Deadly Motor Vehicle Crash | ZOSO Extended in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – June – 16 2021

Just in moments ago there's been yet another deadly crash along the Edward Seaga Highway in Jamaica. Our correspondent Devon Fletcher was currently on the scene and joined us live via telephone with the latest.

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    1. Never.
      The two legislators who suppose to make or enact laws to reign in these gunmen or put them away for long sentences are passing the buck onto the police.
      Horace Chang and Mark Golding.

  1. The residents of Jamaica are treated like animals in sooo many cases. When are persons who are in charge are going to stand up for their the citizens who put them in power!???

  2. Some of those driver driving like they want to finish the road and the road end up finishing them

  3. This is what Jamaica people here everyday every minute every hour every second no news from politician is good news

    1. Me really a wonder wha Mr Chang a chat say…. extending this zoso crap nah help dem… so If dem caan find a better strategy as leaders and law makers den we doom

  4. They have money to build highways, but can’t even build proper roads for the villages. Madness to the highest level. Wicked set of people.

    1. Not all for example the Montego Bay bypass is founded through the Trans Jamaica Highway stock. Everyone that bought it is a part owner. No loan was given it was founded by Jamaicans who bought stocks in the company.

    2. @Genfaa Manfunzii No problem. I am not sure about Ochi because I do not know who is responsible for building it. I am sure about Montego Bay because I live there and I bought some of the stocks that is funding the highway.

  5. These people really need a bridge and it’s good to see that the minister is looking at this problem

  6. inefficient govt, putting money n effort into trivialities, poor people r suffering hunger, bad road, crime, ineffective school system, poor medical conditions, so much more than tongue can tell. All politicians do is talk nothing more.

  7. TVJ you need to get the reporters on the scene to video call…everyone has WhatsApp video calling on their phones in this day and age so there’s no reason why we cant have live shots from the reporter if they don’t have a cameraman.

  8. Where was DEVEN FLETCHER all this time … best reporter yet … first I ever understand a reporter to the T …. more reporting from DEVEON FLETCHER please !!!

    1. Absolutely correct.. I was there in April and the only good roads are the Toll roads. Once you exit the Toll roads every road is filled with pot holes and rugged. Not sure how people drive cars in Jamaica those roads need pick-up trucks.

  9. And if election call now, u people do not have a problem to walk or drive to vote. That’s the time u people should protest

  10. Jeovaune u sound just like my little Kirk from roots to TV please let me see and hear more of Kirk Wright thanks to u all for the news GOD is not dead hope and directions are still coming from above love and peace GOD blessings πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‰

  11. The roads needs water table and drained!members of parliament don’t wait on the stormy session before cleaning of drainage prevention is better than cured.

  12. I don’t wan laugh but the lick down a ackee tree part a joke 🀣🀣🀣.

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