Dingell: McCarthy Warning 'Direct Threat To Those Who Have Been Subpoenaed' 1

Dingell: McCarthy Warning ‘Direct Threat To Those Who Have Been Subpoenaed’


Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) joins Andrea Mitchell to respond to Kevin McCarthy's warning to social media and communications companies not to comply with a preservation order from the January 6th committee, which she calls "a direct threat to those who have been subpoenaed." She also reacts to Texas's near total abortion ban, saying she believes immediate action in response should come from the executive branch, as getting something done quickly through Congress will be a "challenge."
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  1. lock mccarthy up for obstruction of justice because he threatened businesses when he doesn’t have the law, lazy DOJ

    1. @Daisy Mae Absolutely not true, not even close “Speech and Debate” unrelated to duties of the House is NOT protected.

      The Justice Department handed Rep, Mo Brooks, R-Ala., a legal setback Tuesday when it notified a federal court that Brooks hadn’t been acting in his official capacity when he spoke at the pro-Trump rally on Jan. 6, the day of the U.S. Capitol riot.

    2. @Daisy Mae January 6th was an insurrection, if you think you have a hand to prevent those involved from being held accountable, I say to you: You can’t stop me. An attack on the government will not be tolerated and your petty legalism means NOTHING to me. They will answer for it. Any questions? You might wanna get out of the way…

    3. @Larry Jensen Whether the conduct is criminal will depend upon first, whether a reasonable person familiar with the context within which the statement was made would view it as a threat, and second, whether the speaker intended to intimidate. Certainly, the words and the speaker’s power and ability to make good on the threat will play a part in that analysis.
      Do you see any of these companies coming forward to press intimidation or witness tampering charges against McCarthy? Until they do, the DOJ will do nothing!! And in the Mo Brooks case, it was him asking the DOJ to act as his attorney in the case Eric Swalwell brought against him. The DOJ said no, like you said, because he was acting out of the scope of his own political position.

    4. @Lily Jade have you seen any charges brought against him by the companies he supposedly intimidated or committed witness tampering against? Until they do, the DOJ will do NOTHING.

  2. More of Republican witness intimidation and obstruction of justice – when is the DOJ going to step in???

    1. @Joe Bruno like I said, members of Congress don’t get arrested until someone accuses them of a crime. These companies McCarthy threatened have NOT accused him of a crime.

    2. @Daisy Mae

      Actually the Department of Justice can press their own charges… Well, technically through the FBI.

      But the DOJ does not need to wait for someone else to make a complaint, they can take action on their own.

      The power of the federal government

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD wtf does Clinton have to do with anything? Can you lemmings ever not deflect with pathetic whataboutisms?

  3. The ‘REAL REASON’ TRUMP wanted to remain President even though he lost, must be exposed, investigated & if found to be unlawful, prosecuted to the full extent of the law…Also anyone colluding with him, like McCarthy, deserves the same sort of attention…The Republic’s Democracy is at stake here…⚖

    1. @Zennbubba As I recall, the only time Trump faced reelection, he lost. And when he was elected he lost the popular vote by 2.3 million. Such a winner.

    2. @Bryce Brogan Trump set a record for most votes EVER for an incumbent. It still stands and guaranteed the doofus who strands Americans that was installed with around 60 million fake votes won’t get close in ‘24 if he lasts that long.

    1. @Max Power TOPLINE President Joe Biden’s approval rating slipped six points from August to 43%, according to a new Marist National Poll with NPR and PBS Newshour, marking the lowest rating for Biden since he took office and highlighting the public’s dissatisfaction with the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    2. @Max Power There will be Info out from Az. shortly you might not like the results. And yes I know you will say it is all made up numbers. so that means there will be a audit of the audit ordered by some Judge then the REAL truth will come out. But think about it Max …. with an open mind not a closed one. If say you were in charge of said audit in Az how stupid would you have to be to bring out numbers in your report to the Az Senate that were not TRUE. Knowing the whole world is watching …. Are you that stupid Max . I think not nor are the Cyber Ninja’s

    3. @Zennbubba forensic audit run by a non certified or bonded group of friends from a facebook sub. Sounds legit to me!

    4. @Zennbubba today, at work, I saw a poll sent to republican Ttump contributors asking if they liked Trump in 2024, I wonder if it will be a resounding 100%???

    1. @Moose Itself If just the average Joe did what he is,I’m sure we would be in alot of trouble. I hope the same rules apply to him.

    1. Today, just 44 percent of Americans approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president; 49 percent disapprove. This is Biden’s lowest approval rating in a Yahoo News/YouGov poll since taking office, and the first time more Americans have disapproved of his performance than approved of it.


  4. “It’s a real nice company you got here …” McCarthy should be told that obstruction and intimidation are felonies. To his face, on the House floor. And if he wants to go to prison, send him there.

    1. @Stefan Frankel He thinks he’s a mini trump and like so many trumpy GOP he thinks he can get away with murder and empty threats he makes will be valid.

    1. @maria schultz When you get old don’t collect your SOCIAL SECURITY, Healthcare or food stamps. Hope you don’t break a hip

    2. Not happening…The Biden Afghan fiasco has sealed the deal. You folks can thank yourselves for voting for the teleprompter moron

  5. If congress is trying to get to the bottom of Republican treason they’ll have to take into consideration that the bottom may be miles below corruption.

    1. @Dr David Bonar Witness tampering, Threatening companies with non-existent laws (I especially loved that part, no existing laws covered the threats McCarthy made 🙂 “It’s like a gangster saying, ‘Gee, nice telecom company you’ve got here. It would be a shame if anything happened to it.'”

    2. @Dr David Bonar

      By making the threats that he did, it absolutely is witness tampering.

      So that fact is already established. So consider yourself corrected

    1. We’ve had four years of criminal actions never facing consequences. This isn’t something you can clear up in one term.

    2. Try violating one of these companies “terms of service”. The law even protects them there so it should protect them from this extortion.

  6. If McCarthy is in prison, he won’t be in a position to carry out any threats. Sounds like a great reason for tech companies to cooperate with the committee’s investigation.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD McCarthy literally does not have the ability to “reject” the release of records so it WILL happen, no matter what. But that’s okay, he’s got nothing to hide and likes to point out how people want to know the truth, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Right?

    2. @turfxpert Homie if they wanted it to be bipartisan then they should have voted it to be bipartisan like they had the opportunity to do. Why SHOULD they let any Republicans on the committee? I mean, it’s becoming blatantly obvious that those dudes knew something about what was happening and are trying to hide it. You don’t let a criminal investigate themselves…

    3. @Moose Itself Gym Jordan’s looking like a cat on a hot tin roof at this point, literally and figuratively.
      Squeal, Gymmie, literally and figuratively…..

    1. Tell us what happened in Afghanistan…. why did Biden abandon the troops and military equipment? How many people died due to his incompetence?

    2. @turfxpert Yes, we have. Remember the republicans barricading the House door, including the guy who called the whole thing a tour of the capitol?

  7. After issuing his statement why hasn’t McCarthy been charged with threatening witnesses/witness tampering? You’re not allowed to intimidate people who are supplying testimony to congress or the courts, full stop.

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