DeJoy Under FBI Investigation For Claim He Once Called ‘Outrageous’ 1

DeJoy Under FBI Investigation For Claim He Once Called ‘Outrageous’


Last summer, Louis DeJoy testified under oath that he was fully aware of how legal campaign contributions work. Now, the Washington Post reports the FBI is investigating the Postmaster General in connection with his past political fundraising.
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    1. @Lisa T thanks for looking me up like a pathetic groupie. It matches your pathetic obsession with Trump

  1. DeJoy: ” That’s an outrageous claim, and I resent it. Yes, I repaid several top executives with bonuses for donating to Trump’s campaign.”

    1. @brown sugar 2 You can tell the “pathetically obsessed” people. They have to keep creating new accounts over and over to keep posting their crap. And there you are, Mr 4th April 2021.

    2. @Sim Simma @brown sugar 2 A third time? When was he elected the second time?
      Pretty sure he and Vlad stole the first one so It’s as if he’s not won any

    3. @Andrew Mitchell thanks for looking me up like a pathetic groupie. Keep up the good work. 2024 is going to be amazing.

    1. And confiscate all his illicit obtained wealth. He probably didn’t make one dollar with honest work.

      I still can’t believe a master crook was the president of US. I can’t believe people are still supporting him thogh he has zero chances of being even nominated in the next elections..

    1. I love how pathetically obsessed all of you are with Trump .
      This kind of attention will get him elected president for a third time.

    2. @brown sugar 2 so are you and apparently all media!
      Lol funny look at the news station you get your facts from
      Media has been compromised since Operation mockingbird

  2. Dejoy bought millions of dollars worth of shares in the company he just awarded a large contract to Oshkosh. Is this not insider trading?

    1. @Jacob Craven My man, I never claimed to be an expert in any post. All I am is a well educated man who has had a good degree of experience in the corporate, government and legal worlds. Why would you get made at someone for speaking from their own experience?? Are you jealous or something? Shouldn’t be. Just be confident in yourself and whatever you do. If you’re a carpenter I’d love to hear your opinion on carpentry matters. If you’re an accountant I’d welcome your opinion on an accounting topic, and so on. I happen to be a retired Corporate Lawer and graduated from Harvard Law School Ckass if 85′. I spent 17 years total practicing law. After 7 years I became Vice President & General Counsel of one of my firms large clients. I did that for about 10 years and then was tapped by George W. Bush to become a Presidential Appointee at one of the Cabinet departments. After being Confurmed by the Senate I became an Assistent Secretary at one of the Cabinet Departments. The office I held had 16 different agencies or functions reporting to it – including procurement and interagency lobbying. Between law practice and government I worked on thousands of transactions and regulatory matters over about 25 + years. I “get” the White Collar world as I was part of it for nearly 40 years and I “get” how government contracting works. My family had a small business that had about 1/2 dozen small government contracts so I also know how the bid process works from the outside. I joined the Marines 10 days out of high school in 1975 and was Honorably discharged as a Sergeant. I later became an Army officer and was Hiniranly discharged as a Captain O-3. Marines was all Active Duty while Army was Active and reserve. This year I decided to come out if retirement and go to school to become a licensed Funeral Director. It’s a field that always had my curiosity. As I said, I’ve been around.

    2. @D Wu Nancy didn’t try to undermine democracy and its election process. I know it’s hard to accept a fair election. I Wouldn’t be surprise if you are from a communist country.

    3. @No Name LMAO. Who was the House speaker after 2018? Pelosi and she was the one running Russiagate hearings. FFS, she did nothing but tried to overturn the 2016 election. You wouldn’t be surprised if I am from a communist country? Well you got that right….I live in CA. LMAO!

  3. My guess is that those people lost out because I bet they had to pay income tax on the money

  4. if Decoy DeJoy is so great maybe lets have a few trumpers explain this to us , come on i dare ya

    1. @sebell C there are laws governing how he can be fired; it’s taking a while, but the Biden administration is working on it.

    2. @sebell C ONLY the Governors postal board can fire the post master General! ** look up actual info before embarassing yourself like this!

  5. By God, he lied and had the audacity to call it «outrageous». Lying to Congress is an offense. When the senator asked him related to the political contribution, you can be sure he knew the answer and now it will be used against DeJoy in court. Can the new 3 appointed members of the board appointed by Biden able to fire him?????

    1. That is the hope of everyone who thinks this guy is a criminal, crooked and a crony of the former failed president.

  6. This crooks knew what they were doing, all they accused the “deep state” of doing this people was doing this and thinking they were going to get away with it. Shameful people.

    1. Shamefull is when you cheat in a election, and then cry when others want an audit to verify.

  7. We need to protect the Post Office for all people. It is a service for all people. DeJoy needs to resign.

  8. This creep couldn’t be more corrupt. He was put in to obstruct and diminish the PO starting some months in advance in prep to cheat the election.

  9. Why is he allowed to run the PO, while owning several businesses that are competitive with the post office, giving him reasons to help the USPO fail? Conflict of interest?

    1. Trump would have set him up in there, remember trump was adamant, he was going to say the election was fraudulent if he lost, trump planned the lot, months and months if not years before 2020, knowing how he won in 2016 already was not legitimate

    2. It’s an internal thing which is the stupidest thing you’ll ever hear or read when you look it up.

  10. DeJoy should have been fired ages ago. Besides all of his illegal actions, he is horrible at his job!! The mail has never been as bad as under his supervision. His management is killing our postal service and killing some small businesses who depend on the mail for their business. I’m really tired of the wealthy being above the law.

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