Democratic ‘Moderates’ Not Fighting Hard Enough For Democracy Says Dowd 1

Democratic ‘Moderates’ Not Fighting Hard Enough For Democracy Says Dowd


As voting rights are under assault, a politics expert calls for moderate Democrats to fight harder to defend our democracy. ‘I'm today more upset,’ Matthew Dowd tells Joy Reid, “…[at] the centrists and moderates who want to preserve some tradition in this and say they're for democracy, but really they don't fight for it the way we need them to fight for it.’
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    1. We are trying but are held up by our fellow man. Soon they will be labeled the enemy and their point of view won’t matter.

    1. Or their constituency is full of Republicans that voted blue. You ever though that might be the case?

    1. Yeah, takes a while to learn to read ‘traitor’ much less understand it. But I hear conservatives, as the originators, have a big leg up on that.

  1. We should treat them like someone who doesn’t want to keep democracy in place, take the steps to replace them now, quit wasting time

  2. YES!, that sounds TO BE the perfectly simplified solution ~ onwards to making safe & secure USA elections for all US CITIZENS @ 18+ y.o. age ! LETS DO THAT !!! … just as Ms. Joy Reid just suggested !!!

    1. All other western democracies have had this forever. Amazing that America hasn’t been able to do something so simple….

  3. The reason the “moderate” Dems don’t see it is because their big donors pay them to not see it, and to do nothing.

    1. So, they are just as much Hypocrites as the ReTrumpians! But, hide under so-called democracy.

    1. Too awesome, I just came from a video of yours! Love you Styx, watch you first thing every morning

    2. Sure he does. Oh wait, experienced and respected politics experts don’t know anything, I suppose.

  4. Well quit changing the definition of words and you won’t feel like you have these issues.

  5. The scary part of all this is that they really believe the total BS that comes from there mouths.

  6. I’m a moderate voter. I’m so sick of getting blamed and pulled into the mix of nonsense politics

  7. weird when trump said “fight” you said it was insurrection. guess you’re. the insurrection now?

  8. Americans of good conscience need to stand firm against Trump and the GOP. And we badly need reforms.


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