Daunte Wright's Death Puts Police Use Of Force Back In Focus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Daunte Wright’s Death Puts Police Use Of Force Back In Focus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


There is sadness and disgust in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center after the police shot and killed Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, during a routine traffic stop. We discuss with Jason Johnson, Channa Lloyd, and Jim Cavanaugh. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Daunte Wright's Death Puts Police Use Of Force Back In Focus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. They’re switching out “I feared for my life” with “it was an accident.” It started with Amber Guyger.

    1. @dorito chips how much weed? How do u even know the warrant was for weed or a traffic ticket. The media reports state the warrant was for a minor infraction some stating for a misdemeanor. Where did you get your lies?

    2. @kingintyellowFirst, The police tried to arrest him because he has a warrant. Second, resisting arrest is not ROUTINE ! It’s common sense.

    3. @kingintyellow There is also a chance that Daunte MIGHT gripped a pistol and shot those police officers. You got it? The hypothesis is meaningless.

    4. What veteran officer does not know the difference between their taser and their gun? The gun is on their dominant side, which is what she went for. One is bright yellow and plastic, the other is solid black and heavy metal. From the body cam footage she clearly had the gun out in front of her but did not see it or realize she pulled the wrong thing from her belt… and fired off a shot anyway?? Complete bs, it was not an accident.

    1. @John Pembroke First you post that my numbers are fake LOL, then you say that I made your point better than you did LOL. That’s good that you got the point that you were wrong.

    2. @BlagoP wrong? How so? Oh. I was off by a percentage and a half according to your numbers. Point was,,,,. It’s totally survivable and a vaccine is totally unnecessary. That’s how you proved my point pea brain.

    3. @John Pembroke lets do it tonight because there’s nothing good on tv news would be good to watch the riots and what is the popular drink to steal at the liquor store lol

    4. Right?? What veteran officer does not know the difference between their taser and their gun? The gun is on their dominant side, which is what she went for. One is bright yellow and plastic, the other is solid black and heavy metal. From the body cam footage she clearly had the gun out in front of her but did not see it or realize she pulled the wrong thing from her belt… and fired off a shot anyway?? Complete bs, it was not an accident.

  2. Change the procedures all you want, it will make no difference until you remove the rotten cops from the system and ensure they never work in policing again.

    1. It’s not just the rotten cops, it’s the so-called “good cops” who cover for them. They’re just as rotten.

    2. Nothing will change until the consequences for killing and poor policing are civil and criminal convictions directly to the “bad apples”.

    3. The few bad apples defense is idiotic because the Blue Wall of silence kept those bad apples among the bunch. As the saying goes: A few bad apples will spoil the bunch!

  3. How does a veteran of the police force not know the difference between a taser and a gun. Now they’ll just say it was an accident. Why are they so quick to resort to violence.

    1. The more I see it my take has changed. With 26 years service riding as a third officer or was she a trainer? Looking at the way the first officer was struggling to get the cuffs on why did she pull Daunte’s arm as shown on the body cam. She also approached them with weapon drawn, cocked and with safety off. There has to be an independent inquiry into this.

    2. Too many cops can’t even read house numbers or street names!!!! KkkopSs are killers! How many well check requests turn into murder?

  4. If police keep ‘accidentally’ mixing up their tasers and their guns maybe, just maybe, police shouldn’t have guns.

    1. @A. Munoz I do have some thoughts. I’m not from Norway, but would love for my country Denmark to learn from Norway wrt police having guns.

      In Denmark we have the opposite system of the US in many ways, and I think the same goes for Norway. We have a system that the US could also have if you interpreted your constitution a bit different. The 5’th amendment ensures you that you are innocent until proven guilty.

      In my country “innocent until proven guilty” is taken very seriously. That means that you at any point can establish reasonable doubt also by not being truthful. This makes our system opposite since we can lie to the police about almost anything (we can’t give false name, but that’s pretty much it) and even more importantly the police can not lie to us.

      I think the supreme court got it wrong when they decided the police can lie and deceive people and I think that is toxic to the relationship. If they had stressed “innocent until proven guilty” rather than “dishonest policing is ok” I think the US would have been a different place than they are today.

      Even a criminal respect an officer who prove them guilty with honest police work. Sure a criminal might have a few more lucky breaks, but we live with that. There is no doubt crime does not pay. If you head down that road you get caught sooner or latter. Over all I think our system foster less crime and I think the foundation in honest police work is part of the explanation.

      I could go on with equality in the eyes of the law (bond?!? and lawyer expenses) but I will stop here.

    2. @A. Munoz Also if you chose to testify in your own case you are not sworn in since you are allowed to lie. This is not recommended though since lawyers are beasts at picking lies apart and you will probably be better served by not testifying.

