Los Angeles Considers Vaccine Mandate As Covid Surge Threatens Disruptions 1

Los Angeles Considers Vaccine Mandate As Covid Surge Threatens Disruptions


Nury Martinez, president of the Los Angeles City Council, talks about concerns that the Covid surge led by vaccine hold-outs will force another round of shutdowns and how vaccination requirements for certain activities could help keep everyone safe without hurting businesses and schools. 
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  1. Economic philosophy doesn’t work when your employees and customers are too sick to participate in your ideology.

    1. @Tv Time Agreed … except it’s always been a criminal operation, and never had any credibility. The Rockefellers founded it. And they didn’t become the richest people in American history by playing fair.

    2. @Jennifer Nordlund You don’t have the right to remain unvaccinated, Jacobson v Massachusetts, 1905.

    3. @Deborah Freedman I’m not familiar with that I will have to look it up. However it obviously does not apply across the board since people are able to get exemptions for religious and medical reasons.

    4. @Jennifer Nordlund you have a choice nobody is takeing your rights away you people are unbelievable.

  2. We have an enemy. Like so many enemies in our past, this one steals our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and fathers, our children, all who we love. It cares not about our thoughts, our feelings, our successes and failures, our politics, our religions, our nationalities. It cares not about us at all. This is a most insidious enemy, for it causes us to turn against each other. We forget who the actual enemy is as we war against each other. Unlike so many enemies in our past, this enemy is utterly indifferent to us all. It is unthinking, utterly uncaring, even about itself. Yes, we have an enemy of us all. It is Covid 19, and united we can overcome it. Divided, we will lose.

    1. @Jennifer Nordlund I did not describe the enemy as being “evil”. One definition readily available from a Google search on “enemy” gives this: “a thing that harms or weakens something else”. Therefore, Covid 19 can be

    2. @Immersive Music Videos this seems like a very irrational perception that you have. Abd particularly disturbing that you seem to view this “common enemy ” as an excuse for forcing others to do what you want them to do.

    3. @Jennifer Nordlunddude your English proficiency must be at an astounding 1st grade level if you think he literally meant it was an evil entity. It’s personification of the virus.

    4. im a super spreader! I dont wear a face chain Im unvaccinated I will never wear a mask and i never wash my hands i am always breathing on people. I get really close to people constantly i will never let the govment inject me with the newest chemicals! Drop the mic! My code name is secret super spreader triple S for short lol Chinez flu what a joke! lol Im starting an organization you can join its called the Anti vaxer anti discrimination league lol AVADL for shot lol What we do is get money from old rich dudes and go after people who disagree with us lol it works! So join today and bring money lol! I just went to the gas station and used the key pad with my fingers and put my fingers up my nose to pick a booger I think I got the delta variant and the Lima Fox Trot variant at the same time lol!

    1. Ha. Way too late for that. People have been receiving the Mark for decades.
      It’s not something you can visibly see or print on a single politic or group. LOL

  3. I called 311 as I’ve had horrible reactions to vaccines in the past. I asked them if my medical exemption and a negative test and mask would allow me to still have access to go out if I want like bars and restaurants. They basically told me that it was at the business’s discretion. If anyone lives in LA please help me out here because I’m confused. If you suffer from adverse reactions to vaccines in general what steps did you take?

    1. what type of reactions? There are some reactions that indicate a high probability of a severe reaction to covid itself if you get it, some do not. If your reaction type is consistent with that, please don’t think a regular mask is going to keep you safe! Please invest in a proper half face respirator to protect yourself & shield as much as you can & certainly don’t go to locations like bars & restaurants that require you remove your mask to engage in their service! For other locations, if you’re wearing a half face respirator & present in that, with your medical exemption & negative test, I think you’d find the business would likely let you in, since wearing a gas mask makes it pretty obvious that you’re taking covid seriously & have a genuine reason not to be vaccinated.

      Also, the advice from my doctor in relation to reduced side effect risks was to go with J&J, since it’s the second shot that’s likely to cause the problem. J&J’s not being offered in my country now unfortunately 🙁 His secondary advice was to extend the time between shots to reduce side effects. He can’t advise me not to have it despite severe reactions, due to a near guarantee I will die from covid due to my reaction type. Be aware with the above info though, that presumably the J&J is soon going to require a second shot or otherwise not be accepted as fully vaccinated, since single shots are not protecting against delta. 2 different vaccines does reduce the chance of side effects over 2 of the same though, so probably still worth getting J&J if you have no choice but to get one. Personally, for now I’m shielding & waiting out the worst of it & for better medical advances to happen & that will hopefully also reduce the number of boosters I need to get to live. NO WAY I personally would go to a bar or restaurant right now! I don’t even go to supermarkets, or on the rare occasions I need a fast trip in, my respirator doesn’t leave my face until I get home & into the shower for a full disinfection. No shopping enters my home until it’s had a good dose of UV exposure either

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