Dean: Covid-19 Will End Mini-Trump’s Florida Career Like It Ended Trump’s Presidency

As Florida's Covid-19 caseload breaks the state's own all-time records, doctor and former governor Howard Dean appraises the troubled record of Florida Governor DeSantis, giving him an 'F' on substance. Dean says Desantis, who has styled himself after Donald Trump, will find Covid-19 dealing him the same political fate as Trump in this interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber. (The interview was part of a longer reported segment documenting DeSantis' record.) (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Herbert Brown
      I totally agree. You couldn’t pay me to go on a cruise right now. And you’re also correct that vaccinated people can get the virus, it could mutate and become more deadly. It’s also mutating among the unvaccinated. I’m not disputing any of that. However, I will also tell you that I’m an RN with a master’s in community health; and I’ve been taking care of COVID patients for most of the pandemic. The best data we have at present suggests that if everyone is vaccinated among a population that gives the best chance of limiting the number of infections, the spread of infection, and the severity of symptoms and complications in those who do become infected. I believe that if the cruise lines are going to sail, they and their passengers should determine policy regarding vaccination for passengers and crew. Also, 100% vaccination removes the entire question of masking, at least on the ship. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Caribbean, but having to wear a mask in that heat and humidity would be complete misery. My usual job is in surgery. I’m used to wearing a mask for hours and it doesn’t bother me a bit, but I think I would probably pass out wearing a mask in the Caribbean! Also, I’ve volunteered to work with COVID patients when they need extra help. I just finally got to return to surgery about 3 months ago and I was so happy. As of last week, I’m back on the COVID ward. It’s an either / or situation. We’re not going back and forth for infection control reasons. I have to have testing and time off prior to returning to surgery. A lot of what you’ve said is correct. I think each individual, and each business has to do what gives them, their employees, and their customers the best chance of staying healthy. I don’t know if you’ve had CIVID, but trust me when I say you don’t want it. It’s true that most people under 60 with no co-morbidities don’t get extremely sick or have severe complications, but I’ve had coworkers die. This past week, a 46 year old nurse from my hospital who is a mom with four children died of COVID. It was heartbreaking to all of us. I had a 52 year old coworker die a couple of months ago, after a harrowing two weeks. After she passed away, they discovered that she had an undiagnosed auto-immune disorder, so she didn’t form antibodies as would be expected from the vaccine. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. We also have a couple of doctors with permanent disabilities due to COVID. They got COVID before the vaccine was available. One is on dialysis, hoping for a kidney transplant. He’s 35 years old and was a long distance runner. It’s ugly and very sad to see firsthand. The youngest patient I’ve had who died was 17 years old, and completely healthy prior to COVID. We’ve had some even younger ones, but they were transferred out. We don’t have a pediatric unit because there’s a large pediatric hospital about 40 minutes away. So, that’s my perspective. Sorry if I’m long winded.

    2. @Peda Peda – You can’t site a single study that would concur with, “liberals moving to Florida and reregistering as republicans now.” What a load of bunk!

    3. @LIM 42 No apologies necessary. I appreciate your candor and I am sorry for your bad experiences of late. Every thing you say is true as well but for one and considering your experience I hesitate to bring it up. But I will anyway because I have looked into this extensively and I don’t believe I’m wrong on this point. After decades of viral research it has been found that when viruses mutate they always become weaker. Their symptoms may differ slightly and they may become more contagious but the severity always lessens

    4. @Herbert Brown
      Yes, that is generally true. From my perspective, I just want it to be over, so I can go back to the job I love, and quit watching people struggling to breathe and (some) dying. One thing thing that is better, at least for now, we’re allowing one visitor per patient, so they’re not completely alone, which is good. It’s just one visitor at a time, and they’re allowed to have two people total, who can visit one at a time, so that helps a lot to keep spirits up. This will probably sound crazy, but I think they’re fighting harder now because they are allowed to have visitors too. They just seemed to become despondent and give up before, especially elderly people. I understand that everybody has a different experience. Thanks for the kind words. Stay healthy! 😍

    1. @Buddha Cook Santos is so dumb….trying to be like Trump. This is how trump lost the election. When you mock Covid you will lose everything. Dont F with Covid.

    2. @Bucinka8 gads, RoJo is a conspiracy nut and knows NOTHING about being a Senator. ‘Constituents’? What’s that? He lives off of his wealthy wifes’ family $$…he better retire soon and get out of politics. Am sure she can find him a job in daddys company. Or a used car lot would fit him even better.

    1. HAHA nobodys endangered here in Florida. We are free here. Thanks for the concern though. You stay in your basement

    2. @Mike Cav FLORIDA is a GOP Latrine….I lived in Pinellas / Pasco counties for 7 years.

      Now it is the laughingstock of the Nation & Mickey Mouse wears a MAGA hat.

    3. He and Governor Abbot are great Governors! Talk about the most corrupt Governor Cuomo
      He is the satan of Covid…OKAY

  1. They never learn lessons. Once they became leaders of state or city or country, their responsibility should be for the people, not their self-interest. Yet, they are quickly obsessed with the power and money their “position” brings to them.

    1. Hey. If the lady that said. “ You have to pass it to know what’s in it “ still has her job they shouldn’t worry

  2. I heard on the news that the glaciers are melting at such a rate that the sea level will rise by two meters. Florida will be underwater soon. It’s nice to have good news occasionally.

    1. If the American people are not stupid, explain TRUMP, DeSantis, Giuliani, the chinless wonder………

    1. Waiting for his sexual harassment past to come haunt him soon. I’m sure he has one like the rest. All those young men will come forward one day.

  3. We had a end a month of vacation planned for August at beach houses in Cocoa Beach. Eighteen family members with all adults vaccinated but some of us have small children. We canceled those houses and will not be stepping foot into FL. Thankfully we bought trip insurance. My relatives who live in south FL have all flown back north early! DeSantis can keep on raking in the cash from donors who love it when he throws citizens under the bus. Those donors are coming from outside of FL.

    1. I was in Florida at the beginning of April; despite what the media was saying at the time, almost everybody was still wearing masks at their own discretion. There were also public venues, like the aquarium in Tampa, that required masks worn at all times for admittance and many concessions inside the Tampa International were temporarily closed because because they were too small for proper distancing rules. The only place where people relished in the fact they didn’t have to wear a mask was in Port Charlotte where there tends to be, shall we say, real salt of the earth type residents.

  4. He’s so right my daughter was suppose to go to Florida but cancelled everything even lost 300 in doing so. Go to Florida and you come back with COVID.

  5. As one person I follow pointed out , DeSantis won only by about 30K votes. He is killing off his margin of victory as it is the right wing extremists mostly refusing the vaccine and wearing mask during this pandemic.

  6. “American people are not stupid.” I cringe everytime I hear that. Funeral home directors smirk when they hear that now. 😒

    1. Funeral homes are making a mint as they always did as I bet Republicans invested in stock in them by telling people not to get shots or wear masks.

  7. Just Covid-19? He fails on so much more as governor of Florida. He is literally ruining our state by rallying morons.

  8. When I read that he is busy raising record funds of his own people’s precious lives, then you should know how far the devil has possessed him.

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