NFL Abandons 'Race-Norming', Which Presumed Black Players Have Lower IQs 1

NFL Abandons ‘Race-Norming’, Which Presumed Black Players Have Lower IQs


The NFL has abandoned the use of 'race-norming' in settlements, a policy that presumed Black players have lower IQs. Sports journalist Jemele Hill gives her analysis on this, and Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the French Open, as Hill and Joy Reid discuss the pressures many Black athletes face.
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  1. If people still need a bald-faced example of institutional racism, this is it. Abhorrent, and the country is only just beginning.

    1. @INCARNATE Ya know…resorting to calling someone a Klan member simply expressing a different opinion (which in itself isn’t racist) is pretty counterproductive. At least in engage in a discussion.

    2. @RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot Nah, saying that race norming isn’t institutional racism and saying that affirmative action is, means you hold the same racist views as a klan member and you should have no say in political discourse 😀

  2. Holy Mother Of God.

    I have hated football my entire life, and this is just another sh*tty thing to hate about the NFL specifically.

    What MONSTERS. I hope people burn their jerseys and season tickets.

    1. @Doc Robinson Same here. Been loving it since a child watching it and screaming at the TV with my dad lol . However, if I have to give it up, I have to give it up.

  3. There is still medical criteria, to this day, that is applied to whites and different criteria applied to blacks. It is reflected in certain labs associated with renal function that plays a role in transplants

    1. As it should, because blacks and whites are different at a genetic and phenotypic level. Look up sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis and vitamin D deficiency.

    2. @Ryan Powell Yet, making the determination of an individuals race based on skin color alone can result in adverse effects for the patient due to the elimination of potential diagnosis, thought to be rare amongst the black population. We have become much more integrated. Without obtaining a complete and thorough background, which does not always occur, the healthcare system is treating pt’s based on ethnic assumptions….example:

      26-year-old black woman presented with microscopic hematuria, proteinuria, and slightly decreased kidney function, to an urban University Hospital medical subspecialty clinic. She had no symptoms, but had a brief upper respiratory tract infection 6 months ago. Her BP was 147/94 mmHg, pulse was 74 bpm, and temperature was 36.9° C. Physical examination was unremarkable except for trace pedal edema. Urinalysis revealed hematuria and scattered red blood cell casts. “Nearly a classic case of IgA nephropathy,” the nephrologist thought, “but IgA nephropathy is so rare in black patients.”

      A biopsy was done, consistent with IgA nephropathy. At follow-up, the nephrologist asked the patient about her family background, and learned her mother was from Taiwan. Her paternal grandmother descended from Greek immigrants, and her paternal grandfather was black. The nephrologist realized he had decided on the patient’s “race” and categorized her as “black” without asking her about her ancestry or eliciting a detailed family history.

  4. But the GOP is about to tell them their vote does not matter, no more walking on the sidewalk, and dare not look at another white woman. Modern day football players have Uncles and Grandparents (still living) who lived through that. This ain’t progress. It is acknowledgment of an “I am a man” sign. Let’s not take these conversations too far back, Mrs. Joy. Everybody ain’t going. Love ya’.

  5. The NFL brings in 20 billion worth of revenue, and this is the attitude they have toward some of the players who are responsible for this.

  6. Well the republicans will sure hate the idea of this…They clearly have a pre-civil war vision for the country….They celebrate things like the Tulsa massacre….

    1. @Sullen Taylor Insurrection is a Republican’s celebration, they need to resort to this vile tactic in order to win a major election.

    2. Democrats started the civil war. And the KKK.
      Republicans are against all race norming. But that includes racist affirmative action and job quotas and you love those so…

  7. Clearly a violation of the civil rights act. Hope the government sends a big message, not just some fine that gets easily dismissed.

    1. They hate her about as much as they do the Williams sisters. Apparently Tennis was not for Blk players, especially Blk players who kick tail on the court.

    2. Then race norming for jobs and college is also a violation.
      Oh but you want it both ways I suppose.

  8. Absolutely when she won against Serena Williams that care about it her into stardom like never before. And we all think we would love that type of Starmine TV cameras all in our face but that creates a lot of pressure on a person to do it again. And most of us would say well I would love that but that’s not how the mind works. All that pressure can wear a person down it can lead to anxiety to stress to depression. Just imagine now you’re pushing yourself your body to try and do it again and again and again with all of these people watching.

    They were absolutely wrong for telling her you have to do media coverage a person shouldn’t have to do anything they don’t want to do but play the sport. If I don’t show up to talk to the media that should be the problem of the tennis world not her it’s not her job to promote tennis or talk to reporters it’s her job to play on the court.

  9. It’s good to see the NFL is finally abandoning Victorian era racist pseudo science.

  10. ALL sports need to rid our lives of this plantation mentality and start player owned leagues. No one is loyal to a “league”. Fans will follow wherever it’s being played.

  11. Wow, I’m watching this on TV now! They’re just NOW doing something about that racist disgusting mess?! WTH!

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