Ted Cruz Calls For ‘Zero’ Covid Mandates As His Kids Safely Attend School Requiring Masks 1

Ted Cruz Calls For ‘Zero’ Covid Mandates As His Kids Safely Attend School Requiring Masks

While Ted Cruz spends his days railing against Covid mandates of any kind, he can sleep soundly at night knowing his own kids’ school follows CDC guidance. 
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    1. Didn’t he star on Monsters vs Aliens as the giant gelatinous blob named Bob? Thought he looked familiar.

    2. @bogart281 anderson Actually I want there to be as many rethuglican candidates as possible to assure the GQP get split into 10 the 74 million that voted for drump will become as follows 30 million will vote for Humpty TRumpty even if he isn’t running! Yes the base is that stupid leaving the rest of the rethuglicans voting for DieSantis Ted Fled Cruz and a host of others! Now when DieSantis and Cruz don’t get the nomination the ones that voted for them will become Just like Bernie supporters in 2016 not voting and essentially splitting the party in to shards leaving the Democrats all 80 million of them to vote blue no matter who and the Blue Hurricane will take the White House again!

    3. OK, I think Ted is awful, but this is about votes that bill can’t pass and he knows it . Mehdi in Franklin antimasker are the majority, the irony is antimaskers talk about freedom, but they don’t believe in free speech for medical proessionals( at least those 2 whom should be brought up on charges ). about Cruz’s school is all he has to say is, that’s why I wrote the bill. Mehdi this video was weak lazy and begging for cheers from left (which I’m a member of). Stop pandering. The left needs shinning lights not flouresent.

    1. Let’s see. Cruz takes his children away to a warm climate when all other children in his state are freezing. Now he puts them in a mask mandated school but tells others schools to WHAT?

    1. @Chloe Key
      I’m a Texan, and he embarrases me. Republicans will vote for ANYONE that’s not a Democrat. Even slime like Cruz.

    2. I can’t understand how anyone with the degree of education that Cruz and some of these Republican Senators have, can champion such stupidity. Since his children’s private school mandates masks, does that mean he’s withdrawing his kids from the private school and enrolling them in public school?

    1. this people needs to find a real job. they defend the interests of their wealthy donors from racist Texas. Once Texas turns blue you will see them homeless lol

    1. @Ste McS Well, HE heard it that way. Out came the beard and the shaggy Ted head for that lion-mane look. Yeah, now it makes sense–him looking like a Cuban beatnik.


    3. They’re just saying the Gov’t shouldn’t MANDATE American’s to do “the right thing”!! Huh…It’s as if they’re just weeding out the stupid ppl in society! except! Now it’s about our children’s lives! Children who either CAN’T yet be vaccinated and also, who are STILL in school and cannot be defined as stupid until they’ve at least completed k-12, schools…lol Seriously though, I suppose they’re weeding out the offspring of their followers as well, which is very strange that we are even in a situation where ppl with lg platforms are even able to offer their warped and knowingly wrong opinions to their own voters…but, then why are they doing it? Schools need to remain on line, as much as it sucks!, until there is a vaccine available for them all! Then the few that DON’T want them for their children either will just have to HOMESCHOOL their kids! Like it’s always been for years! Mandatory vaccinations in schools have existed forever!! Bc everyone knows, esp parents, that it’s the kids who every year, brought a new mutation of the cold or flu variant and gave it to us, usually during the 2 wk Christmas vacation time!! What’s the matter now?? Let us get to herd immunity!! We let you rant on freedom to spread disease and death to everyone around you at all the stores you were choosing to lie that you had a medical condition, which in fact, took away the ability for ppl who REALLY did have serious medical conditions, to be able to use that reason…although, anyone with a medical condition such as those, probably NEED others to shop for them anyways…funny that Trump is a self-proclaimed germaphobe!! WHAT?? Has anyone ever met a germaphobe who detested wearing a mask for their safety and others? Never gonna happen!!

    1. He could be like a DeSantis and Abbott where he will cut off his kids allowance if they wear a mask or want a Shot!

  1. Come on, that’s hardly fair. Cruz needs to keep his kids around and healthy to scapegoat him for poor decisions such as Cancun for example.

