Texas Law Gives Citizens Up To $10,000 To Help Enforce Abortion Ban

Executive Editor of The Texas Tribune, Ross Ramsey, breaks down the Texas abortion law which gives citizens up to $10,000 to help enforce abortion ban. 
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  1. It’s an old ploy, Abbott and co. are trying to buy the riff raff’s loyalty. Otherwise, like all fascists, they picture themselves ending hung upside down in the middle of the capitol.

  2. How is the Uber driver supposed to know what is going on? Driving a woman to a clinic or OBGYN could mean anything.

    1. I hear Uber is putting out an app update as we speak. Before you book any trip, you now have to declare if your purpose of travel is to have an abortion.

    2. Yes, those clinics provide all types women’s health services — including prenatal care! Very few of the women who go to those clinics are there for abortions. Most go there for prenatal care for babies they intend to have.
      And many have been murdered in those clinic attacks over the decades that ignorant Republicans have been protesting. Murdering babies and their mothers in the name of their “right” to force microscopic pieces of biological material to turn into life inside of a woman they don’t even know.

    3. Hey, I’m calling the tip line on any woman with a few extra pounds. Even if she’s 55, I ain’t taking no chances. I want those Benjamins

  3. Let’s face it, Afghanistan is clearly a failed exercise in nation building. The US should have left a long time ago. Wait, did I say Afghanistan? Sorry, I meant Texas.

    1. @Winston Smith wait you said “make excuses “ I see, so you need someone to excuse your failures. Nice, nice

    1. Yes, back in Soviet Russia the state rewarded it’s citizens for informing on their own fellow citizens, to the state.
      What a crazy move for the Republicans in Texas, to be copying something out of the playbook of Soviet Russia.

  4. We really are on the edge of Fascism. Now we’re going to have abortion bounty hunters? Decent people better speak up.

    1. You support unborn babies being killed by by their mothers, you indeed are a butcher, worse than Charles Manson

    2. How are you gonna do that? The GOP just promised me 10K if I rat out a pregnant chick. Come up with a counter offer and we’ll talk.

    3. @Winston Smith you’re exactly the reason why abortions are a good idea in the first place. to prevent degenerates polluting our population.

    4. @mike’s corner of the universe Ah yes… a lib talking about cleaning the gene pool. Getting rid of the undesirables… Follow liberal logic long enough, and it always leads to the same places- reeducation centers and death camps….

    5. @Winston Smith have fun spending that $10,000 on lotion, because that is all the action you will ever get.

  5. Anti-Vax “small gov” republicans: My Body My Choice
    Same ppl: We are going to force you to bear an unwanted child and get paid by the state to stop you

    1. And then in a few years the baby will go to preschool in a school where masks aren’t allowed so they can get covid and die a horrifically painful death. Circle of Texas life.

    2. @Nick Molezion Oh, do tell us how any of this stupid law is going to encourage women to be “responsible”, when half the problem is men who can’t seem to keep it in their pants. You friggin’ hypocrite. When men like you can become pregnant, women might care what you think.

  6. Just like they’re strong men in Texas there’s some really strong women in Texas and they do not like this one f****** bit I hope they remember who did this to them

  7. Words of the wise: You’ll live longer by staying out of other people’s business. I pity the fools that try to benefit off a stranger’s sorrow.

  8. “Who’s in charge of enforcing this law?”

    Why the American taliban is, that’s who!

    1. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise NO. That WAS HUSSEIN obama and his beer hood know as the JIHADISTS. He freed over 400 of these/his homies from Gitmo. Man r u a youngster r just a radical demo airhead?

  9. Dear women of child-bearing years in Texas: There are other places to live outside of Texas. Abandon the men to their own devices, and see how quickly they come to their senses.

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