Dark Money, Gerrymandering, Ballot Access: Democrats Streamline Voting Rights Bill

Senator Jeff Merkley explains the core elements of a new, narrower voting rights bill that aims to have the full support, at least, of Senate Democrats.
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  1. Why? Each person has the right to vote. Only in third world countries or totalitarian countries people does not vote or their vote is controlled. Cannot happen in the greatest democracy in the world.

    1. When are you going to understand your not the greatest democracy in the world. Other democracies don’t have half the problems America has. Cant say the United States because it’s not united. Good luck tho.

  2. If Republicans were Patriotic they would want every eligible American citizen to be able to easily cast their vote for whoever they choose.
    But Republicans have given up on Patriotism. Being in the minority has changed everything for the Republican Party.

    1. I am a citizen, but probably not for long you see my wife moved here not for money or riches or free gov programs, she came here legal to escape murder, but because our border is wide open now we must move to a safer country that actually protects its people so the very people she was fleeing cant follow her. And as far as voting you goes obv they won’t just vote, there waiting for Amnesty then they will vote. In the meantime though they are welcome to utilise our systems and run up the tax bills at the hospital. I’m not as anti immigration as you think, I’m anti immigration as long as we are a welfare state. For example if you live anywhere around the world and need medical care, if that medical care exceeds the price of a Plane ticket and a border hop then why wouldn’t everyone just illegal cross to get free healthcare rather then pay in there home country, Its not a conspiracy theory like russian collusion was, its logic. If its cheaper to go to America illegally and get free HealthCare then why would anyone in the world not do it. So we became the world’s E.R., Besides all that the main purpose of our gov is to protect from threats foreign and domestic, If you leave your doors unlocked at night are you protecting the children who sleep inside or are you exposing them to potential danger? Top all that off and you would know that legal immigrant quotas and the numbers accepted are based off of several things like our national unemployment rate, the more illegals here working driving down unemployment rates effects that quota, so in essence every illegal is taking the spot of a legal immigrant. My wife had to wait her turn, and she did, and now she fled those trying to harm her we have to move cause we heard word that the group she fled is now here illegally in the states with a vendetta so thanks bud your so caring of others.

    2. @D J Are you saying Minorities are incapable of what whites can do, i mean that’s the only way you can come to a conclusion that voter id is targeting minorities.

    3. @bearlytraincot Oh child, you’re trolling is getting very, very old very, very quickly. Yada Yada yada…. Biden is great!!!!! Yawn…..

  3. “Former Guy” would famously boast that if he was elected, he’d “surround himself only with the best and most serious people” — adding: “We want top-of-the-line professionals.” All are turning out to be the utmost “CORRUPTED” in 🇺🇸 American history.

    1. The ones who weren’t corrupt resigned or were fired. Or stayed to serve as “guard rails” against some of Trump’s worst impulses.

  4. Please, stay focused. Trump and his enablers must be investigated by the DOJ. Remember Alexander Vindman said, “one person can make a difference.” That’s you! Blessings 🕊️

    1. i think we need to investigate adam schiff at this point
      im starting to wonder if hes causing a lot of these problems in the govt
      from the pentagon ignoring the orders of a standing president and lying to him and the entire country about troops in afganistan
      to the two sham impeachments based on anecdotal evidence that would be illegal in a real court

    2. @Dawn Oceanside I think a lot more of them got off their backsides and voted. Your lot must have been plotting treason instead of voting

    3. @Chloe Key
      Are you talking about the same Colonel Vindman that ridiculed America and Americans in front of Russian military officers while stationed in Grafenwoher Germany per U.S. Lt. Colonel Jim Hickman after overhearing Vindmans derisive remarks? That Vindman Chloe? Stupidity is not a crime, so you’re also free to go.

  5. No dark money? That’s gonna be a hard “NO”, from senators Manchin & Sinema. They know where their bread is buttered.

    1. @Will Leonard so Trump made $1.6 Billion while in office, so your “point” about politicians becoming rich is pointless… and YouTube keeps scrubbing the links I attach -Google is easy, you should try it.

    2. @Baby Bijou
      I’m not a racist and I don’t think all black people look the same because I’m not a Democrat!!

      It tickles me when a Democrat calls a republican a racist or a white supremacist when the KKK was literally created by the Democrat party!!

      I did incorrectly post the wrong name of the senator in question and I’ll own that mistake because as I was multitasking I was commenting that Rafeal Warnock is one of the biggest supporters of defunding the police while spending $350,000 of taxpayer money on personal and private security!!

      I was completely mixed up in another conversation commenting on just how full of crap the entire left leaning ideological supporters in American politics are!!

    3. @Baby Bijou
      Donald Trump is a businessman with multiple businesses in real estate and private equity!!

      The profit you speak of was from his legitimately owned private business not fundraising or political donations like everyone in the entire democratic political role and Republicans too!!

    4. @Will Leonard what about the $102 million Trump raised AFTER leaving office from grifting off the Big Lie?

    5. @Will Leonard and you think he’s the only politician that has other businesses while in office? As I said before, your points are pointless

  6. I will be shocked if any Republican senator joins the Democrats in passing the voting rights bill. You’d think that for a political party who believes there is fraud all over this country that they’d be on board.

    1. @Veronique yes, the Republican party would be very happy if they can trick you into not voting. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Plan your vote, and execute your plan.