    3. @Peter Max Friis Jensen Sorry I got it wrong; you mentioned Norway in your answer. Thank you so much for your feedback. We are trying to find suggestions over here to recommend to our representatives on these issues. If you have the energy, please DO continue your answer. Also, same question about reconciling a hunting tradition without an out of control gun culture. How did Denmark do it? Again, thanks so much!

    4. @A. Munoz I think the hole bond idea is simply wrong. If a judge finds that you are dangerous, a flight risk, will impact an investigation or tamper with evidence, then you belong in jail until your case can be heard. That should not have anything to do with the size of your bank account.

      Likewise – the court should guarantee that the lawyers get payed. If you win your case you should never have to pay anything. In the US you pay your own lawyer even if you win. That makes justice unequal and therefore not fair.

      Of cause this means lawyers salary is a bit regulated, but they are not suffering. Besides there education is free, so they don’t have a big debt to pay from law school since university is free.

      If you lose you might go in debt (to the court – not to your lawyer) but not unreasonable debt. Some of the expenses of the court is covered by the state and some reasonable payment plan is made. This is very important if you want poor people to become lawful citizens after doing time especially because time will increase debt. It’s the price the state pays for having a fair justice system. The important thing is that justice should be blind – also to the size of your bank account.

    5. @Peter Max Friis Jensen Thank you so much for taking the time to answer again. Once again, very informative. It always helps to hear the feedback from international observers. One of the takeways I keep having, particularly from Scandinavia is that our choice to put greed over investment in society as a whole enacts a terrible price here – an absence of the solidarity principle. Again, many thanks and wishing you and yours well!

  5. BACK in focus? I’m still not done focusing on the last one – jeez. This happens constantly.

  6. I’m in pain as I write this. When will it stop. This was no accident. This keeps happening over and over again. Our lives matter….please stop.

    1. Stop resisting then.
      That’s like putting your hand on a power cable and then blame the power company for giving you a electric shock.

    2. @Hardo Wider no. It’s like sometimes even when you do the right thing you still end up shot. Hopefully you will never be in a situation similar to this that goes wrong for no reason.

    3. @Now Now Once again, trying to normalize crime.
      Why is it so hard for you people to denounce criminal behavior and resisting?
      Stop defending pedophiles.

    4. @Hardo Wider What an absurd analogy, it’s almost as if you have no idea what the police are for (in other countries at least)

  7. This happen in Oakland as well. Officer said, he thought he reached for his tazer. The police officer shot Oscar in the back with his gun on a BART platform. Oscar Grant is no longer with us, he was 22 years old.

    1. @NiNi J you’re not the brightest bulb on the electric menorah. Look it up, you moron. Armor plated mine resistant 19 ton TANKS, that have mounted machine guns instead of cannons. You utter basic ratchet.

    2. @NiNi J I still haven’t gotten a notification for your reply/bs. That’s weird. Here, read this for us;
      “The Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency is charged with off-loading 13,000 MRAPs to 780 domestic law enforcement agencies on waiting lists for vehicles. The DLA does not transfer property to the agencies, so the vehicles are allocated to the agencies with costs picked up by them or the state, while the vehicles remain the property of the Defense Department… …Police departments and other agencies in the U.S. can acquire MRAP vehicles through the DLA’s 1033 program, which redistributes no longer needed military equipment to state and municipal agencies.”

    3. @NiNi J do you know what you call a tank that is here in the US, has machine guns instead of a big gun, is designed to go into neighborhoods, is owned by the DOD and can go 65 mph? You call it a FEMA tank.

    4. @Guy North he was unarmed and walking away from her. She the head of their police union with 21 years experience confused a taser with her service weapon. Just like the police officer that was confused in Dallas that did not recognize her own apartment and went in a black man’s apartment and shot him as he was eating ice cream. Just like when the police held down Oscar Grant in Oakland. The police officer confused his weapon for his taser fatally killing him. Mass shooters can walk into churches, schools, movie theaters, and grocery stores and be arrested. A black man, woman, or child can be killed by a police officer in their home, neighborhood, park, store, and their is little to no accountability. Black people can’t take selfies with police officers while breaking into the Capitol building. Black people would not be allowed to leave, they would have been dead on the steps. At this point people are getting fed up. You are taking away black people’s voting rights, killing them in the street, while still creating the largest wealth gap in American history. I no longer care about what the police will say since they investigate themselves and nothing changes.

  8. Tazers were made specifically to feel completely different in every way as to a gun so this would not ever happen.
    How can a person with so many years behind them not differentiate a tazer to a GD gun

    1. No, Tazers are not designed to feel different than a gun. Tazers are specifically designed to have the same controls and functions as an officers side arm. Hold one in each hand and except for a slight difference in weight, they feel almost identical.

