'Difficult' Road Establishing Commission To Investigate Jan. 6th Attack 1

‘Difficult’ Road Establishing Commission To Investigate Jan. 6th Attack


The House has struck a deal on a commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection, with vote expected next week. Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson joins Ali Velshi to discuss the laborious road to get to this point and what he hopes will come of the commission. “We are a better country than this and this commission is one of those ways to show how we can improve who we are as America . It's a great democracy but sometimes it's fragile.”

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  1. A full on DoJ criminal investigation is the solution. We dont need a bipartisan commission. We need to enforce the law and let it dispense accountability.

    1. Agreed Ted. Senate shouldn’t be involved in commission as the members are either complicit or victims. Needs to be ciminal investigation. DOJ or Homeland.

    2. This should be removed from the hands of politicians entirely, which is virtually impossible

    3. @Mark Feland yep, the biggest opponents to an inquiry into the insurrection are the guys that planned it.

    4. @James Ricker lol… all DoJ prosecutors and staff left at the end of the Big Liars term. All but 2 federal prosecutors have been replaced. Management, also.

  2. Republicans will try to persuade their followers that it was Antifa or at the very least not Republicans.

    1. BLM/Antifa cowards would never show their face in a crowd of patriots. I recall the left trying to blame Antifa for BLM destruction though.

  3. Republicans keep saying they’re the party of Lincoln, yet their Leadership and their base are made up of John Wilkes Booth’s..

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle Bamboo products come from Hawaii so that wouldn’t prove a thing if they did find bamboo.

    1. Because *None Dare Call It Treason.* Ha! That’s a reference to the John Birch Society, who supplied conspiracies to the Republican Party before QAnon was invented. GOP folk propaganda bestseller of the 1960s. Book claims that no one in America has the courage to call democracy what it really is. *Treason.*

    2. sirfjohnson— are you kidding? According to the republicans, all those people who entered the capitol on Jan 6 were just looking around, curious to see democracy at work. They meant no harm, and were not a threat to anyone.

  4. “LOCK THEM UP” anyone who helped, gave tours, coordinated with or supported that attack – elected or otherwise – All Belong In Prison. Any death that occurs during the commission of a crime (i.e. the illegal march and attack at the capital) is a Murder and anyone involved should be charged accordingly . . .

    1. @Pro’ se Kim ,..and let’s not forget Hillary’s emails? Is she in jail yet?
      Anyone else’s computer or emails?

    2. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh, wow, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    3. @Pro’ se Kim And the universe revolves around earth. USA, actually,..

      Your mind works as well as a science denying witch hunter from the 1500’s suffering from malnutrition,..

    1. They should have thought that before they supported the insurrection and the orange wannabee dictator.

  5. Difficult because one party to this commission would be complicit and have every interest to obstruct/delegitimize the result, whatever it maybe…. as per usual.

    1. @Pro’ se Kim Right, we’ve already has 2 recounts and an audit, there is no question that Biden is legit, but Trump continues to try and convince our least educated otherwise.

    2. @Pro’ se Kim To your point though, Republicans are on the wrong side of History on that one as well.

      It reminds me of what my Grandfather used to say. “If you want to upset a Democrat, tell them a lie. If you want to upset a Republican, tell them the truth”.

  6. anyone making it difficult to start an investigation is a criminal. that’s literally a crime: obstruction of justice. your entire system is soaked to the core in corruption if you can have elected officials claim what happened on jan 6th was “tourists” without any repercussions.

  7. We need to know which republican congressmen gave pre-riot tours to the thugs. We must know every traitor to our country. A failed coup attempt that goes unpunished will happen again.

  8. Most interesting is the 10 commissioners investigating can’t be any current officials or anyone that was at the Capitol that day.

    1. @Patricia They’re Republicans. Grift, bribery, bullying, treason, lies… it’s what they exist for.

  9. the DOJ needs to be leading the investigation, you cannot trust the complicit members of congress and government to be involved.

