Defense In Chauvin Trial Will Argue That ‘Use Of Force Was In Compliance With Training’ | MTP Daily


    1. eh no, killing is not always murder. A murder, by definition, is an “unlawful killing”… so, it’s a tautology.

    2. MSNBC viewers see a black person being killed by a white person and automatically think it’s an execution.

    3. @Chaos a black guy here in town had said this days ago over a shooting. quote from his own words.I’m here because I believe what happened yesterday was murder and I don’t think that the police should be going around – whether the person’s guilty or not guilty – just shooting and killing citizens. Especially Black citizens,” he said.

  1. Lol… all police officials so far have said that up to three officers kneeling on a prone, handcuffed, person’s neck, chest, and abdomen, for 9min 29sec is not police policy or training and is unnecessary use of deadly force.

    1. Its at least 50-50% It all depends if the great American justice system wants to justified or crucify. Justice will have very little bearing.

    2. Eye witnesses are wrong all the time. If you think you saw Chauvin pressing down with his knee hard enough to cut off air or blood flow then there isn’t a lot of evidence to support that. No bruising. The EMT checked the carotid artery while the knee was in place. If you want justice for George Floyd’s death, and he deserves it, go after his drug dealer whose guilty for killing him. The state is refusing to grant him immunity for a reason.

  2. There is no training manual that includes restraining a person to that person losing consciousness and stopping breathing and still continuing to do it.

    1. @Chaos The blank stare he gave the bystanders sure looked like he was distracted, probably tickling his weenie.

    2. @Ricci Derek was also distracted by the mob, in fact mixed martial artist Williams needed to be restrained. The prosecution called a restraint expert in yesterday who said that he’d never let anyone distract him and he’d been in worse situations, but clearly being a restraint trainer he’s exceptional and his standard is far above the norm Could Derek have done better? Yes. Should he be in prison for murder? No. Should he get his job back? Maybe, but i doubt he’ll want it back and he’ll probably be targeted by BLM peaceful protesters.

  3. Placing his knee on Floyd’s neck was the definition of deadly force. And deadly force is only authorized when your life, or the life of someone else is in imminent danger. Guilty, case closed.

    Anyone trained in the use of deadly force (military or police officers) knows that there are certain parts of the body that are off limits, UNLESS your intentions are to apply deadly force. And again, deadly force is only authorized when your life, or the life of someone else is in imminent danger.

    1. Right and George was handcuffed, faced down on the floor, with other police officers holding him down. So, the deadly force doesn’t even make sense here right?

    2. Haha, “certain parts of the body are off limits”. Lol. Are you a gender rights advocate by chance? Cause there’s no way you are a cop or military.

  4. The defense try to distort the facts; Chauvin’s knee, was on Floyd’s neck! And he was handcuffed.
    It wasn’t on his shoulder.
    What about critical thinking?
    If Floyd was impaired by any drugs, he had to take that into account.
    When the EMT’s arrived, the officers had to let them do their job, since he was unresponsive.
    It was a murder.

    1. @Doazic liar. His bodycam fell off before Floyd was taken to the ground. There’s also the fact that other recordings very clear show Chauvin on Floyd’s neck. So you’re also stupid. A stupid liar.

  5. Put Chauvin on the stand and ask him would he kneel on someone’s neck for 9 minutes again.

    1. that question would likely not be allowed, and Chauvin is not likely to take the stand. If that question were allowed and he did take the stand, it would be the final nail in his coffin.

      The question is a trap: if he says yes then it demonstrates his desire to inflict harm on society, and if he says no then it demonstrates that he knows he was wrong. Even a bad lawyer could win the jury with that question regardless of the answer.

  6. Drugs are not what made Chauvin kneel on Mr. Floyds neck. There is no way you can argue that. Yet here we are.

    1. It’s not illegal for him to use the neck restraint. Also it’s not drugs that made him kneel on his neck, it’s resisting and the fatal dose of fentanyl he ingested that plays into the case.

    2. @Dakota Henry No stupid. His bosses said what he did was against policy. Floyd was handcuffed and not a threat. You have to be about as ignorant as it gets.

    3. @Dakota Henry His superiors said it went against his training to kneel on the mans neck when his hands were behind his back. Try watching the trial sometime.

  7. Every witness and expert said that Chauvin killed the guy….and yet many Americans who weren’t there are swearing that the drugs killed him before Chauvin ever arrived on scene.

    1. If he died before Chauvin was on scene why did they drag him out of the cop car lol.
      Reasoning 101.

  8. Defense: “Chauvin’s use of force was in line with training and policy.”
    Everyone: “Including the 3 minutes he kept his knee on a man who had no pulse?”
    Defense: “Eek! Can we start over?”

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson What are you doing tonight? You should ask three people to kneel on your body while you are on your stomach, with your hands cuffed behind you. Then start the clock. Wait 9 minutes.
      I’ll call 911 now.

    2. @Ro G the media went on for 4 years about Russian interference in the 2016 with no proof. There were literally hundreds of affidavits to voter fraud and the media refused to report on it. WHERE YOURE INFORMATION COMES FROM MATTERS, Just sayin……….

    3. @Michael Bradley he brought that subject up that’s why I responded to that
      But you can just continue to insult anyone who thinks differently than you, that’s why our country is in such a great place now. Thanks for the constructive dialogue

  9. I don’t really think that argument is going to hold much weight in contrast and comparison to the VIDEO……🤨

    1. He’s probably going to be found guilty regardless, reserve your judgement until after the trial has commenced

  10. Okay, so Floyd was unarmed, he was handcuffed and he was lying face-down on the pavement. Surrounded by not one, but four cops. So how was he a threat, in that situation..?

    1. @Franky Rozzello nah man. Give him up. We got to have Noor, a Black Somalian, when he killed a White woman. Be fair and consistent. Throw them a bone. In the interest of public safety. If Chauvin isn’t convicted, they’re gonna burn that city to the ground, and probably other cities, too.

  11. That’s going to be a tough sell considering all his uppers just testified that it was not policy.

  12. Kneeling on his neck with his hands in his pocket. Floyd must have been struggling real hard? Don’t think so.

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