New Book: Top General Feared Trump Would Attempt A Coup 1

New Book: Top General Feared Trump Would Attempt A Coup


Excerpts from a new book about the final year of the Trump Administration outline the frustration and dismay former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, experienced during his time in the White House. A summer spike in coronavirus cases among the unvaccinated cause concern among public health experts.
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    1. @Gadget Carpenter NO, you don’t. YOu’re just like the LEFT, you shut your ears to the things that run contrary to your PRECONCIEVED NOTIONS.

      You and the radical LEFT are EXACTLY THE SAME.


    2. @GOPfacistLOSERS Again Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic.

      No real bikers go to the rally. Just the wannabes. It’s like a tool convention.

    3. @steel celt Liberals do very well in SD. For the longest time, SD was represented by two Democrats, Daschle and Johnson. They did very well.

      I know many liberals who work as hard as they can, harder than many conservatives. Hard work, Family and and Life Skills are not the exclusive domain of the right.

    4. @Matt Z Says the person assuming they know a total stranger. Tell me one thing I said that is inaccurate. EXACTLY.. You got nothing.

    5. @Gadget Carpenter I did. You don’t listen to what other say.

      I already told you what you got wrong, you didn’t want to hear it.


      YOU LOSE.

    1. @Jim S “only a dictator rules by executive orders. ” proceeds to sign the most executive orders in history. You guys are hilarious.

    2. @ihave35cents Why would I do that? Every idea you’ve brought to me so far is incredibly stupid. Isn’t there something not stupid that you can come up with?

  1. I wonder why fox news ain’t taking about this maybe cause they have their tails between their legs

    1. Why talk about someone’s fears?
      He was worried Trump was going to do something.. and his worries didn’t go anywhere.. so this is a non-issue..

    2. Lol because only the liberal MSM wants to talk about non-stories. Gotta keep up those ratings somehow, am I right?

    3. because this isn’t newsworthy. CNN isn’t even reporting this trash. You are literally fed propaganda.

  2. Propaganda is the battle for hearts and minds. “They that can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities…. Voltaire.

  3. “Top General Feared Trump Would Attempt A Coup” But, didn’t mind at all that there was a coup.

    1. Funny how they call a made up “fear” a “revelation”. Propaganda outlets in full glory.
      This reported by Brian Williams who was caught in several lies.
      LIE: Your helicopter was shot down
      LIE: You were there when the Berlin Wall came down
      LIE: You flew into the Middle East with the seal team that killed bin Laden

    2. Those idiots have no idea how lucky they are that Congress escaped. If they had started hanging people I doubt many of them would’ve gotten out alive.

    3. This is another Christy Ford charade only with a uniform. Same silly democrat/media created drama that is laughable.

    1. @BitBuhkit I’m not sure, but I think he means a bunch of overweight “militia” dudes who think they stand a chance against Abrams fighting vehicles and Apache helicopters. They think they’re better armed than the Iraqi’s under Saddam? When cult-like delusion leads to tragedy.

    2. @Jarry Sciligo Biden said “F15s and Nuclear weapons” in case he ever had to give an order for Mass Genocide against an uprising of the U.S. Citizenry.
      Get it straight.

    3. @Jarry Sciligo Spot on…
      I sure hope the stupidity doesn’t get to that point, what a shame that would be for our country.

  4. Wild to watch people let their political party infuse them with fear of the vaccine , , for no other reason than to make the other political party look bad. The Republicans put their citizen members in real danger, just to call Biden and the Democrats a failure on cable news.

    1. @Skyrocketcoast its documented just like the defund the police BS, but unlike your soon to be neighbors.

    2. Covid is just expanding the margin of victory for democrats at this point. Natural selection at its finest.

    3. Actually it was the loony Kamala Harris just last fall that said she wasn’t going to get the vaccine…..and why??? Because it was Trump’s vaccine. And you come on here and rip republicans for putting politics over their voters safety ? Huh?

    4. And the democrats, let a bunch of thugs loot, burn and murder people in great america cities for months, all to fit a racist narrative that doesn’t exist

    1. Who do you follow ,the cominist government of china, just think in less than four years ,Donald Trump will be back in the Whitehouse, election integrity is starting to unfold with voter ID and signature verification in place it will make it harder for the dirty democrats to steal another election

    2. @J. Wright Why do u support dictatorship ? Maybe u should move to Russia if u want to led by a dictator. Oh Voter fraud? 😃 even Trumps own appointed Federal.judges said it was a big pile of Bulls@it😁✌🏻

    3. @J. Wright lol, so does all those so called fraudulent ballots include the states Replublican won as well? You anti American Putin lovers are ridiculous 😁✌🏻

    4. Since you’re so weak Joe and can’t handle living in a democracy where the other side wins then maybe you should move to trumps boyfriends country North Korea. You know, Kim Jung Un, the dictator that trump said he fell in love with.

    5. Communism is SO not a thing here in the U.S.. You people are terrified of a nonexistent issue.

  5. They were “afraid” that trump was going to plan a coup. Their “plan” was to resign IF trump did anything before January 20th. This would explain why it took Kamala Harris several months to move in to her residence due to “maintenance issues.”

  6. I thought Trump was conspiring with the Russians to invade Alaska and come down and clean up our woke cities.

    1. It’s scary to imagine he was in charge of our forces. Glad he didn’t have to face a threat greater than the one he invented in his head.

  7. These was a time I respected MSNBC. Not anymore since they are now an arm of the Democratic party. Spending much of their time tearing down the Republican party by ANY means. They need to change their sign from MSNBC to MSDNC! MicroSoft Democratic National Committee.

    1. They are nothing less than another wing of the democrat party pretending to be a news source. They have no shame.

  8. He’s a enemy that is trying to destroy America’s democracy, if was a black president placing him in prison will be no problem.

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