Dallas County Judge Sounds Alarm For Children Due To Coronavirus 1

Dallas County Judge Sounds Alarm For Children Due To Coronavirus


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are surging and there are zero ICU beds left for children in Dallas.

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Dallas County Judge Sounds Alarm For Children Due To Coronavirus


    1. @Elle Wyman Real Texas B.S. The vast majority of patients hospitalized for Covid are not vaccinated. Maybe you should replace Fox, Newsmax or Oanon as your primary source for ‘news’.

    2. @Becky Johnson why is this political? Why are you making it political? Do you think the virus cares?

  1. Republicans care about kids right up until birth. Then it’s time for those kids to pull themselves up be their boot straps and take some personal responsibility.

    1. Bill Maher my man said that over and over in the past. So true. Check out Noel Casler. Brilliant knowledgeable funny and knows everything about dirty dealings Trump.

    2. I have personal responsibility – I’m a Kaiser member, I have two children. Neither of them have been vaccinated. Why? Because we were told that they weren’t at risk by the CDC, AND because of their age. Now, we’re being told something different: We we’re also told we needed A vaccine, now we’re being told we need multiple shots. My concern and why I haven’t moved forward (beyond those reasons) is because my friend who is a NURSE at Kaiser has seen CHILDREN and ADULT patients come in again and again AFTER being vaccinated with heart problems – so much so that she had to organized a protest because despite all these patients suffering these side effects, Kaiser still proceeded to mandate visitors require vaccines- so when you sit back and wonder why SOME of us have these SERIOUS SERIOUS pause about the HEALTH of our children, please try to not lump everyone together. We are not all republican, we are not all Trump supporters, we are not all stupid, we are not are irresponsible. Thanks.

    3. Are you wearing a P100 filter grey mask that seals your face/mouth ?
      The mask must “seal” your mouth/nose to be effective ?

    4. @Lily Guerrero YES. We all are on board with you Lily %. He can’t even string together a coherent sentence at 75, what do you think he’ll have going in 2024 at 80?!?! Not enough depends.

    1. @Ann Anderson you would think but nobody in the GQP seems to recognize reality until it knocks on their very own door… the (God forbid) death of their neighbor or friend’s kid still wouldn’t move these people, they would just excuse it away, still assuming it was anything but COVID 19. That neighbor or friend might reconsider but only after paying the ultimate price! Best case scenario, the rest will just stick their heads further into the sand; worst case scenario, accuse that friend or neighbor of holding a false flag funeral!

  2. I love it – the party of “we own female bodies – no abortions!” now says “We don’t give a rip if live children die – OUR bodies, our choice!” Way to go, republicans – stay unvaccinated.

    1. Exactly! A vaccine is a mild inconvenience. Imagine someone tried to force them to birth and raise another human?!

  3. They need to stop giving icu beds to adults that didn’t get vaccinated. They had their chance. Give it to the children.

    1. @Sandi Harris And your opinion counts more than that of SempressF and doctors because? _____________________. (Fill in the blank with facts proved in peer-reviewed studies, not just by assertions of other people who agree with your opinion. Thank you.)

    2. @Elle Wyman No need for humans to get rabies vax; our pets vaxs do a good job of protecting us, thank you

    1. Portside kind of reminds me of the old days when birth control came available the catholic church was against it. Have them but how are they going be took care of was your problem.

    2. Republicans take the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” to literally mean somebody else should raise (and care for) their children.

  4. The Texas Supreme Court is just as corrupt as Abbott is. Handcuffing schools from issuing mask mandates puts kids at risk. Flat disgusting!

    1. I’m a Texan and a mother and I don’t know how I’m supposed to send my 10 year old daughter into a school tomorrow morning with no mask mandate, no contact tracing, and no virtual option (Abbot defunded that for us as well).

      Please, for the love of God tell me how my personal liberties and the liberties of my daughter and husband are not being violated? How is this NOT reckless endangerment and/or at the very least gross negligence?

      Our pediatric ICUs will not have beds or staff to care for these innocent kids.

      We have the largest medical center in the world here (Houston) . Let that sink in.

    2. @Sandi Harris If masks didn’t help, then every doctor and nurse in the world would be infected right now.

    3. @Juliana Purvis I have a 3 year old and would not send her to any school where she is at risk. There should be reasonable accommodation for parents who do not want their kids exposed to COVID. If not, I would sue the school to provide such accommodation. I am sure the ACLU would love a case like that.

    4. @No More Sometimes an adult has to step in and remedy the stupidity. I wish you all the best in your ongoing battle with reality.

    1. @Toni Gather
      The people who live in reality care. My opinion is base on reality.

      You should go to the FAUX News forum to hang out with those who live in your world. Maybe they care what you have to say.

    2. @jade

      Your reality???? So you’re telling me, your reality is to believe everything that the mainstream media is telling without questioning it yourself??

