John Boehner: Trump Abused The Loyalty, Trust Of The People | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

John Boehner: Trump Abused The Loyalty, Trust Of The People | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former House Speaker John Boehner joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'On the House,' what he thinks about the January 6 Capitol riot and the 2020 election. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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John Boehner: Trump Abused The Loyalty, Trust Of The People | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Boehner is effectively the father of the Tea Party. He is and always has been a wretched little creep.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera
      He is not the father, neither lterally nor effectively; and I am pretty sure that you will be surprised to learn who the literal father and the effective father were.
      The Tea Party Movement was created from the failed Ron Paul campaign. He is the literal father. But then his disgusting son Rand Paul turned the TPM into the anti-black-president movement. Rand Paul is the effective father. And Boehner? He was the father of the GOP who allowed his kid to go out with the monster that Rand Paul had created.

    2. @Anonymous City Notice how you people have lost EVERYTHING..? And we’re going to make sure you keep losing. That’s a promise, little Nazi boy.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera you and what army? the confused mental patients who dont know if they are a boy or a girl or the meth heads pf antifa or maybe the poor ol blacks of blm? You are a joke and everything you stand for is a joke.

  2. Boehner has forgotten that Frankenstein was not the monster. His whole speel is utterly pathetic. He supplied the arsonist with the matches, now he’s aghast that the house is indeed, on fire. Yeah, okay

    1. Great analogy and perfect to the situation. Btw, where was he during impeach 2? I think he was being entertained from afar.

    2. The final analysis of must be that he made a massive error of judgement. Any political creed that thought people like Sarah Palin were perfectly suitable people to be in government will always end up in a very bad place.
      Everyone that looked at Palin in disgust and incredulity was accused of being an extremist, and unpatriotic. Boehner was a part of that.

  3. He started with the Tea Party and was happy to do so. It’s hypocritical for him to now say they are all crazy.
    He didn’t stop the BS then and now wants to sell his book

    Don’t interview him

    1. Why isn’t MSNBC reporting on the border crisis? Mexico’s president says it’s Biden fault….
      Why isn’t MSNBC reporting on the world Wars that are escalating?

    2. John boyner is a sellout to the political class The Establishment the corporate world he’s not interested in truth look at who all is against Trump and you will realize that Trump actually cared about America is values and the American people

      Jesus Christ is America’s first last and only hope

  4. He’s only saying this now to sell his book. He helped start the fire and now he’s shocked everything is burning? What a joke.

    1. because if he said Trump won the election like so many crazy rightwing sheep, he knows no one would bother listening to him… lol

  5. He won’t criticize the bad actors in his party that made all of this crap possible. He’s just trying to sell a book.

  6. Just for some perspective, this is the lush that handed out money from the tabacco lobby to his fellow Republicultists on the House floor. He basically greased the wheels on the runaway train that is the current GQP. He’s probably already had a few drinks by now, as well.

  7. This book tour is not going to wash the stink off of John Boehner, no matter how much soap all of his interviewers provide to him.

    1. @Bill Walsh Imagine if dems were held to same standards as repubs.
      But of course they aren’t.
      Free pass no matter what you do

  8. John Boehner & Mitch Turtleface McConnel: The two single biggest obstructionists against the American public in history. Now he’s laughing all the way to the bank touting his bs book.

    1. Right!!! Talking about he doesn’t want to make their job harder, but promoting his book which does exactly that!!!

  9. Not to mention he scammed them out of their money to the tune of $64.5 million. Wasn’t bad enough he was collecting monthly donations with their scam, they upped it to every week bc he didn’t have enough money to run his campaign in 2020. Big doners must have dried up.

  10. We all witnessed what happened. We say it out loud as it was happening. Everyone with common sense knows exactly what was happening. 80% of legal voting american will never beilve anything liars say. Left right middle we all know

  11. John Boehner was only ever concerned about his next big dirty money check, free booze, free steak dinner & $500 hair cut. He couldn’t give a rats back side about the voter.

    1. This statement goes for every politicians. Stop pretending one side is your friend people. They hate all of us.

  12. Very fitting he would have a photo of himself drinking wine as the cover for his novel. Considering he is a well documented drunk.

  13. It’s quite simple. “The truth will set you free”. Unfortunately most politicians are incapable or unwilling to tell the people the truth.

  14. Well, they say, better late than never.
    Just think of all the things he isn’t saying. Like just what the RNC really is. How it breeds people like Stephen Miller. Looks like he’s got a Dale Chihully light sculpture in the background. I went to his glass studio in Seattle. He took over an entire warehouse right on the bay.

  15. Ol’ Johnny, lil does he know that he is a part of the original problem. I do however find some pleasure in hearing him speak out!

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