'This Is Just Malpractice,' Says Foreign Policy Expert On Withdrawal 1

‘This Is Just Malpractice,’ Says Foreign Policy Expert On Withdrawal

The Morning Joe panel discusses the rapidly unfolding events in Afghanistan with the Taliban.

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'This Is Just Malpractice,' Says Foreign Policy Expert On Withdrawal


  1. This was a doomed campaign from day One. We could have withdrawn 10 years ago or 100 years from now, the same thing would have happened.

    1. @K.W. Matterhorn That’s not the point. It was in our interest to keep 2500 troops there. Not one U.S. death in over a year and a half. We are in the midst of the worst pandemic in 100 years, American’s facing economic hardship, a border crises. Now, you have 18,000 Afghans wanting to come to the U.S. Timing is everything in life. This was not the right time.

    2. @Brandon Thomas Thank you President Biden for bringing our AMERICAN troops home NOW!!! That fu$%head DONNIE DUMPO and his GARBAGE DEAL with the Taliban caused this… If their own Afghan army wont fight for them, neither should we.

    3. @Brandon Thomas :- The U.S. keeps thousands of troops overseas in various nations, because those nations help fund the cost of keeping those troops housed and fed. This is part of the deal.
      To bring home those troops would incur costs to the U.S. tax payer for such things as the building of extra bases in the U.S., security, housing and food etc. Or another answer could be a drastic reduction in troop levels.
      Keeping U.S. troops overseas is cheaper than bringing them home. And the geopoltical repercussions of recalling troops and reducing the U.S. military presence might be “empire shaking”.

    4. The guy is not honest. The reason for no US casaulty since February 2020 was a deal with the Taliban to withdraw and an end of US occupation within 18 months.

    5. Thank you President Biden for getting American troops back home NOW!!! If their own Afghan army wont fight for that land, no friggin’ way we should.

  2. Twenty years, a trillion dollars and thousands of US lives wasted. Another “Nation Building” failure by the US military

    1. Thank you President Biden for getting American troops back home NOW!!! If their own Afghan army wont fight for them, no friggin’ way we will.

    2. @Rich Henry It is your kind is the idiots who put us in that situation. I would bet money you support the “war on terror.”

    3. Well the US is making another go at South East Asia. Myanmar’s pro-China government has already fallen to a pro-US military junta. The police are fighting the military. People are dying but nobody is interested.

    1. Follow the money and you will see who profited from this 20 year war. It wasn’t a waste of money, time, and lives for a few.

  3. My dad used to say, “no matter how much you do for somebody, in the long run, what really matters is what they do for themselves.”

    1. @One Instinct No, but he did say, I live on this side of the street and you live on that side. You control what goes on over there and I control what goes on over here.

    2. @Warrin Bang well, people who risk their lives help US for decades, we should be greatful and help them. Not all of them.

    3. @One Instinct I agree, we should help those in need. However, what one does with that help will ultimately be the determining factor.

    4. @Warrin Bang Yes, I agree. Sadly those people are still in the hinding. US spokesman said. ” We will call them to come to the airport and put application and need document for verification. This is a joke., this could have been verified and organised before US left the country.

    5. @One Instinct It’s said that procrastination is the root of all failure. They should have started processing people, while outlining for them procedures and plans for evacuation, months ago. When a hurricane is coming ashore, we don’t wait until it arrives to act.There was enough foreknowledge to prevent this Taliban storm from being as destructive. But coulda, shoulda, woulda is always a weak afterthought.

  4. The phony emotions on newscasters would be more believable if, a year ago, they weren’t all asking the question of ‘what does victory look like after 20 years.

  5. I’m sad for the people of Afghanistan, but I don’t want American troops there anymore. We’re in a pandemic, climate change is accelerating, and we’re a deeply divided country. We need to use our money and our resources to take care of our own troubles.

    1. It was just 3,000 in a support capacity. Hell’s teeth you had 200,000 US troops in west Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. Was that number necessary?

  6. Let’s blame everybody besides the Afghan people who undermined the efforts of foreign troops, who collaborated in different degrees with the Taliban, the widespread corruption, the cowardice of the army and the young strong men who fled the country instead of fighting.

    1. Right, while flooding the world with heroin and making billions besides what they gladly took from us never intending to build a modern democracy in which there women might have some power and rights.

  7. All this started when the CIA funded the mujahideen in a proxy war with the Soviets.
    We reap what we sow.
    But its astounding that after all this time the Afghan government wouldn’t work to serve their people. The cowards all fled.

    1. And Mika’s father was part and parcel to that decision to stick it to the Soviets even if it meant radicalizing muslims that ultimately became the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

    2. After Biden broke the agreement and then armed the Taliban with weapons left at the bagram airbase, it was pretty much over.

      The takeover of the Country was in progress over 2 weeks. When the Afghans asked for help, Biden was eating Ice Cream and on vacation.

  8. Mr David, your answer is one of those answers that comes out of the romance novels where the hero is still a hero no matter what he does as long as he’s wearing his cape, noble, B.S

  9. The withdrawal was mishandled, but if a cease fire agreement made by the previous president was about to run out and war start again, a departure is the only option

    1. Yes, but couldn’t the departure have been handled more strategically to save the lives of interpreters, and now we find out, US reporters?

    2. The Pentagon said they had 6 months to withdraw.
      Then 3 months to withdraw all Americans from Kabul.
      And, turns out the Pentagon still gave the Biden administration bad info, and the Afghan government/ military collapsed in 3 days.
      I’m glad we’re out.

    1. OK so lets pull the 250K out of Germany or the 150k in South Korea, or the 9K in Cuba. We can’t afford to keep 2500 in Afghanistan

    2. They did fight back. Did you know they lost 60k Afghan fighters since 2015. What’s the difference? Biden bailed on them

    3. @Dfw Fqdefqw Since the Taliban likes Ice Cream, maybe Ben and Gerry’s will develop of flavor for them?

    1. Well, a whole generation will now get to live under Taliban rule and we now have to worry when the next attack will be on our soil instead of theirs

    1. @helvis Son, it’s already happening.

      You can’t even protect yourselves from cloddish chumps back in 1-6th.

      Still unconvinced? Stick around and find out. Chances are you’ll be the ones who’ll be tearing things down anyway. Oh wait, you already *are.*

      “No civilization, no matter how mighty it may appear to itself, is indestructible.”

    2. These media outlets should stop trying to spin things. This was an US occupation and the Afghan people fought to end it.

  10. I would like to know General Honore’s thoughts and concerns on what is happening in Afghanistan. WHY was the former Afghan president allowed to leave so early, and who assisted him in his escape???

  11. It’s apparent that this was essentially a house of cards just waiting to collapse across several administrations.

    1. House of cards? Considering Biden broke the agreement that Trump, Afghanistan and the Taliban brokered AND which was approved by the UN Security Council.


      The Taliban tested Trump and what happened? Bye, Bye Soleimani and the ISIS leader.

      18 Months later, in comes Biden and he blows it all up

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