1. It’s always Gym Jordan interrupting and speaking over those who have the time! He won’t even listen to Nadler!

    1. @Krome SD you better look at the dems before you throw stones.. slick willie banging an intern then lying about it and hilarious supporting him.. hop on harris calling biden out for committing sexual assault and being racist.. how many times was slick on epsteins jet.. trump banned epstein.. and don’t bring up coumo..lol.. oh my I could go on for hours but you are blinded by your lick step mentality

    2. @James Branham Even for a QDrone that’s weak. Just randomly tossing out names of unrelated people. SO weak.

  2. Mute the mics of everyone except who’s got the floor to speak. Have a light on their desk so when they want to interrupt, they hit the button for the light. Like ground rules for a kindergarten class to keep order.

    1. @Twixxie Splitts I don’t know what is in ur head but how is Jordan even legit when he allowed innocent students get molested by their own team doctor? I don’t even have kids of my own but I do have nieces and nephews that I would protect or fight for if anything like that was ever done to them.

  3. The only time Gym Jordan ever shut his mouth was when those boys in Ohio State told him they were being abused.

    1. @George Chiha bro he ain’t a pawn. He knows what a loser he is. Really want that fight Ted Cruz signed him up for to happen so Ron Perlman would beat him.

    2. That is not true. When they finally spoke out at least 10 years after the guy who they claimed molested them died, they stated that Jordan must have known. They all stated that they did not tell him, he was not present, but he must have known. Is Jordan psychic?

      This case was investigated years ago. There was no proof that Jordan knew anything about what they claimed happened. Like most things that the federal democrat bureaucrats say, you need to actually look into it first.

    3. @Gio Lopez because he is speaking the truth. This video even shows him making a point of order and the corrupt Nadler is yet again trying to shut him down.

    4. @no more microtransactions not true. They admitted that they never told Jordan, that he was not present, but that he must have been able to read their minds and known all about it.

  4. I wish Jordan had bothered to reach out to law enforcement when he knew those wrestlers were being abused.

    1. @Jones Drew – eight different wrestlers said Jordan was aware of the abuse and is Joe grandstanding. Franken still stepped down.

    2. He was a abuser
      Someone fill me in with info what to say

      I would dishonour and lie about myself
      For the greater good

      He touched me
      I was 9 and he found me hiding
      I will testify and point a finger and snitch
      I am a survivor 💪

      Now people ….copy me and we can have 1 million victims by Thursday
      He be in jail by Sunday

    3. @CCJJ160Channels. . . .Jones Drew is twisting facts to get you twisted. So long as you know, it’s your choice, of course.

  5. Gym, I think you need to leave Val alone, because she is totally disgusted with y’all and your mouth bout to write a check your azz can’t cash.

    1. @Northern Star _you mean with gerrymandering_
      I mean the new voting laws mean democrats never win again.

  6. Just had a little chat with Karma and she is still pissed at Jim Jordan for turning his back on students who were being sexually assaulted while under his watch and he didn’t lift a finger to help them.

    1. @Harold Moore Thats why Bill Clinton flew to his island 27 times and Trump was never there. Not sayiny Trumps a good guy but get your facts straight. This whole government is evil. Demoplicans and Republicrats. They all want you to get that Covid Shot. They all are pushing for AGENDA 21 a one world global government. Biden’s nothing but a PUPPET. Trump is a scumbag too!! Dont you get it. There’s no winner! Look up Nicholson 1968 video titled “Controlled”. Please watch it

    2. @Leonel Ventura You have a rational sense of perspective. You’re too sane for the gopers to understand you.

    3. @Elysha Dawson And I hate crooked cops who “Lose their gun” and then someone is killed with it! Isn’t that what you call a “Coincidence??”🐷🐷🐷😂😂😂😂And that idiot was “Chief of Police?”🤡🤡🤡🤡

  7. Gymbo needs to take a long walk off a short pier!🙄 He listens as well in Congress as he did at Ohio State. He needs to be kicked out of OUR government. Ohio should be ashamed.🤬

    1. Can’t stand the little demon spawn! I am born and raised in northern Ohio and thoroughly embarrassed! He’s not from my district but I’d have voted for Bilbo Baggins before Gymmy!

