Democrats Won’t ‘Color Outside The Lines’ On Voting Rights 1

Democrats Won’t ‘Color Outside The Lines’ On Voting Rights

Executive Producer of Showtime’s “The Circus” John Heilemann and former Florida Congressman David Jolly discuss that while a Texas State Senator was willing to filibuster for 15 hours to stop a restrictive voting bill, Congress has recessed with little progress on federal voting rights legislation.
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    1. @T. R. Campbell so are you and your swamp based looney tunes internet….. I suggest you use it educate yourself before ranting this BS LIKE THIS. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT OK

    2. @T. R. Campbell ok resign the republicans also hey when they did the same thing and only in infrastructure bill not the rights of us the people fight get up rah rah

    3. @neb How did the bill make it easier to cheat? Do you consider people who don’t vote the way you do having their votes counted to be cheating?

  1. Vote them out. Change this by sending Republicans home. Get rid of legislators who have no concern for their constituents like Ted Cruz who leave the state when their constituents are freezing. Never forget that act of cowardice/insensitivity.

    1. You CANT vote them out if THEY can legally simply overturn any election results they don’t like. Which is the whole POINT of all this drama!!!

    2. @neb End gerrymandering for one, which has long been used (by Democrats at times too) to ensure that only certain voices are heard.

      It prevents unconstitutional bans on polling locations and hours. Prevents Republicans making a single polling location for a massive district, while giving one every block for a tiny Republican heavy community. Prevents needless hurdles for getting free ID (no more charging minorities hundreds of dollars to get an ID that’s supposed to be 100% free). Stops voter intimidation at the polls. And on and on and on.

    3. @Adam Taylor yeah I totally agree with ending gerrymandering. Your right both parties abuse that and I mean both.

      I dont agree with the feds making a single rule for all the states. But the states should have a per capita pattern or ratio of voting spots per citizens. And that ratio should be uniformed across the state.

    4. @neb I think that the best method is for the Federal government to have a blanket list of laws and regulations that affect all states. And each individual state is left to decide how best to implement those laws.

      So yes, gerrymandering needs to be done away with entirely. They’ve already shown the automated system that would replace the current one, which prevent illegal redistricting and manipulation. It would ensure each city/town/village/county/etc is properly districted, combined as needed to make the appropriate population numbers and all.

      The states would be left to ensure that each district is properly covered with voting locations, appropriate access and hours, staffing, mail in voting methods, etc.

      And as most people say, election day should be a national holiday, so that EVERYONE can be guaranteed a chance to get out and vote.

    5. That’s exactly what the GOP is trying to prevent and the president and Congress are again going to let them get their way.

    1. Let’s play the republican game but more extreme and have all blue states limit republican counties to 1 polling place and limit voting time to 1 hour. Make sure we don’t allow any republican counties to vote by mail. Let’s not forget voter ID. Except these counties will require 4 of them: drivers license, passport, birth certificate or proof of citizenship, and Trump card. Every citizen can still vote in these counties so it’s not like we’re making it harder for republicans to vote by doing this, right? Also let’s make eating/drinking and sitting in line illegal and send people breaking this law to jail.

    2. @Semyon Budyonny Capitalism works for ppl that are willing to work and are motivated to better themselves.I like it. Sorry for you.

    3. @David Eby The idea behind these bills the Republicans are passing is to make it as difficult as legally possible for demographics that don’t favor voting for them. And before you go off about how the laws affect everyone equally, think about this… If they passed a law stating everyone had to stand on one leg while voting, it would still be a stupid law even though everyone had to follow it.

    4. Any rule that makes voting harder for economically or geographically disadvantaged citizens should be struck down.

    1. When are the liberal, marginalized, actvist voters going to learn, 80% of the country don’t want a bill to make it easier to cheat? Maybe never. Watching left news has consequences.

    2. @neb Donnie Boy literally said if voting was made easy for everyone no Republican will ever again be President.

    3. Proud of what? Living off your tax money and living in a Mansion while you live in a small house?


    1. @Mike Kelley but no, Trump, the people’s president, never in one moment of his speech told anyone to riot. Maybe he used code phrases? Conspiracy Theories, sigh.

  2. How can any American allow any government in this country to make citizens second class citizens or foreigners in their birth country?

    1. I wish I had an answer that would solve the problem. I think I know why but without all citizens having equal input how can anyone know? I do know that I’m sick of politicians telling me what we think. Give all of us equal and easy access and our representatives will know what we think, we will tell them loud and clear and they will listen or be out of a job.

    1. It hasn’t yet. So far weak Dems never hold the traitorous Republican’s feet to the fire, ever. Never any consequences for them. Just everybody goes on weeks and weeks of vacation. I’m disgusted!!

    2. @Cookin Breakfast I agree with everything you said. F republicans and democrats better grow a backbone

    3. @Karen Moore
      You are so right about that, the Democrats better grow a backbone. This is at a critical juncture right now…they better get their act together and fight tooth and nail !!

    1. @Billy Pardew ID is not the problem. The problem is there are laws now that give Republicans the power to change elections if they don’t win.

    2. @Billy Pardew And if some people live in a district where it takes 5 minutes to get into the voting booth and the votes lean Republican and other people live in districts were it takes 5 hours and the votes lean Democrat and the Republicans want to keep it that way it’s just that easy for everyone huh?

    3. Some people are literally taught from birth the willful ignorance of accepting information and direction from their chosen leaders with unquestioning blind faith. These are people who have so much contempt for or outright hatred of people not like themselves that they believe those “others” will be — and that it is entirely appropriate that those “others” should be — tortured for eternity. The greediest of the wealthiest among us are the actual owners of the Republican brand, a minority, who use their wealth (especially dark money) to enable and encourage their political puppets to stroke hatreds to move large numbers of voters to the polls to vote contrary to the voter’s own economic best interest.

  3. Republican Senate has played it the way it wants, which is to run out the clock for voting rights using the infrastructure legislation to drag out every minute of time so that red States can run parallel with the time to pass voter suppression laws and gerrymander in preparation of the mid-term 2022 elections. The play seems to be working up to this point.

    1. You nailed it!!!! That’s precisely what they are doing. Meanwhile the Democrats leave for vacation. Disgusting. There absolutely has to be something they can do, or at least make the effing effort to try anything!! I mean this is the most important matter, nothing else matters if we never are able to win anymore elections because of Republicans rigging it all.

    2. And the Democrats are shameful in allowing democracy to fall. This administration has improved nothing yet. One stimulus check. What else have we tangibly got?

  4. It’s Government of the People, by the people and for the people. Keep up the good fight never let them take away the power of your vote. Let the People’s vote count.

  5. They’re passing laws that allow them to do exactly what Trump couldn’t force Raffensberger to do throw out the People’s vote because they don’t like the way you voted.

    1. @Olivia Vega Not true Olivia. Wake up

      Hispanics are waking up and voting Trump. Democrats want to make sure Republicans lose Texas

    2. Apparently it’s the Republicans who cheat! Voter fraud that has been found were committed by Republicans.

    3. @Bernice Richter Yea right. Of course both sides cheat but Democrats work together to cheat. Democrats are like a union ran mafia. Unions love mafia!!

  6. Holy balls! Standing and speaking for 15 hours? And they equate the “having of balls” to strength. This female Democrat representative just showed strength of body and of character.

  7. Democrats deserve to loose the next election with their lack of toughness and willingness to go to the mat over voting rights.

  8. Those Texas Democrats are literally putting their lives and the lives of their loved ones on the line for voting rights.
    I commend them and pray for their safety.

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