1. The discussion about gun safety in America is almost like a perfunctory theater performed by politicians who know they won’t actually do anything. Despite this, their constituents will keep voting them in. Pathetic and sad.

    1. @Kantankerous L 1) the only turrets that exist are manned turrets. So unless that guy feels like camping on his roof to gun me down with a .50 cal machine gun, it’s likely not going to happen. A militia needs to be equally armed as the military. All militias are unofficial extensions of the military containing civilians. A militia must have the ability to be equally armed as the standing army. The entire point of the 2nd amendment was to prevent the government from building a better equipped military compared to the people. The founding fathers did not like the idea of a large army, which is why the US hasn’t had a large army until the end of WWI. Just look at all the nations that needed to build a militia last minute. They arm the militiamen with the same weapons they give their soldiers. Ukraine, Nazi Germany, the UK, France, Poland, Korea, the Chinese empire and the Chinese Republic. All of them equipped their militias with the latest weapons they had available.

    2. @ian Reed no, guns were meant to equalize the battlefield. No longer could the rich just buy extremely expensive armor that the commoner couldn’t. Guns make the rich equal to the poor. Only the entitled bourgeoisie want to regulate guns. The average person should not want this. This will make the rich even more powerful. They can afford private security who don’t need to follow the same gun laws we do, and we, the people, will be left defenseless.

    3. Why can one not see what is happening??? so sad. Look at all the other countries and their deaths do to guns. And how can one not buy a half pack of beer or rent a car until 25 but at 18 yrs of age you can buy many guns and why in the hell does anyone need a assault weapon. The only one that should have guns like that are the military and the law enforcement

  2. Thanks for trying, Dana, but he has no solutions. Voters need to replace him with someone who has the courage to try.

    1. Agreed! Crenshaw is a RINO. We need to abolish the NFA. We need more Republicans to protect the 2A.

  3. I have been a fan of Crenshaw, right up until this interview. We need Red Flag laws. We need a higher age requirement. We do need a universal background check, including on private sales of guns. And, yes, if you loan your gun to a friend and they commit a crime with that gun, then you are partially responsible for that crime.

    1. @Jeff Hersey Please tell me which state you live in and preferably which city so I can know to never go there and hopefully you are more careful with your gun than you are with your punctuation.

  4. “my neighbor’s wife, whose husband has left on business, who wants to borrow my gun for the weekend for protection” is actually part of the problem..there needs to be some real thought out solutions..🧐

    1. @Randi Bagley-Goodwin no but he was cited for trespassing and the neighbor had to pay his medical bills as restitution.

  5. When is drinking legal? 21? Smoking? 21? Give me a break..Vote that guy out! He does not want to act at all, because it will not change.. Start somewhere!!!

    1. The problem is archaic laws, designed when many rural people hunted for food, or shot varmints attacking livestock or damaging crops, even teens. Where I grew up, everyone had a shotgun or .22 for those reasons. It’s rather difficult to go on a killing spree, with single shot weapons. It would be simple to change laws, allowing long guns for 19 year olds, to exclude guns with magazines.

  6. The background check didn’t capture the full story of this person, yet you don’t want red flag laws. Well then how the hell do you propose evaluating whether they are a threat or not?

  7. They can just explain every solution away can’t they? Everything is at fault except easy access to guns. We just go around and around again.

    1. @Stephen Morring How about Canada, Australia, New Zealand whose gun deaths and mass shootings were dramatically decreased after tightening gun laws (not taking them away).

  8. He is a master of taking what an interviewer says, and conflating it with something nobody is talking about. It’s infuriating to watch him not answer questions, and instead answer his own bs gun nut NRA slogan fears.

  9. Wouldn’t a teenager buying heavy body armour and active cams be a huge red flag?? All of these items need to be part of the checking system.

  10. Microcosm of the Republican Party: here’s all the reason why your ideas won’t work. Here’s our ideas which address everything but the massive outlier of American gun ownership.

    1. @Bobby’s Channel bro.. I’m black first of all🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️ SECOND NOW ITS VERY DIFFICULT 💯 YOUR RIGHT👍🏾💯

    2. @Bigdawg 007 by the way we have other problems to worry about, you as a black person should be worrying about reparations.
      And what’s owed to us, the country should be worrying about inflation, gas prices that are higher than the federal minimum wage, here in Los Angeles and all over california, homeless problems, mental health issues all kinds of things. Instead of this constant unwinnable combative liberal versus conservative gun control laws that’s never going to go away it was written by down by James Madison one of the founding fathers.
      not going to go away at all

  11. Crenshaw: We need a redone background check system
    Me: Ok, we might be onto something here.
    Dana: So you would vote for Universal Background Checks?
    Crenshaw: No because I can’t give it to my friend if I’m out of town.
    Me: *face palm*

    1. 🎶 *_The stars at night, are big and bright._* 🎶
      _(clap clap clap clap)_
      🎶 *_Unlike the GQP in Texas_* 🎶

    2. It should be obvious to anyone that the solution to too many guns is more guns.  
      Just ask a Republican. Then you’ll understand why the best way to fight fire is with a flamethrower. Also, if you want to get rid of mice, just unleash a bunch of rats, and the mice will be gone immediately.

  12. The important question she neglected to ask was “how much money do you take from the gun industry?” However, it was nice to see the pro-life hypocrite squirm a little.

    1. @cynjhern O’Rourke answered, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

    2. @99.8% Survivor that’s 1 Democrat that said that! Beto that is but hey keep deflecting!


  13. We know and have listened to the concerns of gun rights advocates for a long time. Those concerns have some legitimacy, but it’s well past time to try solutions and make adjustments until we get it right. Politicians need to stop playing power games and fulfill their actual roles (researching, debating, legislating, etc.) in governing the country.

    1. Maybe make buying automatic weapons like buying dynamite. If it’s as hard as it was 50 years ago with all the background checks( and rightfully so) someone has to go through it would eliminate 90% of the population from being able to buy one.
      Also, this was a terrible interview with all the constant interruption. At least give your guest a chance to answer even if you disagree.

  14. The other day, a military vet was interviewed. He was spot on by saying (I’m paraphrasing)
    ‘In the military, 18 year olds get assault rifles. The difference is that, they are extensively trained to safely handle, use and clean them. The 18 year old who purchased the assault weapons that he used to massacre children was simply handedv2 ar’s, a ton of ammunition and told to figure it out on his own.’

  15. Crenshaw: “fix security at schools”
    Didn’t the school police at that school have active shooter training drills less than a week before and they still crapped the bed?

  16. “I’m not very impressed by our 18 year olds”? I’m not impressed with people in office…

  17. “These are hard questions” only for cowardly politicians who lack spine and leadership abilities.

    1. You guys want to over simplify the problem. It’s an extremely complex problem because it’s one that deals with complex things like the human brain and emotions.

    2. @Samuel Barrientos 18 year old are not mature enough to own guns. They can’t drink until age 21. Why can they buy a firearm? Up the age you can purchase a fire arm for STARTERS. It is complex problem but you have to start somewhere.

  18. “The NRA grooms GOP senators by giving them the first “A” they’ve ever seen on their report card.”

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