    1. I sincerely hopr the DoJ are conducting their own investigation; it would be a dereliction of duty not to do so.

  10. Every single congress and senate members that voted to overturn the vote need to be charged with insurrection and treason

    1. PERIOD! because they knowingly peddled this bs for no reason, even after the attack happened they still came back with the same bs. the republicans say it wasn’t a dangerous day, the people that entered the Capitol were tourist, then why did they run? why didnt the republicans stay in the room and greet their voters? why did the republicans run for their lives, why were they calling trump to tell them to go home?

    2. @Bianca Culpo Wake up to the corruption that’s happening right now. The Capitol riot was a glaringly obvious false flag. The double standard in the justice system is probably why they ran. You have politicians encouraging Antifa and BLM to destroy cities and those rioters never get in trouble. The FBI tried to frame President Trump in the Russian Collusion investigation. That’s is not some crazy conspiracy theory. That is a FACT. They admitted it. Look up the Senate Judiciary committee hearings where they admit to it. The Secret Service has helped cover up crimes for Hunter Biden. The DOJ hid the investigations into the Biden crime family from the public in the time leading up to the election. The DOJ never investigated voter fraud. The FBI director lied when questioned about what happened at the Capitol. The CIA hid evidence of Chinese interference in the election. You know why you probably never heard evidence of voter fraud? It’s because some of the government agencies colluded with Big Tech to censor it.

    3. @Bianca Culpo
      amgreatness dot com/2021/05/16/video-shows-u-s-capitol-police-gave-protesters-ok-to-enter

      People were literally let into the building. They’re also refusing to release the security footage from the Capitol.

    4. @Bianca Culpo Trump supporters don’t show up wearing all black with shields. Watch the Congressional hearing that just took place. FBI Director Wray blantently lied when he was questioned about the events of that day. Is it surprising that he lied? Nope, not at all. The FBI tried to frame President Trump in the Russian collusion investigation. Look at the smirk on Amy Klobachur’s face right after Wray lied and says nobody from Antifa was arrested at the Capitol Building. Poker face fail. John Sullivan was already in the Capitol Building before it was breeched. Trump was giving a speech that was a 45 minute walk away from the Capitol Building. The Capitol was breeched before his speech was even over. There is sooooo much evidence Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol that the impeachment managers needed to doctor evidence in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Pelosi told Capitol Police to stand down. Trump requested 10000 National Guard troops, a request made prior to January 6, and the request was denied. Did you notice all the conviently placed photographers? Or how the man with the horns was pictured with Pelosi’s son in law? Have you noticed they’re hiding the security footage from the day and will only release selectively edited clips? Wake up to the ridiculous corruption within the government.
      Let us not forget to mention that the articles of impeachment Pelosi filed were dated January 5. It’s crazy how she apparently knew in advance there would be a riot. Let’s also not forget Capitol Police just let people in the building or how John Sullivan also posted a video on social media where he was joking about how people were being let into the building under the guise of going on a tour of the Capitol. This is the same John Sullivan who was in the building before the Capitol was breeched. The same John Sullivan that just happened to be the one CNN interviewed about the riot. He also happened to be right there when Babbitt was shot. Isn’t it amazing how she gets shot and the first thing people scream to get is a flashlight, it makes for good optics. Or how when she was wheeled out of the Capitol she had a thick black band around her torso. The same black bands that hide blood pouches when needed for film purposes. Big Tech deleted the videos of Trump calling for peace. The same Big Tech who was just revealed to have colluded with some people from the government to censor election fra*d news. Let’s also not forget that Trump posted on Twitter in January 5 telling Antifa to stay out of DC. The Capitol riot is what is called a false flag. Capital Police are in video escorting buses full of Antifa people into DC. They’re also on camera handing Trump gear out to people. Or how the report came out showing 40 twitter accounts calling for violence on January 6 were based out of China. We all know how much China loves Beijing Biden. Parler turned over threats of violence to the FBI and all the FBI did was send out one email. That police officer was never hit with a fire extinguisher or bear mace. That woman never tried to sell Pelosi’s laptop to Russia. The man that stole Pelosi’s podium was arrested at BLM riots last summer. The government is a cesspool of corruption. Also interesting to note that multiple politicians who were going to object to the election changed their mind after the riot and were able to rewrite their entire speech in a few hours. The Capitol is a glaringly obvious false flag. Let’s also not forget about all the people wearing gas masks. Gas masks, riot shields, and wearing all black….who does that sound like? ANTIFA! Also gotta love that very conviently placed photographer right above the man hanging from a balcony railing. Or men in suits have guns drawn but the African American woman behind them is sitting down staring off into space. She doesn’t seem at all concerned that the situation is so dire the men behind her have guns drawn. Or how a man just casually walks down a hallway reading paperwork a few minutes before Babbitt gets shot. Once again there are people with guns drawn but that man is just casually strolling down a hallway. Also with the Babbitt shooting notice that right after she falls the SWAT person behind her gives a thumbs up. Also with the police officer in the staircase notice the very conviently placed photographers in the corners. False Flag.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis You post conspiracy’s that neglect fact. Sorry NBC/Comcast never told you about Waters.