  2. Doesn’t matter to Ted if something bad happens because of his actions . He will just go to Cancun until it blows over .

    1. @Shane O’Mac But people did elect a man who believes it quite alright to endanger the children of others as long as his precious wee ones are safe in their sanctuary for rich kids.

    2. @KesArt again, you have no proof he wouldn’t be fine sending HIS kids to school without a mask as well. You’re acting like he pulled them out of public school because of Covid lmao

    3. @Armando Sanchez One does not justify the other, and the magnitude of transgressions committed by Cruz greatly eclipsed whatever other parents–who lack the power and responsibilities of a United States Senator–might fib about.

    4. @Shane O’Mac But this is hypocrisy that costs lives–on top of the more than 600, 000 already lost, and hypocrisy that inflames those already militating against the American government. It is corrosive hypocrisy that further roils the pot of division and threatens respect for lawful mandates designed to protect public health–particularly of the most vulnerable. This isn’t your garden variety “they all feed at the corporate trough” corruption. And it requires more a “this is nothing new” shrug as a response.

    5. @KesArt understandable. But Cruz has enough followers that elect him over and over . But on TV snd most news outlets apparently he don’t have that much support. Yet he’s not worried . Because he will be re-elected . With or without trump

  3. I wish I could get the vaccine. The fact that these crazies are threatening Doctors, proves who needs mental health help.

    1. Some ppl don’t know how lucky they are to have that option..my 2 girls and I can’t get it because of a extremely rare condition my family has and it drives me nuts to see people that have a choice not take it..my girls or myself can die tomorrow from our disorder and now have to stress about dying from something that should not have gotten so bad.

    2. A lot of Americans are extremely pampered from decades of being spared the realities of widespread infectious disease. These highly effective vaccines are incredibly valuable in countries that are not as well off and are getting wrecked by covid. Fortunately the majority in the country gets it that the fast development of the vaccines was a marvel and taking temporary mitigation efforts helps their communities.

  4. I have to wear a mask at work, no problem, except when they don’t leave the air on. We’re sanitizing buildings for everyone’s safety after they leave.

  5. Public servants should be REQUIRED to have their children in the public school of the district they represent REQUIRED

    1. In my Borough, if you are one of our Councilpersons, you must live in the Boro. If you are a Police Officer, you must live in our Boro. If you hold any job or appointment in our Boro, you must live within our Borough lines. Most of our Volunteer Firefighters work for our Boro Sanitation Dept. or in the Boro Maintenance Dept. or are our Police Officers. Same for our Teachers and Cafeterial staff, Custodial staff and Secretaries, etc… Why… Because you will be invested to make our town, your town, a better and safer place to live in, you will fight harder for your children to have the best education, for our streets to be safer and fight with our leaders to do what is right. Does it always work out? No, there has been issues, but they were easier to work out, when it’s your neighbor you are talking too and when you know these families.

    2. @n k Actually, I think that’s a different argument. Certainly they should live in the area they seek to control, but I think it is a step too far to then say that your children must only go to public schools. That’s almost punishing the child for the sins of the father. And where does it stop? All local or national government officials must send their children to public schools? Given what is happening with people’s reaction to covid guidelines, a child could (and probably do) get bullied because their parent doesn’t overtly oppose vaccines or mask mandates or had the temerity to suggest it was a fair election…

    3. @N A Cook going to a public school shouldn’t be a “punishment” though, maybe if their own kid’s education was at stake they’d finally be willing to start paying teachers appropriately

      Assuming of course they care about their kids more than their bribes

    4. Excellent point. When I was young, nearly everyone’s kids went to the local school, so if something needed improvement, the people in charge had a vested interest in fixing it.

      Today it’s advantageous to politicians to screw over public schools, so their private school children don’t have as many kids to compete against for entry to top level universities.

    5. BRILLIANT suggestion! Maybe THEN, money will be put into those schools to make them fit for EVERYONE!

  6. “You can leave freely…” Bro, a tiny wimp like you is scaring no one. He can easily leave freely even if you tried to stop him.

  7. His own kids can’t stand him, & believe me they let all there friends know or else they won’t have any. I can’t stand him either , that phony Ted & his twin brother Fred. Wow

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