DC officer Fanone: Difficult hearing elected officials whitewash the Capitol riot 1

DC officer Fanone: Difficult hearing elected officials whitewash the Capitol riot


DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone talks to CNN's Don Lemon about his experience during the January 6 insurrection on the US Capitol.

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  1. You know they could teach you and train you with every trick in the book but what they can’t train you with is how to live with hardship and pain

    1. @GoKu GoMa agreed. Especially when you’re fighting literal cracked-out brainwashed nazis, you’re grossly outnumbered, and you know they’re on a mission to not only kill you but also kill your country’s democratically elected officials if they succeed

    2. @Wayne you can think however you want to think but my opinion is that you’re taking it a little bit too far don’t hang onto every word they say try to be less emotional and look at the facts

    3. What strikes me is the sheer ferocity of the attack on Officer Farone. The speed they carried him down the stairs, surrounded him, and repeatedly struck at him with every tool they could find. I know police don’t train for that and neither do our soldiers. He brought those moments of malicious abandon by the Trump Insurrectionists to life for me. If those people weren’t WHITE they would have been shot on spot. #OnlyFakePatriotsSupportTrump

  2. Fanone seems like such a good guy in all the interviews I’ve seen of him this year. It’s good to hear that him and Don are friends now. Hoping Don is able to help his friend process this trauma :/

    1. @Jemel Shahid
      If you’re “just speculating” then you need to start your sentences with “I think that _____” or “I wonder if it’s possible that ____”

      You said Don IS confused. That’s a statement, not speculation.

      And we can absolutely focus on the “few rotten apples”. Police are meant to be public defenders. They’re supposed to protect their communities, and each member of that community is supposed to be able to trust them. Even a single “rotten apple” spoils the entire bunch. It ruins public trust. I know it’s a complicated issue and it seems like all cops are getting called out unfairly, but the Force is too lenient with its rotten members. If we are going to trust them, we need to believe they will be on our side, and hold the rotten ones accountable, instead of making excuses (and fudging the truth on police reports!).

      Forget black people – I mean, sure, justice for them too – but I *still* get so upset my hands start shaking with rage when I think about what happened to Daniel Shaver. He was on the ground, sobbing, BEGGING, and that bastard cop killed him. Shot him 5 times. He got off scott free, no murder charges, AND the damn precinct rehired him for a month so he could apply for medical retirement. Our system is bullshit.

    2. @Fogmoz Their criminals and cops that get away with murder … it’s good ppl throw in jail also … it’s many cases that DNA evidence has SCIENTIFICALLY prove the suspect was innocent after he serve all that time … the prosecutor rush for the indictment , police lied in their report and cop plant false evidence too … so it’s all mess up … once you give human beings a job to do , their going to have some disgusting ppl in the staff going to do the job … now he saying he thought trump was pro cop … but trump is a opportunist who used police for pawns … I’m just saying he look like he have no home … he been attack by both sides and kick to the street … I’m a democrat … I want police to find a home in the party … but saying defund all of you cause one of you mess up is not helping

    1. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
      + •1•3•4•7•9•1•9•4•8•5•2
      B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H….. .. .

  3. My heart goes out to him. I hope he heals from this traumatic event. No one should feel such sadness and pain in their lives, yet there is so much of it in this world.

    1. @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
      NONE OF THEM- whether you like it or not they all cause trama, division and discord. PERIOD.

    2. So youre gonna just pretend like you dont see that big azz NAZI spider web Tatt on that cops neck huh????

    3. When people are in pain and are suffering, they lash out. That’s human nature. Like a drug addict, or an alcoholic, a gambler, a sex addict, etc. They are all trying to surpress the pain they have inside. Who in their right mind would want to suffer like that? I believe NO ONE would. We can either stay ignorant and blind to it, and blame the effects of said traumas, or we can look behind the action and see why they did what they did. No form of destruction or abuse is ok. But if we as a society want to grow and become better, then we need to open our eyes to why someone did what they did. I saw the pain in the protestors eyes when they marched in the rain, just to be heard, to be cared about, to be acknowledged. And I also saw a lot of the people that stormed the Capital as victims, victims of lies perpetuated to appease the ego of one man. But of course there were people from both sides that wanted to cause chaos. We can’t deny that. But the message behind all of it is, that we as a society, are in pain. And until we decide to be better and do better as human beings, this will continue. We need to stop acting like children, and accept our shortcomings, and stop throwing the blame onto our neighbor. It starts with us. Until we do that, nothing will truly change. That man has sadness in his eyes, and I wish to comfort him, just like I would want to comfort any person on this planet that is in such pain. We should be that person. It is the only way to heal ourselves, and each other.

  4. Bless his soul. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. We won’t let your message and sacrifice be blinded by nonsense by some. I thank you for standing up for democracy.

    1. @A. D. The point of the word “Lugenpresse” was that Hitler used it in the same way Trump used “Fake news!” – to tell people what not to believe (the actual legitimate press), so they’d only listen to what his party propaganda machine fed them.

      If CNN and Breitbart are your only sources….

