Deaf-Blind Paralympian Becca Meyers 'Heartbroken' To Leave Team USA 1

Deaf-Blind Paralympian Becca Meyers ‘Heartbroken’ To Leave Team USA


Becca Meyers, a three-time Paralympic gold medalist who is deaf and blind, left Team USA after she was told she couldn't bring her personal care assistant, her mother, to the Tokyo Games because of coronavirus restrictions. Becca and her mom, Maria, joined Stephanie Ruhle to share their story. "I want to change the system. That is my mission now," Becca says.

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Deaf-Blind Paralympian Becca Meyers 'Heartbroken' To Leave Team USA


  1. Emotions and disabilities should not come in the way of Olympics. World matches are not won on emotions , platitudes and rhetorics.

  2. So she’s deaf and blind and she’s answering questions and says she lip reads. I don’t get it.

    1. neither do i. i wonder if she is legally blind, and not totally blind? Also, how could she stay in her lane without seeing at all?

    2. @Marla Bollak People play instruments without seeing – there’s another spatial sense beside vision.

    3. Her implants in her ears.. You cannot wear them while swimming.. I understand why it’s confusing.. She has to take them off so she would be totally deaf.. Blind, it sounds like she can see upclose, that’s why she explained she would not be able to read lips 6ft or more away.. I hope that helps..

    4. She has a small tunnel of vision that is progressively getting smaller. She has no peripheral vision. Basically, it’s like she sees the world through a pair of straws. She can see if she lines up what she needs to see with the straw. She has cochlear implants, but cannot hear anything without them. Furthermore, the disease she has (Usher Syndrome), makes her balance poor, and she needs support in unfamiliar terrain.

    1. She has a sponsor, this is her job. Do you say that to all athletes? That they should get ‘real’ jobs. You’re sad and pathetic.

  3. With Japan’s high rate of Covid infections, they shouldn’t have even held the games. 61 so far have tested positive.

  4. As a mother of a deaf daughter, it is unfortunate that Becca could not participate in the Olympics. I met Becca and her mother when Franklin & Marshall College swam at Gettysburg College. Her accomplishments in and out of the water, speak to the amazing role model that she is for the deaf and blind. Keep fighting the fight.

  5. I’d like to see her sign language without talking. Too bad she is a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant is dangerous, these included: bleeding, infection, dizziness, device malfunction, etc. In 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, real deaf people were born and they were fine normally without cochlear implants, and they could use ASL sign language.

  6. These Tokyo Olympics should have been cancelled all together! They’re a disaster by all accounts!

  7. Don’t get how a developed country like Japan has such a poor vaccination rate. Politics? Facebook? Fox News?

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