Day 1,084: Lawmakers Split Over Intel As Trump Backs Away From Fight w/Iran | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Some Republicans are blasting the intelligence briefing they got over Soleimani's assassination as Trump seems to walk back from more violence with Tehran. Aired on 01/08/20.
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Day 1,084: Lawmakers Split Over Intel As Trump Backs Away From Fight w/Iran | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I like Graham’s jokes and the way he laughs at them…! get into comedy Graham. You’re far less dangerous there

    1. Jelly Belly And so we do in the west arguing over liberal values, identity politics, the lot. We need something to fight about it seems.

    2. @Jelly Belly that’s not how that works, dear. Imagine all the problems that would instantly go away if there was no American Christian Right Wing…

    3. @Phil Immerfall – you would still have young white racists blaming everyone but themselves for their own self created issues. I would love to see no religion.

  2. Why should the rest of the world clean up his dirty mess, and risk our forces lives, because he did what he did to serve another term in the White House. Watch his speech on 16th November 2011!

    1. our goverment ordered all Dutch Military men and women in the region to lock down their basesses for now. and our government condemed Trump’s action as many others European countries did.

    2. Shut up many people agree with what he did including Boris Johnstone and most of the British people except the liberal scum in London

    3. Why don,t you say anything against a terrorism loving country like Iran?Don,t tell me your Trump syndrome is making you side with Iran lol that really is mentally ill

  3. Why would Trump mention civility – he is a barbarian fool, a shyster, an ignorant bully, a draft dodger, a traitor and a coward – all traits not indicative of civility.

  4. “TOLERIGHT” Thats not a real world. The man can’t read at all.
    Know emotion in his words when he attempts to read.
    Such a poor excuse of a man let along our president. Very sad, very sad.
    He is just a shameful person.

    1. Sorry, I did actually mean ” let alone” at least I wasnt speaking to the whole world and was ” the pres” he should by now know how to speak in public!
      I can say this though, at least this time he didnt do the snorting thing he so often does. GROSS!

    1. @Wonder Wonderful he lies about everything. so why wouldn’t he lie about drinking or whatever it is he’s doing? people have been doubting themselves about Trump, wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt. it’s time to put the doubt where it really belongs: on Potus!

    2. Sounded like tolerizded. No matter, he can’t talk straight, this should be a cause for concern when a President cannot speak without slurring his words. Something is wrong

    1. Really well are you not supposed to support your own president killing a guy responsible for killing hundreds of Americans and Brits?Boris said today he will not condemn Trump for taking out the Garbage

  5. There is a metaphor I used a lot during his first year.
    “Slow motion trainwreck.”
    I think we’re about to see the next level.

  6. I wouldn’t say that they’re split on the intel. One party asks, “Where is the intel?” The other party just states, “How dare you question the leader of this nation.”

  7. Lindsey needs to stop sticking his nose up Trump’s rear end and start taking his job seriously before he loses it.

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