1. @Paul What about all of the slain Carthage civilians killed by the Roman Republic! That totally justifies Russian aggresion!

    2. Putin is our hero he telling Europe how feelings of Afghanistan and Iraq.Actually what happened in Phelisten

    3. @Joe C – China Pakistan and Syria? You forgot the treasonous MAGA, fascists and other closet Nazis here in America. Oh, and by the way, lets not forget all the equipment the Russians provided to the Viet Cong that was used to kill thousands of American solders.

  1. It’s cute when people say, “but he can’t do that.” He did. Expect he’ll always choose the cruelest option.

  2. It’s horrible for the people of Ukraine, but seeing the dog in the video also made me feel terribly upset about the pets, too. Many of the pets will starve and lose their owners.

    1. @Brut Con1 my dog and cat forage for themselves well enough if I stopped feeding them they’d survive a good while! As shown by the fact that they try and feed me with birds every morning 🤦‍♀️

    2. @keith2092 guys, I am not a Russian bot, not far right , I am just a father and work hard whole week to keep my family. I sincerely think Biden mismanaged the situation by not agreeing on anything proposed by Russia to avoid starting the war. This is just my opinion, not disinformation. You can disagree, please comment in favour of what you think but please accept some people may think differently from you. What is democracy btw?

    3. @CAFFEINE Okay maybe you aren’t those things, but blaming this invasion on anyone but Putin is stupid.
      If you think a guy who amassed an invasion force of 150,000 troops, tanks, missile launchers, fighter jets, attack helicopters and artillery pieces on the border of a sovereign country ever really had peaceful intentions and wanted to negotiate in good faith, I have a bridge to sell you.
      Putin is a psychopath, just ask the citizens of Salisbury in the UK, or the families of all the journalists and political dissidents he’s had murdered over the last 20 years.

    4. @Gordon Strong An opinion is not a lie. I sincerely believe Biden has mismanaged the situation by not agreeing on anything proposed by Russia to avoid starting this war. Putin is of course main responsible, but if we in the west cannot feel also part responsible we not better than him. This is my opinion. What is yours?

    5. @CAFFEINE you are completely wrong. How stupid is it to blame a guy for the invasion of a country that’s not his? By a country that’s again not his…
      That’s the same as if you get fired you blame you neighbors boss for it wven though it’s a different company.
      You should be ashamed of yourself as a parent teaching your children to hate over pure ignorance.

  3. As a veteran of combat ,this says one thing to me. The Russian regulars don’t have their hearts in it!!

    1. @Sandra Stevens i dont have much sympathy in me for them because A. they could be lying and B. they’re firing on nuclear power plants

    2. @John Krause sure like Americans soldiers they don’t have a clue what they are fighting for in last 30 years

    3. @Angie P just wanted to drop in on your ranting. So a little background on me..I’m definitely not a trump supporter in any way whatsoever. I think he is cancer to society. But I want to ask you what types of US citizens are “with” or “ok” with what Putin is trying to do. I figure it’s the same people who are into conspiracies, extreme beliefs, 1% ers, etc. Also wanted to know if you can describe what Heaven is like and what God looks like and does. Thanks

    4. @ParadoxlnABox I can’t figure her out either. I just replied to one of her posts and asked her a few questions. Maybe she’ll come back

  4. Rule one: Never engage with a motivated indigenous force on their own territory. You will lose every time.

    1. Just make sure the people arent motivated. An example is when u.s. invaded Iraq. Many of iraq army faught, many surrendered.

  5. Putin is one of those bullies who acts like a victim when they feel in trouble for bullying.

    1. @Linda Etheridge-Stroud : What you failed to mention is that Putin’s “negotiations” was only to say, “you unconditionally surrender period, I will not discuss anything else”.

  6. The Ukrainian people are showing the rest of the world what courage and community really looks like. The world is with you Ukraine ✊.

    1. @Atif khan wouldn’t narrow it down to it being religious beliefs but its an entirely different culture that has created an almost complete separation from most 1st world countries.
      They due to Islam and the way they are brought up and taught it seems unlikely that they will modernise and not doing so while the rest of the world moves forward will lave them further behind. It seems like they are closer to Amish societies than most wester countries so they are being left behind with technology, infrastructure, factories, travel and horticultur.
      I don’t think they cannot modernise and follow the koran at the same time I fully belive both could be done but it seems that its more along the lines of “thats from the west, the west are bad” (not saying that’s what everyone belives) but without modernising and terraforming land to become more able to cultivate food and expan water systems they can’t even take the first few steps.
      The governments also don’t seem to work for the people its more along the lines of working your way to the top to help themselves.

    2. @Sunny J And are they still fighting for their homeland, at what point would you give up your home. A terrorist government now rules the country, I’m not saying no-one fought against them from the middle east but clearly not enough did else they wouldn’t be in power now.

    3. @BreakFix Piss off to Russia if you want to live under Putin’s boots.
      The free people of Ukraine do not.

    4. Yes, you are right. Now at least we now understand know how Iraqis and afghanis felt when the US invaded their country too, right? How many of us supported them like we are doing now? The US called locals defending their country from invaders insurgents and used drones to kill them, remember?

  7. Finland: ‘I favor joining NATO’
    Russia: ‘there will be military and political consequences’
    Finland: ‘I’m even more in favor of joining NATO’

    1. @Dead Street you do realise the usa took 3 weeks in Afghanistan to do about as much as Rússia is doing now against people with MUCH less equipment and outside help right? 🤣

    2. @J040PL7 I cant remember America losing quite so much equipment or lives in the 1st 3 weeks so maybe speed isnt everything in war tbf.

  8. Putin can’t use “This would be a declaration of war” after saying 20 different times that “this was a declaration of war”. It doesn’t mean much at some point.

    1. @Ruslan I am Ukrainian Nazi? No , stupid, I am American and I am against dictators like Putin

    2. @GzzzyG Even with his nuke, he knows USA has nukes too and even before he messes with nukes, USA sees him and good luck to him. Why has he not nuked his neighbors? He is afraid of only one superpower- USA because he knows it is a suicide to mess with nukes.

  9. Thank you Ukraine for showing the world what it means to be a patriot a protector of your family and your country (republicans please take note)

    1. “Putin knows that when I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe, are over.” -Joe Biden, October 2019

    2. Most republicans including Trump have sided with Russia. Are there any questions left about where their loyalties lie?

  10. God help Ukraine . They have so much courage and showing everyone how strong they are.

    I know there are a lot of volunteers coming over thru the Poland side of the border to help . Some are British and others. God bless them.

  11. The fact that Putin is sending mercenaries in implies to me that his military wasn’t as great as he thought it was

    1. “Putin knows that when I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe, are over.” -Joe Biden, October 2019

    2. @khmer31 Watch the latest video by Wendover Productions. The months long build up of bases and logistical support along the borders of Belarus, Russia, and Crimea clearly points to a plan to invade Ukraine on many fronts. The generals are complicit.

  12. “You have to pay attention to what he says” right before saying how he loved watching people exlpode in the sky.

    No matter whose side you are on. You shouldnt be saying you love death. Because when it comes for you smiling, i know most of us wont be smiling back.

  13. When you isolate yourself too much and/or surround yourself with like-minded advisors then the results can become really terrible.

    1. “Putin knows that when I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe, are over.” -Joe Biden, October 2019

    2. @Wasim Islam the subject is war, which can be looked at as a competition between two teams. In this case talent refers to the team that is the most powerful (russia) and the team that’s working hard is Ukraine.

  14. On a side note: If we all would have invested more and become increasingly sufficient with green energy, oil would not play such a mayor role in wars.


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