1. Asesinan a cónsul honorario de Canadá en Cancún; “Esto te pasa por violar niños” dice mensaje

    1. Not surprising the note was explicit and to the point about the corrupt diplomatic service and the exploitation of children.

  2. Very sad indeed. My thoughts are with Ukraine and all Russians who oppose this act of a madman. Putin and all of his henchmen who follow him need a serious case of intelligence because obviously his deck is short of many cards other than the jokers. He’s definitely not an ace either lol. 🇨🇦😊🇨🇦

    1. no need for the sarcastic tone, Lyiv is a potential zone, though its the closest to the west that Ukraine has and may be a Ukraine independant surviving city if Putin does take the Luhansk Donetsk regions but never underestimate that he would continue further.

    1. much less violent but a death is a death nonetheless, the cities they are occupying got taken because they are strategic positions thus were hit fast and hat, like Mariopol and Chernobyl nuclear Station + surrounding areas, the other areas are not like stalin grad more like a bite of stalin grad not the whole piece.

    1. Yes because we are living in the END times, the world is on the brink of the 7year Tribulation. Please get rapture ready: accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior today!!! Don’t be deceived by the coming ANTIchrist who will “create order out of chaos”! Study biblical end times prophecy, listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology. Blessings from Alberta

  3. Saw the video title and knew right away: “If this guys is actually in Lviv, nothing is happening in Lviv.”

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