1. And how many of the things Gore said would happen by now have actually happened? An expert with a 0% accuracy is only an expert in failure, but some call them ‘climate experts’.

    1. Yeah. This is a very racist report. They’re specifically saying African countries are more violent.

  1. Asesinan a cónsul honorario de Canadá en Cancún; “Esto te pasa por violar niños” dice mensaje

  2. We need to pay more taxes on fuel to fight climate change, we are not paying enough and the violence will get out of hand. Fortunately we have a Liberal leadership that will make sure to increase taxes for everyone.

  3. I definatley see this, i am frequently getting pissed off in the summer nowadays as the heat and humidity is unbearable some days, not to mention the forest fires and floods that happen because of it too. Its a very changing and sad time for the world lately.

    1. Yeah, the weather never changes, and is never uncomfortable…. LET ME SPEAK TO THE MANAGER!!!

    2. @Sarah S it is of course you that needs to wake up.

      Name even one climate alarmist prediction that has come true, just one.

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