‘Dangerous:’ How GOP Is Turning Jan. 6 Rioters Into Martyrs 1

‘Dangerous:’ How GOP Is Turning Jan. 6 Rioters Into Martyrs


“Think about that message: If you go and die for the cause, the former president will promote you as a great patriot. All in the service of Donald Trump's self-centered big lie,” says Mehdi Hasan on GOP turning Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt into a martyr.
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  1. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!! She died for Conald Dump The last image that her family got to see of her was when she was being rushed to the ambulance bleeding from her neck and her mouth that’s a shame. I know she regrets it now

    1. She was a serial roadrage-aholic who was in court at least 3 times for this, including trying to run her boyfriends ex off the road. She should have been under involuntary psychiatric evaluation. And why did the he-man boyfriend stay behind and not go with her ?

  2. According to the law if you commit a felony you are responsible for the consequences of that felony. Babbitt was a member of the lynch mob.

    1. @SeanPat1001 Yeah I agree it’s bull crap. Felony criminals are released plus Los Angeles District Attorney (Gascon) is siding with criminals instead of victims. Research it.

  3. Trump is a hypocrite. He was the one who said ‘when the looting starts the shooting starts’ Now he wants cover and a Police officers life endangered. Let that sink in.

    1. Not to mention that Babbit, herself, was a vehement “stand your ground” type. She would have shot anybody who attempted to break into her joint. No doubt about it.

    2. Really!? Wrong event, wrong speech.
      It’s Democrat’s version of “Summer of LOVE ” in Winter, learning from the best.

    3. Didn’t trump give some kind of half hearted damage control speech the next day saying that the rioters would be prosecuted ? Is it possible that he did t mean that ? Also why didn’t he pardon any of them ?

  4. Trump gave his supporters something no one else would; permission to be their worst selves.
    That’s why they will never abandon him.

  5. She shouldn’t have been there, she should not have resisted she should have complied with the officers instructions

    1. @Biden pandemic Just so you know you’re in the wrong place. Here is where Critically thinking Adults go for real journalism. You should go back to FOX or Parlar or something.

    2. @Biden pandemic we had inflation in Q2 this year. Not stagflation. Inflation as in the economy is heating up too fast. I was assured that if Biden got in office that there would be no country.

    3. Breaking into a secure building with armed guards ordered to keep you out. Brilliant. Yet if they break into a home the home owner has a right to shoot.

  6. The Republican Reich has gone all coup coup even eating their own over a lie of their own making. You can’t make this stuff up. If it wasn’t so dangerous you’d be laughing.

    1. Biden’s Administration are non-vetted illegal crossers flying them across the U.S. without quarantine them and NOT ensuring children’s adult companions are relatives.

  7. Traitor Ashli Babbitt. That’s what she should always be called. Never mention her name without saying traitor.

    1. @Bruce Bartup Little boy its cool you write fiction!!!! Now answer the question!!! Do you agree with Biden that Obama was the first clean intelligent black man???????? Don’t you DARE run from my question Little boy!!!!!!

    2. @jabbermocky Respectfully, in her eyes uit was not as crime, she was obeying a lawful order from her CIC. Certaibnly if she had lived that would have been part of her defebnce as it has been for so many rioters.

      I think in such circumstances the court would find her guillty (the denial defrence wolul not work) but that sentencing woyuld be light to thre point of non-custodial

      The one who lied, who defrauded who set up the martyrdom/murder/suicide by cop is the real culprit here. Ashli is there too, on the wrong side ancd responsible for her actions as we all are, no matter what our social media consumption.

      But Trump must bear the main weight of whatever charges are brought. HIs marketoing efforts gatherdcd rsdivcslised and directed his Twitter followership.

      Though Trump never appeared on scene he shot Ashli just as thoughh he had pulled tbe trigger himself.

    3. Last time I checked soldiers pledge and have died for the AMERICAN flag not a Trump flag wrapped around a neck.

  8. He expects to be miraculously “reinstated” tomorrow. This incitement to his cult followers shows how scared he is that the miracle will not manifest. He will remain exactly where he is: A disgraced ex-president in expensive legal trouble for the remainder of his natural life.

    1. They did find it! It was the bacteria that lives on them which is way more intelligent than a republican.

  9. It is more scary when the other groups that typically use these martyrdom tactics are groups like the Taliban, did the GOP pickup a “how to” book from them?

    1. The Facist Playbook. Remember Hitlers first attempts were also not successful. AMERICA DO NOT LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF

  10. This lying needs to stop by the Republican parties! It’s unfortunate that so many people are too ignorant to know better in this country. They should all be in jail including Trump and his band of thieves!

    1. That is the wish and wet dream of the Communist / Socialist left. Well it is never going to happen. Trump Cruz will be the RNC ticket for 2024. And we can thank the SCOTUS and State legislatures for passing election security measures.

  11. It’s so unfortunate how these people are being used by unethical politicians. They are happy to follow their egocentric leader without question.

  12. Hey… what’s everyone wearing to the inauguration tomorrow? I expect to see a lot of red hats and t-shirts that say “I’m With Stupid”

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