Debunking Vaccine Misinformation Can Save Your Life As Covid-19 Surges In 2021 1

Debunking Vaccine Misinformation Can Save Your Life As Covid-19 Surges In 2021


Although 198 million Americans have gotten at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, medical experts warn too many people are holding out on vaccination, allowing Covid-19 to regroup and mutate. In fact, about one out of five Americans say they will not get vaccinated. In this special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the rising cases of the coronavirus and fact-checks some of the factors driving vaccine hesitance. (This is an excerpt from a longer, special report). (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @MilkCow Also, CDC Walensky said the Vs prevent deaths in Aug 5 CNN interview … this is a clear lie as many many have died of covid post-V

  1. a question I haven’t heard anyone discuss. If a fully vaccinated person gets Covid, does it increase his/her immunity?so perhaos they would not need a booster shot for a longer period of time.

    1. It may boost that original immune response but that prevents the complete immune response to the whole virus. You’re forever stuck with that original antigenic sin. You can add to it but you can’t change it. That’s why allergies are such as pain. And why the accellular pertussis vaccines are weak compared to the whole virus vaccines. Safer but less effective.

    2. Plenty of proof out there saying it not only increases immunity, but if you do get Covid, the effects are very mild compared to non vaccinated. After all, nearly all current hospitalizations & deaths are from non vaccinated. They are the ones playing Russian roulette.

    1. @Scott Boyd Wrong. The VACCINE causes evolutionary pressure which results in escaped mutants who are resistant to the vaccine. See: Geert Vanden Bossche. The unvaxxed have nothing to do with this accelerated chain of variants developing. These bio-scientists can’t tell if they’re making a cure or a disease!

    2. _He said as those who haven’t got the vaccine continue to spread and incubate the virus, causing it to mutate, causing the vaccine to lose its effectiveness_

      Go seal yourself in a transparent box, you abject mime

    1. @Shackles Rustyford Debunking the WMD lies that justified the US invading Iraq is “9/11 truther nonsense”?? Please expand on your position!

    2. @Odysseus Why should I when you clearly didn’t even bother to read the original comment and just made your own assumptions?

    3. @Shackles Rustyford Your narcissistic projections on “assumptions” aside, perhaps you missed the fact that I made the original comment.

    1. You obviously don’t understand how vaccines work. Perhaps you should listen to this thoughtful, comprehensive report, and read some scientific studies, and inform yourself on the history of vaccines. If we don’t reach herd immunity we will have a perennial pandemic. The virus, which doesn’t care about politics, just about its own self-preservation, will keep evolving and we’ll always be playing catch-up, and it will never be defeated. It’s survival of the fittest and right now the fittest is the virus, not humans.

    2. @Maureen Gillespie I know exactly how vaccines work. They’re designed to get the body’s immune and lymphatic systems to basically jump start and create antibodies so the body has antibodies on hand at the ready to fight off a viral infection instead of simply letting the person get infected and have both systems do on their own naturally what the vaccine forces it to do more rapidly. The thing is it only speeds up the antibody production but that’s it. You still can get infected and carry it to infect others. It in no way shields you from both of these things. Furthermore,the virus can still mutate within the fully vaccinated albeit at a slower rate. This is why the flu vaccine had to be annually adjusted because a new strain kept on appearing even with a flu vaccine. It took 124 years from the first appearance of the polio virus for it to be declared eliminated. COVID-19 will likely take as long if not more so fools that think it will be gotten under control in under 2 to 3 years are idiots. We’re looking at no light at the end of the tunnel until 2124 minimum with an unknown maximum. Those that want the virus to just up and leave are in for a major disappointment. They’re not going to see an end to it in their short life times of less than 70 to 80 years average life spans. Herd immunity is a pipe dream at this point. Perhaps a country or two might be able to achieve it but the entire world…not going to happen especially when the rich G20 countries horde vaccines while third world countries give rise to new variants. Fully vaccinated fools then go to these countries and get infected bringing those oh so lovely variants back. All the COVID-19 tests do is tell you if someone has enough virus in them for the test to register as positive. You can get a false negative though. It takes an incubation period during which you’re an asymptomatic carrier who spreads it and show no symptoms and if tested have a negative result because the amount of virus in the individual can’t be detected by the test until there’s a specific amount for it to register a positive result. The last part you stated is totally true. The virus doesn’t care about anything but infecting and spreading. It will keep evolving like it or not. It’s not going anywhere. It’s here to stay so deal with it. You should brush up on your virology and immunology knowledge before shooting your mouth off about a topic you have vague knowledge about dear lady.