    2. @Google User I did my research on Waters I know what she said but no one ever went and rioted over it either like trump idiots have done with trumps rhetoric

  11. The same people who delighted in telling Democrats to “get over” Hillary losing in 2016.

    Are the same people who are re-counting Arizona’s ballots in 2021.

  12. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

  13. After Donald Trump incited an insurrection on Jan. 6, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. phoned Trump and begged him to call off his QAnon-drunk dogs, only to get the reply, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”

  14. How can this not be an easy thing to do?
    America, are you okay with insurrections?
    Is this what you want to portray to the rest of the world?,..

  15. Seattle Police Officer’s Guild continues to block the OPA from releasing any info on the *six Seattle officers* who attended the capitol insurrection. Over fifty rioters arrested so far have turned out to be military or law enforcement, but our nation’s police unions are hellbent on keeping domestic terrorism within the ranks *hidden from public view.*

    1. Immortal Asirpa the police officers guild is NOT blocking anything.
      According to the OPA, “While participating in a political event on their own time, out of uniform, violates no policy or law, and the Department fully supports all lawful expressions of First Amendment freedom of speech, OPA is investigating to determine whether the officers engaged in any illegal activities or violated any department policies.”

      The first two officers remain on administrative leave. The OPA reports, “Because the other four officers self-reported and have not yet been found to have violated any policy or law, they remain on-duty.”

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis First of all, you are absolutely wrong, officer. The Seattle Police Officer’s Guild bankrolled, filed, and won the restraining order against the OPA, and it still stands. Which you’ve carefully excluded from your cut and paste info.

      Now go ahead tell *all of America* the names of those Seattle police officers who attended the rally, and what activities they performed while attending a rally to stop the electoral votes from being counted. Did they build that fully functioning gallows on the lawn of the capitol building? Did they plant pipe bombs or coordinate with Proud Boys? Can we point them out in the assault footage? Oh, wait. You can’t name the officers or discuss their activities because that info is being blocked. Contrary to your assertion that it isn’t.

      Nah. The only reason Seattle doesn’t know whether we’re being policed by domestic terrorists and weekend vigilantes seeking to overthrow the US government is because of the police officer’s union doesn’t want the nation to know. Even if the FBI discovers those officers violated policy or law, the union will always try to hide the truth.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis But you have excellent taste in anime, so….good try! Also, if you haven’t haven’t watched Golden Kamuy yet, I highly recommend. Also, Vinland Saga, but definitely no dubs. The Japanese voice actors are spectacular. Viking samurai!

  16. What’s difficult about it is having some of the ppl who helped cause the attack also being in charge of getting to the facts of what happened. They’re trying to deflect and obstruct the truth. They want to cover 1/6 up and forget about it.

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