      You need to get out more.

    2. @TooSlowTube oh, I read and watch a lot more than CNN and breitbart… But there’s pretty much nothing out there that is not serving an agenda anymore so all you can do is piece together the pieces of disinformation that all the different news Medias are trying to throw at you. And I never liked Trump as a president, but the phenomenon of the news being a complete fraud is true independent of whatever that president said. CNN and the Democrats are literally doing the exact same thing you just described, and clearly you are completely deceived by it because of your hyper prejudice against Fox News. Which again, indeed is a propaganda outlet, but so is everything else you’re watching, which makes your specific distaste for Fox irrational.

    3. @TooSlowTube Hitler used fake news to push his agenda.
      He loved famous people pushing Nazism just like Hollywood

    4. @Crazy Fingers I can’t find a translation button for your insane ramblings…
      What language are you mumbling?

    5. It’s difficult to hear the media and elected officials downplay the domestic terrorists like antifa and blm as well as the twisted leftist followers who committed crimes without any repercussions and tried to dismiss the protests as peaceful..

  5. I feel so sad for him. How horrible a nightmare this poor man has to overcome. Special hugs to a very brave strong Mr. Fanone.

    1. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
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      B•T•CA•N•D•E•T•H….. .. … ..

    1. @Jo Poveromo Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the best looking and knows it all? Why studpuppy is, everyone knows that.

    2. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! you don’t know what the word Forensic means and you don’t know what an audit is.

    3. @Sam River That poor man don’t even know where he’s at half the time. I truly feel sorry for the man. In fact I consider what is being done to him elderly abuse!! He isn’t far from not being able to read the teleprompter or the notes that have been prepared for him. He doesn’t have the brain to do for himself anymore. It’s sad!! And his family should have their asses kicked nor not pulling him out of the race.

    4. @Robert Craddock Seriously bro I can’t believe you said that he’s only older than Trump 4 years he’s 78 keep watching I promise you Joe Biden would last longer than Trump. How many President’s you know last 4 years

  6. More of these DC policemen need to be heard more of them need a voice and a outlet to channel their energy to the public.. I live in Washington DC.. I remember this day very well most washingtonians do remember this day very well because we saw the MAGA crowd earlier throughout the day and they were amped up.. we knew something was going to go down but we didn’t expect this

    1. @Pigspotter7 Thats just a Freaking Lie, dang I’m sorry….got caught up with arguing with a AI Bot. I wonder when You Tube advertisers will start figuring this out that 60% of likes and comments here are artificially created?

    1. @Caedo if we stop infighting, and band together, we might actually come out on top. But if we further divide, it’s game over.

    2. @Caedo Trojan is nothing but a troll…this is what they do when they see something so true and profound and heartbreaking as Officer Fanone spoke of what he went through. trolls job is to deny the truth…no matter what. It’s best at this point for ALL OF US to just ignore trolls like this,, because they want you to respond to them so they can keep trolling their BS…time for us to move on and ignore all trolls, so not give them what they want. Ignore trolls people please.

    3. @Trojan Lamb aren’t you special? It’s healthy to be skeptical; it’s insane to say everyone is lying.

      If everyone is lying how can you trust your Deep Throat, uncompromised, sources?

  7. Don’t stop talking about it. Let it ring out January 6th. It could of been so much worse. Let us never forget. Keep it relevant. Keep it current.

    1. @Jeffrey Snipes You guys really need to come to terms with what you’ve done. stop blaming the left.

    2. I had a blm protester throw my chicken parm on the floor in Brooklyn last week while eating with friends, it’s just unacceptable…

    3. @Psych_ Truth OK name the police officer killed in a left-wing riot. And before you go to the BS in Portland. 2 words: ” Boogaloo boys”!

    1. @nayster cobear how is it a lame comparison? is 3 billion dollars in damages a 19 murders not enough for you. if the nut jobs on the right are felt justified in their protests how are they any worse than the clowns on the left that destroyed businesses and put a flame to cities. it’s amazing what some people can justify when they believe their cause is the correct one.

  8. *This man is the kind of police officer that America desperately needs. Can we try and not harm him anymore?*

  9. Good interview Don and thank you OFFICER Michael Fanone for your service. They don’t make them like you anymore! Blessings to you and your family.

    1. @rooten tooten Spiderweb on the elbow is a Nazi thing. That doesn’t mean he isn’t, we don’t know!!! But what we DO know is actually nazi/white supremacist groups were there that day on Trump’s behalf charging the Capitol.

    2. @Jamtommy I’ve had replies deleted as well, happens all around, and they can do what they want on their youtube channel. FOX turns off comments completely for certain videos, at least here you get the chance to speak as I reply to what you spoke.

  10. It was a battle. Literally. That officer is brave as hell and I give him major props for speaking up about what actually happened. I can’t imagine risking my life to protect people only to have those same people you saved sweep the incident under the rug.