    3. @Albert Wesker 1969 You used the word “immune,” but no one has claimed that these vaccines make anyone “immune.” That’s what I was responding to.

    4. @Maureen Gillespie So the contention is the use of the word immune. The manner in which the fully vaccinated behave as if the virus can’t infect them,can’t use them to spread further,and can’t mutate within them along with the added behavior of assuming they can immediately go back to a pre-pandemic lifestyle is what makes them treat the vaccines as if they are immune to the virus. Deny that the fully vaccinated don’t engage in these types of behaviors. If you deny it you’re out right lying and if you don’t deny it you’re obviously taking part in these behaviors. Either way thinking you’re immune simply because you got vaccinated is utter stupidity. Vaccines are meant for pharmaceutical profit. There’s plenty of profit to be made in getting people to become chronic vaccine addicts just like pharmaceutical companies love people with other chronic conditions. They see an opportunity to make the entire world into a world of vaccine addicts thanks to COVID-19. There’s no profit though in creating the logical solution of an anti-virus to directly destroy the virus. You’d only treat people once and then they’d be truly immune unlike vaccines which only treat the symptoms and nothing more.

    1. @Shackles Rustyford don’t get the vaccine, your going to regret it later that’s all I’ll say. The government doesn’t care about any of us and it’s obvious.

    2. @Lola Blakeslee Imagine getting so butthurt that somebody actually liked what I had to say that you have to go throwing around sad accusations like that.

    3. @DarkKnightTrinity has not been a year yet . Stupid for no reason and them flu booster shot you talking about.. do you know what the effectiveness is???? Did you know it’s getting less affective??? Telling lies with an agenda is more your game…

  2. The same people who screamed about GMO for years now inject whatever the government tells them to into their veins and say you’re immoral for not doing so as well.

    1. @Lola Blakeslee if someone wants to put down facts then why can’t I ask them? Lololololol freedom of speech.

    1. @Micah Rogers The whole point is they are wrong all the time. So when they say that you would see a reaction within a few weeks. MORE “FACTS” could develop and they could be wrong again.

    2. I want to see the long term effects on the immune system before taking any new tech that messes with it.

  3. Recruiting you to go fight others around you to get vaccinated. Over an issue with their own body. Empowering, to make you their pretty polished little perfect soldier and pressure them.. to do what they want. I think you need to stop and think about why you should run others lives. If this science is so perfect.. why are we still giving the makers immunity from damages?

  4. Hahahhahaha wow! Imagine mentioning a rapper on a medical video. You can’t make this stuff up. Great acting give the guy an oscar.

    1. Thankfully not. After one blood clot hospitalization and one death, I discourage everyone who asks for advice.

    2. @robotron17 i see you being super careful with this posting, but I know you are a troll from other entries. Watch out Ari – this guy is not legit.

    3. Wow, your invitation brought out the roaches – so be careful, Ari – would not want you to get burned – I like your moxie. oh, and yes to your question

  5. After watching the complete failure in Afghanistan, we’re supposed to trust what the Government says about COVID?

    1. Nope, you trust what health authorities, experts who have had lifetime experience in that field. You know, if you want to get a leak fixed you get a plumber, you don’t go on social media & get BS opinions. How is something so simple difficult to comprehend. I mean if the rest of the world can do it, why can’t you? And they seem to be getting on top of Covid.

    2. @Jonas P That wasn’t even as deep as a baby spoon. A health crisis where the recovery rate is 99.7% is not a crisis at all. How is that so difficult??

    3. @Zachary Petersen FFS, if using stats, use correct ones.
      209 million cases globally, 4.4 million deaths. Anyway you look at it, it is 97.8%
      12% of US population has had Covid. How many have had damage to internal organs that will compromise quality 9of life.
      ICU’s packed, people’s health compromised. Isn’t 630,000 deaths not enough for you to call it a crisis?

    4. @Zachary Petersen Seriously, if you can’t back up anything you post with facts from credible sites, best stay quiet and let people assume you’re stupid rather than post something and proving it.

    5. @Jonas P Your approval is irrelevant and not required, as your opinion isn’t important. I’m not trying to persuade you.

      Feel free to panic despite a 99.7% success rate. LOL pu$$y

    1. @Micah Rogers it’s called censored ship than telling the truth being vaccinated after the death poke

  6. 100% pure propaganda! This guy had the audacity to quote BIGGIE? This should make people not want to take the Gene Therapy that they’re calling a this is insane. Mad World.

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