had to refund over $122 million. He even pardoned Steve Bannon, who took donations from suckers to build the wall….and used it to buy himself a lot of scotch and a boat and travel around. You dolts fell for every lie the conman had to offer, and begged for more.

    1. @Corey Ham first he will consult with the anti-Christ in Mara Lago; ‘master what shall I do now”?

    2. gary s
      what phone call and what truth? You tell me big mouth. What did they say? Now before you reply you better add proof or don’t waste my time.

    1. Will he lie when he testifies? Of course. He stepped over the line of no return. No longer an American.

    2. marcelo brozovic
      you are an enemy of the intelligent people of the USA , nothing more to say about you 😀

    3. You mean DemoRats Are ! And I think It was DemoRats who knocked down our Founding Fathers statues and Took a knee when the National Anthem Played at Stadiums ! Burned American Flags and it’s Open Borders And Human trafficking ! So FU !

  2. Of course he does, he’s probably been listening to Liz Cheney all weekend and he is afraid he might be forced to tell the truth. Little coward, he really messed with the wrong pit viper this time.😁

    1. Diane Fanning
      what truth? Now before you reply, you better have proof to back your big mouth up 😀

    2. @Alex Hamilton You must be seriously lacking in cognitive skills. The Jan 6 call to donny…which is already entered in the House records….which he has since lied about. Read this thread…esp warpedjaffas1…educate yourself a little before making threatening posts.

  3. Of course he’s against a January 6 commission, he and his cronies are part of the cause of the insurrection. It’s time these people started thinking about the welfare of Americans instead of themselves.

    1. tisme agen
      were they the cause of this insurrection just like the democrat Governors and Mayors across the country who were the cause of the Insurrections in their cites last year? Or is that different?

    2. It’s far to late for that.Most repugs are under Dump’s influence and they are his criminal cronies.

    3. Just like Pelosi , Waters and Schumer started Antifa and Blm Summer Riots !where 30 ppl died and Cities and private businesses Burned ! You mean that one ?

  4. He doesn’t want to have to speak under oath about the phone call with tRUMP
    This isn’t tRUMPs DOJ any more
    There will be a different reaction to ignoring appearing to answer questions

    1. You nailed it. The call was entered into the record at Trump’s 2nd impeachment so there’s no denying the substance of the call.

    2. There are likely worse things than the phone call with Trump, which could get revealed. Example: Gen. Charles Flynn (probably with Trump’s blessing) delaying deployment for over 3 hours, and Hawley’s phone calls with insurrectionists, days prior to riot.

  5. Mccarthy: “I wanted to try and blame black people for this, since I can’t ill oppose it”

    1. GQP Cult strategy is deflect blame and raise the Radical Right anger on the BLM protests while negating the Radical Right siege of the Capitol during the January 6th Trumpsurrection

  6. He opposes the bill because he would be a key witness! He will need to testify about his conversation with Bonespurs!

    1. @Steve Sanzari! Actually, this is not about corruption perse. This is about what happened on Jan, 6th. Although. I do believe Trump’s cesspool, including Gaetz, Guiliani, and especially, Bonespurs himself, will be investigated by various law enforcement agencies!

    2. @Steve Sanzari
      Together, Treasonous Trump’s closest friends have more felonies than a Biker Gang.

  7. He was really hoping that there would be negotiating problems in putting it together. When it worked out in a favorable, bi-partisan manner it shook him and he needs to pretend to be outraged.

    1. Bipartisan, in this case, means Republicans on the committee will scramble to block everything of substance, ….because it will implicate their buddies – in crime.

    2. @Ken Albertsen maybe not. For some reason I feel that there are many Republicans that are tired of the stigma attached to their group and want to find some way to flush out those who are the reason. This is as good as any. Look for some surprise developments. Keep your fingers crossed 🤞

  8. I would guess no one is surprised. Of course the GQP will fight this commission tooth and nail, they don’t want their crime uncovered.

    1. J, the “audit” of the Arizona elections by a company with no election experience, that intends to “prove fraud” and is using ultra violet lights looking for non existent watermarks and bamboo fibers, isn’t a waste of taxpayer dollars? Here’s a clue, when a company conducting an audit is trying to prove a conclusion it isn’t an audit. Meanwhile, we know the attack on the Capitol was an insurrection, that there were organized groups, we have to know who organized it, whether there was coordination with Congressional members, and what caused the delayed response. There are also questions about pre rally contacts and coordination and financing.

    2. @John DiGiacomo and don’t forget about finding out why there wasn’t proper security for our senators. Some one sure screwed that up. Just image if it was a real attack on the senators with real terrorist. A lot of senators would be dead today. The lack of security was pathetic. Who denied national guard? And why? That’s the real question that need to be answered.

    3. Do DemoRats want ALL their Corruption Exposed ? No ! That’s why Fake News never reports it ! And you ppl are in the Dark ! How’s that Border thing working out ?

    4. @John DiGiacomo Except those opinions you call “facts” only exist within DNC. If you disagree then feel free to prove it.

    1. What’s with McCarthy’s constant blank stares into outer space? And yeah, he’s implicated big time.

    1. @Phil that’s why she is pushing for the commission and McCarthy doesn’t want it? Who’s got something to hide in this scenario?

  9. I imagine anyone involved with the January 6 insurrection would be opposed to a commission designed to investigate it. Criminals don’t like when their crimes are investigated.

    1. Somkit
      I agree. Just like if they had a commission to investigate the Democrat Governors and Mayors in cities across the Country who supported the insurrections in those States and cities during the riots?

  10. He’s afraid that he’ll lose half of his House members as we find out that they were colluding with the Insurrectionists

    1. Michael Marceau
      the Democrats do well without a spine, brain, ears, eyes, and one left foot. 😀

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