Dilanian Reports From Guantánamo Bay Ahead Of Trial For Suspected 9/11 Terrorists 1

Dilanian Reports From Guantánamo Bay Ahead Of Trial For Suspected 9/11 Terrorists


NBC's Ken Dilanian joined Hallie Jackson live from Guantánamo Bay with new reporting as the trial of five suspected 9/11 terrorists resumes this week ahead of the 20th anniversary of the attack.
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  1. How much did we spend on this George Bush Afghanistan “mission”? A trillion dollars? Did we gain any advantage? But now, we fight for a couple trillion for infrastructure.

    1. @UC3X4T75GBK3VHYoJ28n4-MA Yeah right, and the FBI will be looking at your channel for Copyright Infringement (Copyright Infringement is part of The Patriot Act)

    2. 300 million a day in taxpayer money was spent in Afghanistan for 20 years. Who profited? Mostly just a few big defense contractors/their shareholders. Imagine what 300 million per day spent in the US on our OWN nation building would have accomplished…and frankly still could and should.

  2. The fleet feet of the fumigated mercury and the slow blue notes feet, of the children of that ball and chain.

  3. Guantánamo Bay, I thought Obama said he would close that place if we elected him. Just more lies from our elected fools that we are stupid enough to have voted for.

  4. A pregnant woman named Nasria, a California native, flew to Afghanistan in June to visit family and get married. As of early September, she remained one of the estimated 100 to 200 Americans left behind in the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces, according to a report.

  5. Does anybody really think he’s gonna get a fair trial? Even if the evidence showed he was innocent, he would never be released because it would embarrass the U.S. It seems show trials are not only the preserve of Stalinist Russia (or the U.S.S.R, if you like).

  6. Time to move on from another Biden failure lol. This network isn’t even hiding their yellow journalism anymore. Sad

  7. All nurse’s walk out for one hour at noon on 9/11/21 in protest of vax mando plus everyone needs to do the same to send a message that freedom will not kneel ! Spread the word

  8. The Magic mirror game, many questions and answers time, folks tend to see themselves like they do, if at all, I reckon so

  9. Good news: 4. Americans have been rescued behind enemy lines in Afghanistan by a private patriot mission. Can’t wait to hear their story of survival

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