    2. @Joshua Sweetvale Yes I agree, Inent matters. I do not believe the officer intended to shoot the kid with her gun as shown in the video, most here are ignoring that fact. Mistakes do happen and the bottom line is that if the kid didn’t flee he would be alive right now (no I am not saying fleeing is an excuse to be killed, only that it escalates the situation needlessly).

  9. “With great power comes great responsibility” from Spiderman, Police officers have power to protect the lives of people should have the responsibility for their actions.

    1. and normal citizens should know that if they have 3 armed cops surrounding them and have an outstanding warrant…. don’t resist and run like this kat.

    2. If people want to die, just surrender and if anything happens to people that surrendered the officers have responsibility to keep them safe.

  10. All that training and have to pass a course…you got to pass in field
    The weight is NOT the same so save that lies

    1. No actually the difference is very slight. Particularly if the model is the type that mounts a secondary cartridge.

    2. They’re not even in the same place on the Belt. There is no way a person can confuse which gun they’re reaching for.

    3. @NiNi J When you you’ve been in that situation, come talk to me. Until then, you have no idea what’s it’s like. It is possible and there must be consequences for that mistake, but to say it’s impossible is wrong.

    4. Thank You, how can a DUMMY train someone when she pretended not to know that her TASER was YELLOW and of a lighter weight! SMH

  11. I’m sick of seeing police lie in confrontation with citizens just to make up excuses to execute them or criminalize them.

    She was trying to claim he had a weapon.

    1. @Troll Account The one was for failure to appear for a previous ticket that involves an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. I think you are promoting propaganda.

    2. @Gladius Shepard well before you go any further, I am a black woman so it affects me. You know what else affects me? Idiots that won’t be still when the police tell them to, won’t stop, won’t put down the weapon, won’t quit fighting, just keep going like these disproportionate killings don’t happen. Now I ask you, how big a fool do you have to be to keep doing it? Huh? Almost every, single, time, the person had a chance to just stop and wouldn’t, just put the weapon down and wouldn’t, just stop fighting and wouldn’t.
      You know what I have drilled into my family from day one? I don’t care how right you think you are, how mad you are, how stupid you think they are, you follow directions and live to tell about it!!!! Period! Do NOT act like a fool and die!! I don’t care if you never get justice but you are alive!! I don’t care if you are unjustly charged but you are alive. Key word is ALIVE! Every story I sit them down and say “see, you STAY ALIVE!” This is how you get dead. They leave my house I say what you going to do if cops stop you? They better know these steps you say “yes sir, you ask for permission to reach for your license, after you tell them where it is. You ask for permission to reach for registration after you tell them where it is. They tell you to get out of the car, you ask for permission to reach for the handle. Then you keep your hands visible!
      And get this, you so much as get a ticket and I will get that cops badge number and call them to ask if you followed my rules. If you didn’t, a racist cop is the LEAST of your problems! How many more young black men do you think would still be alive if this was standard procedure?

    3. @T. R. Campbell It’s public court record, dope. He was supposed to appear in court for possession of an unlicensed firearm.

      He also had a previous charge of aggravated robbery.

      The air freshener was a BS story he told his mom when he got pulled over. He didn’t deserve to die, but he wasn’t a good kid either.

    4. @Troll Account OK perhaps so. You should not resort to name calling however. When you name Cole you act like a third grader on a school playground. Just present your statement in a scholarly and rational manner. You’ll get along OK if you do that.

    5. @grin chi Nothing the kid did warranted a death sentence. What veteran officer does not the know difference between their gun (on their dominant side) and their plastic bright yellow taser??

  12. The chief said it was a simple act of a “negligent discharge”. It wasnt! It was Negligent homicide, if not outright murder

    1. @Troll Account I don’t even have Twitter lmao. You show me the public record supporting your lie. Because you can just watch the police chief’s interview and he literally says what to stop was for and what the warrant was for. And the cop even acknowledged her mistake. But still I guess you know better than she does.

    2. @Gladius Shepard you can’t post links to outside sites without having you comment deleted. Google search this exact quote and it will take you right to the NYTimes article.

      “The chief did not say what the warrant had been for, but court records indicate that a judge issued it earlier this month when Mr. Wright missed a court appearance. He was facing two misdemeanor charges after Minneapolis police said he had carried a pistol without a permit and had run away from officers last June.”

    3. Agreed. What veteran officer does not know the difference between their taser and their gun? The gun is on their dominant side, which is what she went for. One is bright yellow and plastic, the other is solid black and heavy metal. From the body cam footage she clearly had the gun out in front of her but did not see it or realize she pulled the wrong thing from her belt… and fired off a shot anyway?? Complete bs, it was not an accident.

