Derby Trainer: ‘It’s Disturbing’ Horse Medina Spirit Fail Drug Test | MSNBC

Media Spirit trainer Bob Baffert says it is “disturbing” and an “injustice” that the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner failed a drug test. Baffert said the horse is not treated with that medication and they are working to figure out how it got in the horses system.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Derby Trainer: ‘It’s Disturbing’ Horse Medina Spirit Fail Drug Test | MSNBC


  1. Don’t you test before the race? I mean really. That would be such a easy solution to this kind of thing.

    1. @Not Here This was the test after the race? When was the test done before the race? That day or? What was the result?

    1. @E E they are likely feeding them the same food and same water, that could of been contaminated. Water in lakes and rivers have had medications and chemicals that have been improperly discarded, enough that it’s shown up in water testing. It could also be sabotage as that has happened in the past or it could be someone caring for or financially vested in the horses doing it without their knowledge. Ie it doesn’t mean this guy is lying having knowledge of it himself.

    2. @Andy Smitty Why would there be steroids there? Not innocently, for sure. And it’s “could HAVE been” not “could OF been”. Your ignorance is showing.

  2. I’ve been in the horse world for 10 years in the past. As you introduce medals, money or fame in the competition, there will be illegal drugs. ALWAYS. And when people get caught, they ALWAYS deny it.
    Then they accuse someone else of doing it once it is proven to be true.

    1. @Donald Ducko I see the relation between your comment and this topic :
      You bet on the wrong orange horse and you lost it all … so you call the winners cheaters. Still looking for some bamboo ? 🤣
      Thanks for your admission of guilt. 😁

    2. @Gene Montoya Uh…sure..I have seen plenty my age( 33) who are with BLM and Antifa cult doing that. Anarchy. Shame I had my first house by 25 and landed a coding lead job making 38.90 an hour.

    1. Clearly the horse is a dope head using illegal street drugs , it sneaks out at nights to score some meth . 🙂

    2. Baffert is tGOAT horse Trainer, he absolutely dominates. people are just butthurt that their horse they bet the house on lost and are making up these BS allegations against a patriot.

  3. There is a company in Arizona called “cyber ninjas” that can re do that test more to your liking.

  4. Enjoyed your show, including Ali, Yasmin and Alicia, see you all next week. Happy Mothers Day.

  5. There’s something seriously wrong with this guy and it sounds like he’s about to regret what he’s done in a big way.

  6. It’s his 5th horse this year caught with stereoids … but he knows nothing about it? Very convincing indeed!

    1. Obviously the grass at his stable is contaminated with performance-enhancing steroids. It could happen to anyone.

  7. I have no idea how the horse I am the trainer for failed his drug test? Hilarious LMAO

  8. He said the horse was so disturbing…
    Why dont you ask the horse…?
    Hey medina spirit , are you on steroid?
    Medina spirit:…no idea…ask my trainer..

  9. I don’t know anybody on the racing circuit that considers Baffert to be an honest man. He’s considered to be as dishonest as Lucas. There’s a reason why they have so many wins

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