    1. @Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild no. That’s a different conversation. We are speaking about the insurrection currently. Focus. You can’t demand the iron rod for others while crying mercy for yourself. That’s not how this works. You receive the same mercy you give. If you demanded the iron rod for others, the iron rod will also be given to you

    2. @Kimberly Holt “thats a different..” too cowardly to admit the truth that the left were doing it first and the right just responded later, much later and much milder. its because there wasn’t any consequences for others for a whole year in the lead up to this, the unaccountablity for all the lefts crimes set the stage, no justice for them provoked the right to act the same, but they didn’t realise its a double standard in the law and the media where the left can do whatever they want ……..but when the right do the same then there is outrage……hypocrites

    3. @Kimberly Holt its not a different conversation its the left and the right treated differently and jan 7th was a response to all the lefts riots, so its the same conversation, but dishonest fools like u wanna pretend otherwise cause u cant face the truth. As for your iron rod nonsense……the left didn’t get the iron rod which then led to the right following and using the same tactics….however when the right did it then all the hypocrites changed their tune and called for the iron rod, but when the left were doing it prior they werent calling for it!

    4. @Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild you are the prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. No pun intended. You are headed for destruction until to you search yourself. It’s biblical…

    5. @Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild 32Then his master having called him, says to him, ‘Evil servant, I forgave you all that debt because you begged me. 33Did it not behoove you also to have pitied your fellow servant, as I also had pitied you?’ 34And having been angry, his master delivered him to the jailers, until that he should pay all being owed to him.

      35Thus also My Heavenly Father will do to you, unless each of you forgives his brother from your heart.”

    1. @Black Lies Matter you’re the ones giddy when cops murder black people and then are sad when the pig gets the law.

    2. @Crazy Fingers Actually, We don’t care what you dumb Democrats do in your failing Democrat cities because we don’t live there and we know they will only get worse.

  11. Is this the handsome officer who did an interview right after the insurrection in front of the capitol? My heart breaks for him, this is clearly something that will never leave him. Nearly being murdered, how do you get over that ever?

    1. I’m sure you stand with all the officers then who actually are murdered and nearly murdered throughout America… beyond just the event where a bunch of violent unarmed rioters who actually killed nobody that day (Officer Sicknick’s ‘murder’ was a total CNN lie we now know) and even far more peaceful protestors walked into the Capitol building that was deliberately undefended.

    2. @Emsley Wyatt honestly? Who knows? all I know is that the media was willing to go so far as to UNDISPUTABLY lie about the death of a police officer. Who by the way happens to be the only police officer that dies in the line of duty, that CNN actually cares about. Never any mention here about any of the police officers who are actually murdered across america, including the other US capitol officer who was killed in an attack just a few weeks ago. Literally no lives matter to CNN unless they can find a way to use that life’s death as aunt narrative tool for deception. So yeah, if any officers actually lost their fingers in the insurrection, the people who assaulted them should be charge to the full extent of the law, along with anyone else who acted violently that day. Thankfully, the vast majority of people who entered the US Capitol that day did so peacefully after the insane violent people pushed their way in.

    3. If he read your response and looks at your picture he’s going to have a fantastic start at forgetting everything that happened bad to him. anyway, it is a sad thing that happened to this officer and all others on that day. As a black man living in America in my days, I have had some challenges dealing with police. but I’ve always considered that they are mothers and fathers too. I try to de-escalate high tensions situations through reasonable means. But It’s so easy for some people to get into a state of intense anger and project it to the next individuals while never understanding, much more could be done well with love and respect. It is a blessing indeed to love others as yourself. for many years I’ve looked at all my brothers and sisters and tried to build on the good thing about them. I just believe if a person tries he can find good in the worst of people. For there is no perfect human, and In one way or the other, we are all broken, in our way. You see if you pull for me and I shove for you then we both move forward in a manner that provides well for both parties. Isn’t it good to know you have someone rooting for you? We all want to be treated with respect but we must learn to give it as well what was done at the Capitol was bad wrong, and we are better people than that. Hey about the comment at the top of the text, it should get a smile out of you. That’s was very kind of you to say what you said about the officer. I’ve got to get myself a police uniform Have a fantastic evening

  12. This is heartbreaking . This poor man is tormented by that day. I’m praying he works through this and finds his peace again. I can’t imagine his pain.

  13. As someone that also has ptsd, I just know seeing that video and talking about it put him in a very vulnerable place and was so hard for him and I’m proud of him for staying strong and talking about it. There needs to be justice for this.

    1. @Tim Smith you’re going to bring up one peaceful protest out of how many to prove a point?
      And you are biased toward domestic terrorists when it suits your agenda..you think they represented something important?
      The leader of blm just bought 4 million dollar homes for her family members and actually believes it is deserved? Sounds like another Al Sharpton who lived off the backs of people as reverend and scammed people for money..
      Dr Martin Luther king understood a peaceful protest and the power of numbers..
      Everyone knows blm amd antifa are opportunists that took advantage of the system to incite and commit crimes..they are scum just as many other terrorist organizations are and should be dealt with..
      Democrats think they are above the law and extended their “free,” pass to these terrorists and used them for a political purpose..
      Truly disgusting and pathetic..

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