DC Mayor Bowser Calling For A Congressional Inquiry Into Security Failures | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

DC Mayor Bowser Calling For A Congressional Inquiry Into Security Failures | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


DC Mayor Bowser joins Andrea Mitchell to explain why she's calling for a congressional inquiry into the security failures at the Capitol. When asked about comments that the DC Police Chief made saying they didn't have intelligence something like this could happen, she says "I do think there is a lot of questions that need to be asked around intelligence gathering from the FBI and all intelligence gathering organizations." Aired on 01/08/2021.
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DC Mayor Bowser Calling For A Congressional Inquiry Into Security Failures | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Everyone knew this was going to happen.. Again they try to lie to us and pretend they didnt know this was going to happen.. BS

    1. The police knew it was going to happen and were there to let the terrorists in to congress. You keep pretending that the police are not part of the Trump cult.

  2. How could they not have known this would happen. Trump had been calling for this for weeks. It was all over the news Twitter you name it. They didn’t have any intelligence on this. What a cop out and cover up. They let it happen.

    1. That’s why trump fired people at all the important agency’s and fired the ones in place in 2016 so he could over throw the government. From the pentagon down thru every federal agency he put his fascist in place. Even federalize the education system and put his Betsy Devos in . He was taking over to the point that he controls the the three letter agency that protect us from a coup. Barr should be hung right now. Trump wants so bad to be. Dictator over our country. He covered all the bases as you witnessed the kid gloves treatment from the White House police and national guard at the riot. And how he delayed the ordering of the NG. BASICALLY WE ARE UNDER A COUP OF HIS BASE AND THE UNDER A COUP OF THE MILITARY BRANCHES THE SUPREME COURTS SENATORS AND MORE.

    2. I know! We all knew something was going to happen any day and all the groups were exchanging plans for the 6th online. Was no secret

    3. The police knew it was going to happen and were there to let the terrorists in to congress. You keep pretending that the police are not part of the Trump cult.

  3. They were worried about Democrats taking their guns, with a Felony on their records they can’t legally own one! You took your own guns away! Not wearing a mask while committing a Felony let alone during a PANDEMIC! Smile for the Camera!

  4. Another huge failed attempt by the Coup Klux Klan! Check the phones of Cruz and every one of them terrorists this was a inside job!

    1. Sadly I agree. I was lucky enough to be tuned into PBS News Hour Live reporting on the Electoral Vote Count. They had cameras and personnel inside aswell as outside with Judy Woodruff switching back and forth with a blow by blow account. Shameful. Obviously setup and orchestrated. by high officials. Everybody including myself assumed that ofcourse the National Guard were there…somewhere…then ‘Hey where is the National Guard?’ Anybody watching DC live news could see this happening in real time. Our entire government could have been wiped out instantly. They were sitting ducks.

  5. The Police where in on it or they where told to stand down they let them in and helped them down the stairs

    1. Not just that. They directed them to Chuck Schumers office. This Mayor has to go too! How the F do you let that happen in your city!!! They ALL have to go!

    1. Those days have never really left, the kkk have infiltrated many businesses and government branches and it’s very hard to distinguish who is and who isn’t because they are gutless cowards hiding amongst us pretending to be law abiding citizens. Unfortunately nearly half of the voting public are probably kkk or kkk sympathisers.

    1. Hawley just lost his biggest donor, the guy who put him in the senate
      He issued a statement, practically calling Hawley a creep, and that he ought to be thrown out of the Senate

    2. @it’s me, Georgina Senator Danforth issuing that statement was a big deal in Missouri, unfortunately Hawley lives just outside DC, _shows how much he loves the state he represents_

    3. Hawley is clearly intent on further distortions of the political norms. Glad to know he has been dumped by his biggest donor, but he should be dumped by the GOP.

    4. @Dave Rhumour he’s a blatant liar who deserves to be expatriated to a country where his kind rule and elections are rigged _if that’s what he wants who are we to keep him from his dreams of dictatorship_

    1. They also got complacent because White People. They brought in the National Guard for last year’s BLM protest.

    2. @Insignificant360 yes because trump called them in but on Wednesday it was reported that they were waiting on authorization and there was none until the vice president requested the National Guard to be deployed. Why do you think it was so easy for them to get on. They were his invited guests.

    1. @Randy Couch no one has taken more from the government as a welfare queen than Trump. He hasn’t paid taxes in a significant way for decades and has taken advantage of numerous bankruptcies. He has lost records amounts of money and used that to not pay taxes. The cost of him and his family to travel and vacation to his properties, profiting constantly playing golf while people died has been record setting. I have no doubt I have paid more taxes than him in the last 4 years. There is no bigger deadbeat than Trump. You people have been duped by. New York con man with a golden shower fetish.

    2. @Dan Burnes Everyone bashing Trump please go look in the mirror and ask God to show you yourself the problem is you with that closed mind the brains have been fried by tv phones and 4g there no hope if you cant see whats going on the programming has been going on for to long if you havent unplugged its to late. SO the las t pres was married to a dude and thats ok. You can not handle the truth four four was castros cuzin hit lier hand four daughters renegades mother. Wake up.

    3. @J Dub I do have some compassion in that I know others who have succumbed to the lies and conspiracy theories on the Internet such as yourself. Also, please take your own advice and unplug for a month or 2 and get a breathe of fresh air. Much of what you wrote is incoherent. I hope you can recognize that. Peace to you.

    4. Phewwwww , the white house definitely needs to be fumigated and disinfected from the trumpists stench..

    1. Next time, I will be sending you a cape. Thanks for your superhero-sized helpful act.

    2. Ridiculous. You say this after millions And millions of dollars in property destruction and murder by BLM activists rioting for months in end. And when a mostly peaceful protest happens at the Capitol you want the army now?

    3. @The Heard ok with your one month account. Why are you all fakes? Maybe they are coming for you. Maybe they are coming for all the people who played a roll in the communist plot.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Because she mistakenly believed that the Capitol police would actually do their jobs.

    2. @Deborah Freedman I don’t think she did. She is DC Mayor and has no jurisdiction over the capital building which is Federal land and property – the Sargent of Arms and Capital Police chief have been fired for this

    3. @Deborah Freedman She has no jurisdiction over Federal properties. It was up to the Capital Police who are a Federal agency, to protect the Capital. She just said that is why she is fighting so hard for the mayor of the city (herself) to have control over the National Guard in DC.

  6. Final verdict: this insurrection could not have succeeded without the complicity of every level of law enforcement and its intelligence apparatus. The enemy is within, and in our very fabric. I have spoken. #DiaperDon

  7. I would gladly pay more taxes to have professional tech people hired to constantly troll the internet looking for terrorists… foreign and ESPECIALLY DOMESTIC.

  8. There needs to be a full autopsy of this event with all trails followed as far back as it takes to find those who fed this group and acted as motivators.

  9. Isn’t it FELONY MURDER? People DIED while FELONIOUS acts were committed. Oh,my bad, I’m so used to hearing that when they report shiznit like this on us BLACK folk

    1. The ‘newest’ SoC is but a newb, and a t-rump Pansy at best. It’s no wonder Putin launched his Cyber-war now. These next few days, are going to be Uglier! Hopefully, a few Generals/Admirals are keeping up with Moscow; but I doubt it.

  10. As someone said earlier, ” We spend $750 billion on defense but couldn’t stop duck dynasty.” Hmmmm.

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