Daniel Goldman Calls For A Criminal Investigation Into Trump | MSNBC

Former assistant U.S. attorney for SDNY Daniel Goldman says that he believes the January 6 is not enough and calls for the criminal investigation of Trump for real accountability.

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    1. @muhest calling out the hypocrisy of the lefts double standards is not what about ism. Your doing what liberals do when they don’t have a leg to stand on. Cry about what about ism

    2. @Shane Alan
      Still trying to change the subject instead of commenting on THIS video. You’re going on with the Bidens. That is whataboutism and deflection big time.
      And certainly not crying from me. Only stating the sad fact, that righties have to deflect cuz truth is too close to home.
      Now, Shane … instead of dragging the Bidens into this (which is a topic on it’s own and not the subject of this video) … why don’t you actually try and argue on T H I S video. The topic at hand is for a criminal investigation of T R U M P. Not the Bidens.
      Aaaaaand … go!

      If you want to call out liberal hypocricy, make a video about it, and then make commenting on it available, instead of hijacking a comment thread that isn’t about liberal hipocracy.

    1. Trump said that what they ( the rioters ) wanted was the same thing he wanted..seems clear to me what his intent was

    2. Trump has never tried to hide his crimes. He’s so stupid he even released the transcript of the Ukraine call thinking it would exonerate him.

    1. @Herbert Brown No 20years in prison for sedition. Of course we could get creative and charge all those who stormed the Capitol with murder. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, when someone is murdered or dies during the course of a criminal act, everyone involved in that criminal act can be charged in that murder.
      So every single person that breached the barricades at the capitol could be facing a charge of murder. trump being the cult leader could also be charged with murder. Remember, Charlie Manson was charged and convicted of murder even though he wasn’t even there when the crime were committed.

    2. @1oldgoat The only problem with that is the actual murderer. Was a cop and they won’t even give up his name

    3. @Steven F Would be a much higher number if he hadn’t stopped all flights from China. Perhaps you don’t remember Biden chastising for being a racist because of that. And who will be prosecuted for the deaths caused by the illegal aliens now streaming across the border. The government won’t test them but the charities that take some of them do and they’re testing 20% positive. So who goes to jail for that?

  1. Seriously I have heard about so many investigations and nothing ever happens at this point I will believe it when I see him in cuffs period. Seriously never ASSUME ANYTHING

  2. The only reason they followed Trump was to enrich themselves and stay in power. It’s called me, me, me, over democracy.

    1. No one comes forward till they write a book…DOJ needs to start using the books written for evidence..Instead of real people..

  3. Jesus….get this done. The evidence is there. Subpoena the rest of his stooges and let’s do this.

    1. Right? Its not like we have plenty of audio recordings in the public domain of Trump pressuring representatives to throw out election results or him telling representatives to “find” over 11000 votes.

    2. @Paul Young No doubt…they might be dotting their i’s and crossing the t’s too make sure they really nail him. At least I hope that is why it seems the wheels of JUSTICE are turning so slowly. Stay safe. Their everywhere!🤣👍

  4. Republicans have forever beaten the drum that government isn’t the answer, then set out to prove it by being as useless as humanly possible.

    The GOP playbook, since Reagan:
    1. Run up the debt with tax cuts.
    2. Blame socialism for the debt.
    3. Wait for a Democratic President.
    4. Block their attempts to fix it.
    5. Call them failures.
    6. Use it to win next election.
    7. Repeat.

    1. Ever notice how the right only worry about the debt is when a Democrat is in office.
      Under trump the debt grew by the third-highest rate in this countries’ history. I’m talking pre-covid. But we heard not a peep from all those fiscal conservatives

    2. The 3 biggest Recessions/Depressions in the last 100 years (1929, 2008, 2020) were all under Republican presidents (Hoover, W. Bush, trump)

  5. I bet he lays in bed at night just laughing himself to sleep thinking about all the crimes he’s gotten away with

  6. When will the crime of “TREASON” be what has taken place. Stand our ground and give those who died for our freedom the freedom in their souls that they died not in vain.

    1. @Elena Latici since Trump brought back firing squads, electric chairs, and gas chambers. Plus before he left office and I guess killing all of the American’s because of him lying so much about the virus, that wasn’t enough people dying so he ordered more inmates executed than all of prisons have in decades. So they have so much evidence against him and the DOJ should arrest him and soon.

    2. @Anna Jorgensen Actually, Trump as Commander in chief of our military’s is the one who is guilty of treason- the rest are insurrectionist!

  7. The entire world watched Trump incite the insurrection and coup attempt(s). This is still a slow rolling coup.


    1. Exactly…Obama should be handcuffed and dragged infront of a Federal Judge to answer for his crimes…😁

  9. The DOJ should’ve ALREADY been investigating trump! And more to the point, he should’ve ALREADY been arrested with the evidence they’ve seen WITH their own eyes.

    1. That’s correct. Trump should have been charged and in prison. The major question is, why Trump isn’t in prison?? Well, we all know that politics plays a major role in this.

    1. Right!? 45 telegraphed EVERYTHING! He is not very subtle or clever. I knew this was going to go down the moment he was elected. Look at his past.

    1. It should be pass the investigation stage…..So tired of Investigation, to Investigate the Investigators….I am beginning to think the word INVESTIGATE MEANS DO NOTHING….There is three Investigations in three different States now…Now the Senate that voted twice to DO NOTHING WANTS ANOTHER INVESTIGATION…..A WASTE OF USA DOLLARS…ALL YOU HEAR IS I CAN’T, MAKE PUBLIC A CONVERSATION WITH A PRESIDENT…….JUST STOP THE LIES…NO ONE PLANS ON DOING ANYTHING WITH DUMP…RIH/DJT

  10. This should have already been going. I mean, it seems like every day it’s something new coming out. I mean, God, enough is enough.

  11. Liz Cheney: If you don’t stop him now …”you will face another January 6 every 4 years.” Yes, Liz!
    He and co-conspirators need to be stopped now!

    1. Oh my god we have to be stopped! Such chaos…such violence! How will you ever be safe!?! 🙄

  12. “The evidence of intent is staring all of us in the face.”
    “Well….that’s how it USUALLY works”
    Exactly. Usually THIS much evidence would convict any normal person. But this a rich white guy, so completely not justice as usual

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