DeSantis Tries To Get Cute About His Poor Management Of Covid In Florida 1

DeSantis Tries To Get Cute About His Poor Management Of Covid In Florida


Rachel Maddow shows new campaign merchandise from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that disparages Dr. Anthony Fauci, even though statistics show his performance in managing the coronavirus in his state is among the worst in the United States.
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    1. I’ll never understand why people use the same punchline in multiple comments across YouTube. 🤔 I suppose it derives from unoriginal people and followers too afraid to take a step forward and venture out on their own with her on cognizance.

    2. How does she get away with this complete lie, this should be addressed msnbc should be fined, there is no truth to what she said about covid

  1. How many seniors are living in Florida? How many of them travel back and forth from NY to FL? Asking for a friend.

    1. They come for winter and leave after mother’s day. Florida was slow to shut down because of Spring break (money before public health) and opened too soon so spring breakers could party. Gotta make that money! Seniors make of a large percentage of people who have already been vaccinated. Most seniors get yearly flu and pneumonia shots. They also very rarely are seen out in large crowded parties. Sure wouldn’t want my Governor taking responsibility for anything.

    2. @Randy Fuentes …and you’re afraid of a virus with a 99.98% survival rate IF you get it. Stay in your basement clown.

    3. @Cathy Shappell < So afraid of a virus with a 99.98% survival rate if you get it........poor frightened baby. Oh, and I have it right now and getting better and I'm 66 and I"M NOT AFRAID. We have a great governor and he has our support, if you don't live here then all you got is BS opinion like Rachel Madcows who wants you to be.....scared.

    4. @Randy Fuentes If the way DeSantis runs Florida is so horrible according to you, why are your commie friends from NY, NJ, IL etc IMMIGRATING to Florida in droves? I would say welcome but not really, you’re gonna want to start re education camps down here. Aren’t we part of the fly over country? The deplorables? Why are you coming here? Why? I thought your socialism was doing so well, it hasn’t even slipped into communism yet and you’re running already?

  2. The people who don’t like this philosophy keep on running the same play. And they will til it stops working.

    1. If Covid is so serious, how come fraud Maddow has no problem with the mass importation foreign welfare recipients across the southern border. They have an 11% infection rate. Maddow is a hypocrite and spin doctor.

    1. 🤣😊FAKE , FAILING NEWS ( be aware fellow Patriots , MSNBC urges it’s Employees and family members to thumbs up and defend their propagandist Fake news)

    2. @TARS, CASE, & JuJu I picked some of the worst and some of the best. You can work out the rest for yourself. You really are the laziest person, aren’t you? You should be saying ‘thank you’ but that wouldn’t cross your mind.

    3. @Margaret Nicol say thank you to what? propaganda with cherry picked statistics? It is not my job to make the political propaganda of an activist on a phony informative TV show. If you want to see how it is done, watch Tucker Carlson, the show that is against LIES, POMPOSITY, SMUGGNESS, and specially Group Think

    4. @I love it ! What’s horrible is your judgment, your ethics, your morals, and your embracement of lies and hate. What’s sad is how easily you have been fooled and used.

    1. @Joe Munch bwahahahahah. Now that’s funny!!!! You really believe he got 80 million votes! 🤣. Oh my. I can’t stop laughing!!!

    2. @David & Melissa Aguilar XD. The least presidential and least popular modern-day president didn’t win re-election, and you’re still crying about it. Lol. Snowflake soyboy. Trump’s base may have been raucous, but the silent majority came out and voted for Biden in a historic landslide. Thanks, Trump, for handing Democrats the White House, Senate, and House! We couldn’t have done it without you. Lol!

    3. @Joe Munch I printed 80 million ballots that show people voted for me, I’m your president now. Legit according to your kind. Commies can’t win in communist countries without printing votes for themselves. (I should know, I lived in one)

    4. @Uncle Jim Lol. Fake news! I can see the bamboo on your ballots with my UV light rays that got left over in my eyes after I injected them in my lungs to fight COVID like Dotard Trump said. L.

    1. I’m in Florida right now and everything is great. He handled it well. Looks like somebody on the left is worried the Santa’s might be the next president

    2. @Brian Ward Do you guys want me to make a video that will help solve this feud? I can see MSNBC and FOX aren’t doing a great job at it.

  3. 😂😂😂you mean New York and Jersey, the two worst? Florida is by far the oldest state and performed very well. Liars

    1. They count any cause of death as a covid death. You die in a car accident and had covid symptoms? Covid death.

  4. DeSantis should just change the state name to Flo Rida, that way DeSantis could sell more albums to add to his street cred☝️😎

    1. @Yes Man Flo Ridas maaaan. get it right.
      I’m from Orlando, Finally I know what I’m stikin on the back of my daily driver.

  5. Here’s a report for msdnc. Because of how well Florida is being run there’s over 1,000 people a day moving to Florida.

  6. So if the ones who are not taking the shots for coronavirus are listening to the republican party, will their be less people voting republican???
    They may want to rethink about this.

  7. I’m not sure where she demonstrates more cognitive dissonance in her show today – this segment or the one discussing the Maricopa County audit update.

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