  13. When ‘the rest of the world’ watches the way that American Police treat their population in the course of their work, we are all shocked and horrified. How can you just accept this behaviour? Over here in the UK, we have only a very few, specially trained, armed response teams. The vast majority of our Police have nothing better than Mace spray and a tazer. Even then, they are subject to interrogation if they resort to their use… and they wear body-cams too. We have our own share of lunatic fringe Police too, but their behaviour is tempered by their colleagues and few slip through the net these days. Even in Russia… RUSSIA, their regular Police use restraint and respect for their fellow citizens! America could sack most of its Officers and actually be better off than they are with the bunch of rabid sociopaths they employ today. Self evidently this ‘vast majority’ of ‘good’ Cops is NOT the vast majority, but a MINORITY!

    1. @Harold Moore of course i am. anyone that disagrees with you must be a nazi white supremacist nazi…..boring

    2. @NiNi J thanks for proving my point. calling someone a racist without cause is the laziest argument on earth.

      how is racism out of hand here? is america more racist now that what it was 60+ years ago? if so, how?

      if most white people agree that racism is out of hand, then one could only infer that most white people are not racist. perhaps you are trying to tell me that racism is out of hand because the majority of black people are racist. yep, that must be it and any denial of this fact is further evidence of your racism.

    3. @NiNi J the good old ‘if you do not admit you are a racist, then you are a racist’ argument’….gotta love it….lol

    4. @blake jones lol no not EVERYONE is a racist, but racism is latent in white society and psych, it has literally been a part of white American culture SINCE THE BEGINNING, but that doesn’t mean that every white person is racist, it is simply a fact that as a whole white American culture has been that of genocide and oppression, from the native Americans to the African Americans, and I am sorry if that upsets you but it something we all as white Americans need to recognize and educate ourselves about. Like for instance look into the real history of your state, I live in Oregon and for nearly the first 80 years of my state they had what was called the “black exclusion laws” which basically said if you are black dont get caught in Oregon or else you are going to a chain gang to do all the work we would have had you doing if you were still our slaves…. but that doesn’t mean everyone living in Oregon was racist, but all that still went on, and that is just one example, do some research, American society as a whole is founded on racism, all the up to a month ago with Georgia’s new voter suppression laws….

    5. @Nikita Cheney champ – you can wallow in self guilt about things your ancestors did 150 years ago, but i am going to sit that game out. sorry, not sorry.

      does the US have a flawed history? sure -EVERY nation does. it does not however mean that racism has magically become americas defining characteristic. i’m not buying it champ.

      perhaps you can talk about how racist i am in your next 1619 discussion group

  14. How many Tucker Carson we have as police officers? We need a psychological test in every police station. Kick out those ones with no empathy or respect for others.

    1. psychological tests can be beaten. Also, many officers don’t go into the force bad, but once they are on the job for a while they become corrupted by bad officers that have already been there for a number of years.

    2. Yes.Repeat them periodically for many reasons, including officer welfare; many commit suicide before they get help. Many become increasingly unstable for a variety of reasons.Also periodic review of finances and lie detector tests. The CIA and FBI learned the hard way to do both these things after spies were caught selling the lives of contacts for money. Both times they had zero remorse.This might have stopped Raul Perez and his buddies at Rampart Division in LA.
      A police officer in louisiana flunked the psych exam but was allowed to be a cop after she hired someone outside the department to give her a better result. She became a serial killer while on duty.

  15. Thank you yes I agree we have bigger problems with police officers they think because they have a badge they think they can do whatever they want in reality that’s not the case. Following the Law should be from both side not just one sided the people are getting tired of being targeted because of their Race and history continues to repeat itself…

  16. ok lets test out the accident theory
    1. Gun weighs 2 1/2 pounds —- Taser weighs 8 ounces
    2. Gun is black in colour———— Taser is yellow
    3. Gun on the dominant side ——Taser is on weaker side
    4. Police officer with 26 years experience

    Sorry I just don’t see this being an accidental shooting imho.

    1. I feel bad for all involved. The officer involved should face consequences but the video does seem to indicate she made a mistake and was immediately horrified by it. This on the surface does not look like a bad cop but a tragic mistake as she failed proper procedure on where the weapons to be placed.

    2. Maybe she was high on cocaine. How come no one ever asks to drug test the cops when these kinds of things happen?

    3. @FalconX88 it is a split decision for cops in a very stressful situation. Mistakes can and have been made. Do you really believe this female cop wanted to shoot him with her gun? If so why was she screaming tazer 3x as she was trained to do when deploying a tazer. Look it was either she is a cold blooded killer or she made a bad mistake. I do not believe from what I saw on video she means to shoot the kid with her gun. That does not mean I think she should not be held responsible, court is that venue but I just feel this is a different case from others. The floyd case was completely different, that cop was a killer and without a doubt used unnecessary force and he should go to prison. Not all these cases are the same tho and if you outright believe all cops are racist and bad u are no better than the bad cop who generalized about minorities imo. Just my opinion.

  17. Thanks Brian and to all those calling them out in the media. Traffic stops are too aggressive and alarming.

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