    2. @Nancy Ross “They will not allow water to be given to people who should never have to stand in long lines to vote. It defeats the Constitutional provision of one person, one vote.”
      They will not allow water to be given to people BY POLL WORKERS…
      and that does absolutely nothing against “Constitutional provision of one person, one vote”

    3. @Nancy Ross “Republicans cannot win unless they cheat.”
      democrats supporters lie like children

  7. Was he is not saying is that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will not participate in legislating to protect democracy

  8. In France, voting takes me on average only 15 minutes between the time I park my vehicle and the time I drop off my ballot. the result of the election is given on election night and the ballots are counted by hand. Everything is transparent and the counting is done in public. everyone can see the democratic process unfolding before their eyes.

    1. In Ireland too, it is simple and quick. The only queqes we have in Ireland is outside the pubs after Christmas🇮🇪😂 on a more serious note, the system in the US is just so antiquated and slow. The Republicans are now actively planning to gerrymander all district so that they never lose. This could only happen in tin pot dictatorships.

    2. Same in Australia, New Zealand and most Democratic countries on the Planet. You’re not even in the race. Lift your game America. 🦾

    3. Same in the UK, voting from 7am to 10pm and lots of voting locations. Or you can vote by post, so civilised

    4. In my State and several others, we can register online and vote by mail. Or vote in person or drop off your ballot, within 1 mile. The problem is, that the United States, are not United. It has gotten worse. I fear we are headed towards a Right Wing Authoritarian Government, or maybe another civil war.

    5. Same here in Germany! Voting is very easy and quick to do as it should be in a real democracy. Kind regards to our poor friends in the United States who have to fight for their democracy. Don’t give up! Please learn from the mistakes that our ancestors made, because, trust me, you don’t want an authoritarian regime …

  9. For decades presidential elections have been decided by electoral college votes. Not a single Republican president has won the popular vote. Now Republicans don’t even trust the electors to decide the election in their favor, so the only way out is either making voting harder, or a coup.

    1. @Brother Mine as bad as bush was gore would have been worse
      just imagine the terrible economic polices of obama way earlier

    2. The late former President Georg H.W. Bush was the last Republican presenting candidate to win the popular election.

    3. @Wynell D Jenkins : No, G H W Bush won the popular vote in 1988, but he was NOT the last… his son G W Bush won the popular vote in 2004.

    4. @Freedom Then the USA would finally become a real democracy and that would be wonderful! Kind regards from Germany

    1. @Qcumber Bond you lost and you lied purposely hiding the truth from the American people. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO JEALOUS OF TRUMP ITS HILARIOUS. YOU HAVE TO CHEAT WITH EVERYTHING..WOW THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE FOR YOU PEOPLE.. ENJOY THE HEAT.

    2. Nice lie. Meanwhile >>>
      A deceptive woman by the name of Debby Burnett is desperately trying to unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) from her position in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district by pretending to work in a “COVID unit” that she falsely claimed was “full” of anti-vaxxers.

    3. @Donald Ducko – and you counter with another lie. Call a hospital, ask them yourself. Get facts

    4. Understanding that the greediest of the wealthiest among us — the dark money in politics — are the actual owners of the Republican brand provides an understanding about their objectives : That dark money, that can even be from corporations that are not owned wholly or even partly by American citizens, wants the US to be not just FASCIST but FEUDAL. With their every economic policy aimed at keeping the economic divide in this country ever widening, Republicans stroke ancient hatreds for votes and seeking to impose the teaching of their chose flavors of willful ignorance on generation after generation of children to have them accept information and direction with UNQUESTIONING BLIND FAITH — politically as well as personally — all while manipulating weaknesses in our political system to enable them to “choose” those “leaders”.

  10. I honestly can’t imagine a single valid reason for any Congress Representative and/or Senator (regardless of party affiliation) to discard an issue that obviously attacks the very same Constitution that they all swore an oath to protect when they took office other than that they knowingly and wilfully decide to break that oath.

    1. Joe if you can executive order authorizing the election moratorium to continue without legal authority. He stated in an interview on television that his actions were very likely illegal and violated the Supreme Court mandate. Nevertheless on that day became a dictator, violated the Constitution by writing new law without Congress. There are already steps on your way to present articles of impeachment against President Biden for his admittedly illegal acts.

    2. Yes Owen Rona, I agree with your reasoning and your conclusion. Many Republicans in Congress knowingly and willfully broke their oath to protect the constitution.

    3. You really need too fact check yourself. the CDC issued the order. I am sure you didn’t mean too leave that small important part out. Facts do matter!

  11. In the world democracy rankings we are rated a flawed democracy, and the 25th most democratic country in the world. It’s a wonder we even rank that high!!!!

    1. If we can rid ourselves of t9his8 disgusting cult, we may b able to bring ourselves back from the ledge upon which we are teetering. The fact that almost the entire Republican party has joined the QANON cult poses a great deal of trouble for the majority of sane, patriotic people on this country. It is time we stand together and destroy the madness of the cult.

  12. So, what provision in this bill would prevent a state legislature from overriding the votes of the voters of that state?

  13. These voting rights also affect Women, young people, and non Black minorities. People open your eyes, because it’s male chauvinist White Men who believe they are the only ones that are allowed to rule and live however they want, while stepping and infringing on the rest of us right.

  14. Filibuster has to go. If it does not, then we’re handing our government over to the lunatic hordes.

    1. Partisan gerrymandering must be blocked — it prohibits equal rights by prohibiting votes from having equal impact on choices of leadership.

  15. My State would be blue if they ended gerrymandering, and that’s exactly why Republicans won’t stop doing it.

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