    2. where is your shame when you accepted biden as president, knowing all the proof that he actually lost in a landslide?

  8. She started her time by saying she was a police officer for 27 years . Don’t know if he knows any women police officers personally but they don’t play . You see her hitting her hand on the desk . He was a few minutes away from getting his butt kicked .

  9. I couldn’t stop laughing when Jordan said, “We condemn the violance on January 6.”
    His nerve really is striked.

    1. What Trump said on January 6th was just a spark. The wood and gasoline had been placed during the months, days, and hours that preceded Trump’s speech at the Ellipse: Months of propagation of the “Big Lie”, multiple rallies held in DC right before January 6th, and speakers (like Giulani advocating “trial by combat”) who spoke before Trump on the 6th (from speech transcripts and recordings, not “fake news”). These all served to prep and rile up Trump’s supporters. By the time Donald told them to walk to the capital, all it took was a nudge to open a floodgate for “true believers” who were primed for forceful insurrection. The articles are out there, it’s been reported in the MSM, and the FBI investigation continues to bring more facts to light.

    2. keith Blain – Trump supporters who condoned the violence? Where to start…
      Donald Trump
      Donald Trump Jr
      Eric Trump
      Rudy Gulliani
      Roger Stone
      Josh Hawley
      Ted Cruz
      Christopher Joseph Quagli
      Grady Douglas Owens
      Philip Kramer
      Jon Schaffer
      Duke Edward Wilson
      Thomas B. Adams Jr.
      Albuquerque Cosper Head
      Samuel Christopher Montoya
      Michael Lee Roche
      Paul Russell Johnson
      James Little
      Anthony Richard Moat
      Michael Joseph Rusyn
      Jonah Elijah Westbury
      Brady Knowlton
      Stephen Ethan Horn
      Michael Fitzgerald
      Jeremy Ryan Sorvisto
      Victoria Charity White
      Shawn Witzemann
      Andrew Morgan Jr.
      John Wilkerson IV
      Johnny Harris
      William Tryon
      Jeramiah Caplinger
      Michael Lee Hardin
      Jack Wade Whitton
      William Rogan Reid
      Caleb Jones
      Marc Anthony Bru
      Elizabeth Rose Williams
      Bradley S. Bennett
      Matthew Loganbill
      Ezekiel Stecher
      …and at least 344 others, so far

    3. @James Branham The responsibility is not on other people to “look it up” and fact check you. The responsibility lies with you to provide sources for what you assert. This is taught in middle, high school, and college classes.

    4. What are you talking about they all condemned it…. democrats always call cops racist until it suits them

  10. usually when someone can’t prove a point they start talking louder and interrupting people… Hmm thanks for proving my theory right mr jordan 😂

    1. In my state of Florida Val got triggered when our MAGA governor Ron DeSantis signed a law allowing citizens to shoot criminal Democrats who riot and loot. Lol

    1. This struck the biggest nerve.
      In my state of Florida Val got triggered when our MAGA governor Ron DeSantis signed a law allowing citizens to shoot criminal Democrats who riot and loot. Lol

    1. She’s from a Republican state. My MAGA state. In my state of Florida Val got triggered when our MAGA governor Ron DeSantis signed a law allowing citizens to shoot criminal Democrats who riot and loot. Lol

    1. I am an old white man and I fully support Congresswoman Demings.Listen to her,and learn Congressman Jordan.Listen and learn.

  11. She’s literally saying that cops deserve better, and Jordan’s interrupting and fighting with her.

    Also, as a Pre K teacher, I have to have this discussion with kids all the time. “It’s not your turn, you don’t shout out.”

  12. Im in #Ohio and #JimJordan is WT pure trash !
    That yuck mouth POS needs to be held accountable for his part in not protecting this young men at #OhioState

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