1. @GigiJones Marek’s disease. Leaky vaccines. Well documented. Currently the delta variant is following the same life cycle.

      Might want to do some research before you ask to be spoon fed information.

    2. @Radodactyl but natural immunities have been proven to be more effective, against all variants. Why would you not take the most effective method, as proven by science?

    3. @James Bond See, I’m not spreading misinformation. Vaccine do work and it helps a lot, so if you can get vaccinated you should. Yes, vaccinated and unvaccinated are both breeding grounds for the virus, but those that are likely to get severe symptoms and end up in the icu and with no avail death are mostly the unvaccinated. I’m not, going to go back and forth with you in, this. You believe what you want to believe, I m believe what I want, if all theses cases all over the news about kids getting sick is not convincing you, I don’t know what else could. Get vaccinated, if you could. And help end this pandemic once and for all. ✌️

    1. @TRUTH YELLER OK, I haven’t fact checked that statistic but I can believe you that 0.02% is a bad flu season death rate. What is your point? That is why I would recommend people get their flu shot every year. I have been in an emergency department with my son having influenza and the hospital being full, waiting 24 hours for a room. Not fun at all. Seems with covid there are more hospitalizations and longer hospitalizations. More use of ventilators and ECMO machines and hospital rooms taking longer to be available. So that is a crisis to our healthcare system. Anyone who gets in a car accident and needs emergency care can be in greater threat if there is no room at several area hospitals. That typically doesn’t seem to happen with flu. Maybe after a few years covid will settle down and not be causing all this hospital crisis but right now it is. And covid is giving people long-term issues more than the flu is. So what is exactly your point? People need to wake up to death rates and therefore…. not take precautions? not worry so much? not get vaccinated? get vaccinated and stop worrying? What exactly is your point in saying people need to wake up to low percentages?

      0.02% of people dying is a lot of people. I have that so many are dying of covid and die of influenza in a bad year. I love that we have vaccines available to help with these situations. I hate that our healthcare workers are getting burned out when we have a vaccine that could prevent our hospital crisis. I hate that many hospitals are not available to all who need them right now. I hate that so many people are dying in countries that don’t have vaccine access. I am awake to all these realities. I am not sure why you are trying to minimize these realities by showing people a small percentage number, as if 0.02% outweighs the tragedy of millions dead, people suffering long-haul covid, hospitals full, beyond capacity, healthcare workers burnt out, and the unnecessariness of it all since we have a vaccine, etcetera.


    3. @TRUTH YELLER Did an anti vaxxer who is making millions off their youtube channel or their book tell you that? Big $$$$ making scheme for anti vaxxers. (this can go both ways, you see)

      Of course more words doesn’t equate to being correct. I would not expect anyone to believe me, or a long-winded anti vaxxer youtuber for that matter, based on the word count of our writing.

    1. Don’t listen to misinformation. Make your own choice with your doctor, who knows your health history. Take care and be safe.


    1. @Sue Lyons Good. Nurses who do not understand science and who selfishly scorn the common good are not needed.

    2. @TRUTH YELLER • Repeating the same lie over and over won’t make it true. Nazi Joseph Goebbels was wrong.

  1. I already ready for a booster shot.
    “.dying ain’t much of a living son”, ..
    Clint Eastwood movie ..

    1. Clint is a conservative😁. Thank the lord. That’s From Outlaw Josie whales I believe. Good for you. Doesn’t mean we all should have to get it. I got my first vaccine shot. Since then they have been lying and flip-flopping so much I don’t trust one thing they say. Now they say you can still get the virus, you can still spread the virus, you still have to wear a mask, and we’re probably going to lock back down. So basically the vaccine is worthless? Keep it then

    2. @Fletcher Reed They aren’t flip flopping, they’re reporting information as it becomes available. Too bad you don’t recognize the difference.

  2. I live with Adrenal Insufficiency and my doctor told me yesterday that I would need to get the booster when available. I will gladly get the booster.

    1. @Kat loves dogs because the “experts” change their minds ( have vested interest too) and he is wondering if the strokes, clots, heart attacks, bells palsy, death etc. is worth it. Particularly if you look in the VAERS system, it i’s funny to me too, that people put their health in a frauds hands. 😂

  3. Some say they won’t get the vaccine because they don’t believe in science. I wonder if they realized that science brought them the most Internet, social media, and air conditioning

    1. I won’t get the vaccine because I DO believe in science. The science that has A) shown for many years that natural immunities are substantially more effective than vaccination and B) that is still applicable to COVID (And it’s variants)

      You may want to look into Marek’s disease and the results of vaccinating that population, as currently this virus is following the same trend.

      There’s a lot of science – but instead people like yourself prefer to follow doctrine.

      “Trust us – these shots are for your benefit” Josef Mengele (he was a scientist too!)

  4. The people saying “it’s experimental” now will shift to “it was rubber-stamped for political reasons” after any vaccine gets full authorization. So it won’t help the misinformation problem.

    1. @Debbie Matteo also, you go to a hospital because it is already really bad. That’s why your chances are already lower.

    2. @Debbie Matteo how dare you disrespect hospital workers like this. You’re a huge part of the reason we’re back to this surge.

  5. Good news, I am 81 years old and I would be interested in getting the booster , I have had both shots of phisher thank you all for your update

    1. The best course of action is to ignore everything Anthony Fauci has said. His application of masking, social distancing is selective and arbitrary. Going to church….no….

      Obama inviting the unvaccinated and unmasked to his 60th birthday party….not a peep from Anthony Fauci.

      Sturgis Bike Rally….no no says Anthony Fauci

      BLM riots and violent protests….not a word from Anthony Fauci.

      The masks do not provide any protection from the virus. It has a better chance of stopping a bullet than covid. It also causes health problems for those who choose to wear it.

    2. Nice to know that you’re supporting the guy who literally killed Millions along with the NIH for gain a function research at the Wuhan lab in China that created covid-19

    3. @Zen Rhino pathetic misinformation. Your xenophobia is hanging out. Do you want to know who REALLY killed millions? Check the H1N1 ‘ Spanish Flu’ which CLEARLY and factually started in KANSAS.

  6. I listen to alot of old radio shows that were broadcast during world ear two. Americans bought war bonds collected scrap metal planted victory gardens rationed food gas and all sorts of essentials to win the war. We won by sacrificing and working together. It was a shining example of unity and working together to win the war! Americans need to quit whining and fighting each other. Working together is the only way we can overcome the mess we’re in!

    1. We need to act like Covid is the Nazi Regime & it’s going to take the cooperation of the WORLD to fight it. It’s World War 3…or World War flu?

    2. @Lisa Ortiz Is the sky falling too there chicken little?

      The only Nazi’s are the ones that are asking for papers to be enforced, and mass innoculation of the population

      “Trust us, these shots are for your benefit” – Josef Mengele

    3. Yes, and go back to a society where is YOUR choice. Particularly since nobody is picking up your bills but YOU!

  7. if we could just find a way to keep old curly head Rand Paul out of everyone’s business the world would be a better place to live in that’s all folks

  8. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic illness which causes immune dysfunction and I wanna know if I need a booster or not. Time to talk to my doctor. If I have to get it I am as soon as I can! Stay safe people and bless us all. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Start by shutting down our southern boarder to show us that the government is actually taking this seriously.

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