1. So being a MP for several years and not being investigated for crimes & ethics violations amounts to “not accomplishing much in a lifetime”? That is something that I would be proud of.

    1. I am not a fan of PP but I agree that saying he hasn’t accomplished much is not a credible statement

  2. I’m a traditional ndp voter Pierre’s convinced me that he can run our country and help mend the craziness of the last 4 years

    1. @Matthew Vandersluys bad prime minister, look up commission Charbonneau in Québec, when upac went to knock at his door, they receive a phone call and walk always, 36 billion $$ of 72 billion$ missing and still not accountable for its lock and seal in an envellope until 2074, decision from the juge Charbonneau on that commission, look it up.

    2. Then you lack the intelligence to make sound political choices. Poilievre has accomplished absolutely nothing as an MP.

  3. If the Conservative party wants Jean Charest then basically they are telling Canadians “we don’t want to run Canada”

  4. Why does the Prime Minister need to fly to Europe? How about Zoom? Isn’t Zoom better for the environment?

    1. He is going there just for fun: to spend time in the best hotel, have the best food, meet other leaders, talk about nothing and pretend that he cares about Ukrainians.

    2. It’s an opportunity for him to actually be outside without being scared witless as he is – and should be – in Canada. And he might get a boost to his ego surrounded by other politicians who can pretend Trudeau might be a ‘respected’ person in Canada – which, of course, we know he’s not!

  5. Please dont forget the commission charbonneau and what m. Charest did provincially, its a big No,

  6. Hasn’t Charest had his chance and did bad? Why would he even present himself again? No one want him back! LOL

  7. PP a Right wing populist? yeah, but to say he has not accomplished much is not a credible statement in my opinion

  8. Jean Charest is constantly switching parties. A couple of months ago he was a liberal, now he wants to be a conservative.

  9. Because Canada needs to know how indecisive Charest is. He cant make up his mind which party suits his views best. Canada needs someone who knows who he is.

  10. Jean Charest was a the deputy prime minister and a cabinet minister in the Brian Mulroney government. We all know how that worked out. The last thing Canada needs is Mulroney 2.0

  11. Pierre is campaigning against Jean because having Jean as the leader of the P.C. party would destroy the P.C. party’s chances of winning the next election.

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