      Your reality is to believe anybody. As long as they have some kind of title in front of their name. How gullible and stupid is that?? Very.

      They can tell you they have ocean front property in Arizona for sale and you would believe them wouldn’t you?? You would be the first in line huh??

      Do you not realize that all mainstream media including fox is own by global elite??

      I bet you believe your government would never lie to you huh??

      Your reality is base in delusions.

      You need to wake up.
      They are playing you like a fool.

    3. @Toni Gather
      That’s not true. I think you’re projecting. Trump had a name & title & I never believe a thing he said.

      You see the funny thing is people like you choose to believe in a person who lied to you over & over again without questioning anything he said. You create your own reality base on those lies & you’re here lecturing me about my gulibility. Do you see the irony. I know you don’t. You’re incapable of that.

      You’re in a trance & you can’t get out of it but I can’t help you. There is nothing any of us can do for you. If you’re happy there then just live in that world you created & leave us all alone because none of us are interested in joining that cult, okay?

    1. Former Doctors like rand paul on the hand did take that oath…he has no excuse when the dust settles and history judges him.

    2. So, as the truth comes out that Rand Paul’s wife has been heavily invested in COVID TREATMENT STOCKS since EARLY 2020, means that former doctor (who’s turned against the Hippocratic Oath he took to DO NO HARM) Rand Paul has been MAKING TONS OF MONEY off of PEOPLE GETTING SICK from Covid! NO WONDER he has been fighting Dr. Fauci tooth and nail! RAND PAUL HAS BEEN PROFITING GREATLY OFF OF PEOPLE GETTING SICK WITH COVID! It’s time to check if Florida and Texas Governors Ron Desantis and Greg Abbott and OTHERS in our government ALSO have stocks or any interests in the pharmaceutical industry, and seeing if they are MAKING TONS OF MONEY off of people getting sick with Covid, like Rand Paul has been!

    3. Technically… They swear an oath to uphold the constitution, conveniently they ignore the part about “promote the general welfare “

  5. It takes a special kind of cold-hearted cynicism to sacrifice the lives of children at the alter of politics…

    1. Any life is one too many, no matter the age or political party. We are all in this together. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Right?

    2. @Snickle Fritz I agree that we all need to be a part of the solution, but I disagree that “[a]ny life is one too many”. I would shed no tears if Cruz, Greene, McCarthy, Abbott, or DeSantis (or anyone similar) died from this virus. That would not be “one too many”; it would be karma.

    1. @hello you trump used fear for 4 years and it worked like a charm on his people… fear of the others, fear of the left taking away their liberties, fear of muslims, fear of EVERYTHING. it’s been used for thousands of years by the church. but using fear for control and fear that is a side effect of fact? totally different thing. and if you don’t understand that, perhaps you should read a book on history or science or anything other than watching fox news.

    2. @No More right?? we like to think we’re so smart with our digital watches and fancy pants tvs… but we’re really really stupid. we treat this planet like everything is disposable and resources are endless. we are reaping what we sowed. happy to be in the last third of my life (hopefully)… i fear for what we are leaving the next generation. we did them no favors.

    3. @rapunzel eh? I am very aware of the use of fear in polotics, and the fact it has been used for years. The sad part is there are people like you that think only the orange man was capable to repeat history. What’s that saying, you forget history and you will repeat it. When your alright with one party using it and not the next because of hatred, you my friend should do some reading up. Almost like the separation of the people started under oboma, got magnified under Trump and here we are now. Sound pretty familiar what happened in China. Almost like the next plan in the books is to turn our children against us. Wake up!

    4. They have this 99% stuck in their head. So they’re willing to gamble. It’s a shame but that’s where we are. They’re not thinking about other people’s kids. They don’t care.

  6. Republicans have mandated that all Americans may disconnect the brakes on their vehicles and remove the seatbelts. Freedom yes sir!!!!!!

    1. @garzz58 wow, I would hate to see him during parades, construction, mvas, and anything else that impedes his driving in the slightest!

    2. Lol. I was told once by a fella I never went out with a 2nd time that speed limits were only suggestions.
      I had white knuckles by the time I got out of the car.

  7. Last year in Texas they wanted the grand parents to risk their life for the economy now they want to risk the grand kids sick sons of beeches.

    1. TH: Yes, that was the lieutenant governor, who for some odd reason, did not risk his own life, grandparent that he is. He should have been first in line to get infected to set an example for grandparents all across America. Why wasn’t he if he believed what he was trying to get the rest of us to believe?

  8. The judge is a fine brave man. We sometimes forget how many good people there are and how much goes right and is good but we got to press on like this true gentleman.

  9. Is this child abuse? I’m surprised that in such a litigious society no one is prosecuting the governors.

    1. Or Fauci. Or our government for experimenting on children. Certainly not the first time our government has experimented on it’s people.

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