Elon Musk hosts ‘SNL,’ Miley Cyrus tributes godmother Dolly Parton | USA TODAY

Elon Musk cracked jokes and caused a dip in the price of Dogecoin as host of "Saturday Night Live."

We didn't know what to expect when "Saturday Night Live" announced Elon Musk would host its May 8 episode. But as far as his opening monologue went and throughout the episode, he proved quite the comedian.

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  1. That was the stupidest SNL I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t funny one bit. Come see how space agencies FAKE going to space!

    1. @MIKE D – Come see everyone ! In my playlist, THE FAKE SPACE PROGRAM, you can see how they fake it using cgi, see their cgi FAIL, see scuba divers on earth pretending to do spacewalks, and much more !

    2. @MIKE D – lol.. cgi = reality … LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL

    3. @MIKE D – Tin foil is thinking cgi is reality. NASA could use your tin foil hat to make another Lunar Lander. Donate TODAY !!!

    1. it’s usually good during election season and mostly garbage for the 3 years in-between.
      during trump, less so. that guy was a constant walking punchline… but he’s gone now, so snl can go back to being sh*t.

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